Bedroom Decor Inspiration: Decorating Rules To Follow For Modern Nightstands

We nearly spend 1/3rd of our lives in our bedrooms and hence it becomes important to make them functional and restful. When bringing together bedroom décor, you just can’t afford to miss a modern nightstand.

Nightstands or popularly known as bedside tables are an essential piece in the bedroom. The credit goes to its convenient designs that aptly hold all your can’t-sleep-without essentials like a book, a glass of water, a lamp, etc.

Modern Nightstands

The modern and contemporary designs in bedside tables are not only unique but highly functional. Bedsides tables with in-built storage help you keep your bedroom clutter-free. To make it a more attractive piece of your bedroom and not just a catch-all furniture item, you can style your nightstands through some simple rules and inspirations.

Add some personal touches with finesse

It is needless to say that your bedroom is your personal space. So, your nightstand must also get a touch of your personal taste, style, and preferences. Think about decorating your bedside table with things like:

Books – you can include your all-time favorite classics from Harper Lee or add some informational books.

Table Lamps – it is more of a necessity than a decorating item. Some people don’t like sleeping in a completely dark bedroom; a lamp can provide enough light to a bedroom during your night sleep.

Photo frames – keep your most beautiful memories with your friends or family closer by keeping them on your nightstand.

Rules to follow when decorating with modern nightstands

To create the bedroom of your dreams you need to follow certain rules when styling it with a nightstand.

Keep functionality in mind

Ask yourself – ‘How will I use the nightstand?’ For example, if you’re a tech person and have several remote controls for your smart TV, refrigerator, AC, etc. you would like to invest in a nightstand with a storage unit like a drawer.


The design of the nightstand should match your requirements. A nightstand with an underneath storage drawer or shelf will help you store away your iPads, books, magazines, and files. Enough surface area of the nightstand will enable you to place lamps, alarm clocks, etc. over it.

Nightstand Online


If your bedroom is small, you can keep a wall-mounted mirror on the wall behind your modern bedside table. The created effect will make your room seem bigger than its actual size.


To promote a restful and peaceful environment in the bedroom, you can style it with feng-shui items like plants, lucky bamboo, tortoise, crystal lotus, laughing buddha, etc.

Keep it uncluttered

Though nightstands are for storing your essentials, you should keep them uncluttered. If you have too many things to store, consider a storage-based nightstand. Similarly, if the nightstand is small in size, don’t fill up the entire surface area with items – leave some space to make it look uncluttered.

Modern Bed Nightstand

If you want to include some objects with inspirational quotes on your nightstand, consider hanging it on the wall behind the table, to save space.

Be consistent

Nightstands are a part of your overall bedroom decor theme. Your nightstand must match with your bed frame in style and color. Only then, the bedroom decor will bind together.

A nightstand should not be an afterthought in your bedroom design. Mix and match the style with your existing decor theme to bring out the true charm of a modern nightstand.

Add comfort to your living room design with different types of recliners

When you hear the word recliner – a picture of a large stuffed couch in an upright sitting position, headrest, and a footrest pop out in your mind. While this is true to some extent but the modern recliner designs are not limited to it.

Recliners have been an important part of living room furniture and decor for ages. Sooner they were introduced in the market; they became popular for their comfort and quality. Nothing gives you comfort as compared to the recliner. If you have a recliner in your living room, it shows your stature and great taste in décor.

You will be surprised to know that there are various types of recliners available in the market. Each recliner has a specific set of features and functions to serve wide-ranging purposes.

1. Rocker recliners:

These recliners look similar to a rocking chair except you can recline as well. The user can enjoy a relaxing rocking motion when the chair is in an upright position. They help you doze to sleep faster if you are an insomniac. It is also a favorite of nursing mothers who can gently rock their babies while relaxing on these recliners.

2. Swivel Recliners:

A swivel recliner lets the user turn 360-degrees around without needing to get off from the chair. Similar to what a swivel chair does. This feature is very common in office chairs. But now it is available in living room recliner designs as well. You can choose to sit on these recliners when finishing off an office presentation file.

Office Chairs

3. Wall-hugger Recliners:

These recliners are great for smaller living spaces with limited area. They are also known as wall savers as they are designed to fit even little spaces. Other recliners need over a foot space behind the chair to fully recline. This can be a hurdle for people with smaller living areas.

4. Heat and massage recliners:

These recliners are specifically designed for massage purposes. They are simple massage chairs with the feature of reclining. They have heat and vibration features that heats up and vibrates the backrest to make the user feel relaxed.

5. Lift Recliners:

These are specialized modern recliners that not only recline but can also lift the user off the chair. It moves forward guiding the person to put their feet onto the ground to get up. It is ideal for people who have back pains and find it difficult to get up from the chair like the elderly.

Modern Recliners

Now when you know the different types of recliners, you might probably be thinking of a perfect piece. Let us help you choose with a few tips you should consider when buying recliners for the living room.

– Consider the available space in your living room. If there is less space you can go with wall-hugger recliners.

– Consider the purpose of buying contemporary leather recliners for your home including who all will be using it – guests, your elderly parents, or your kids.

– Consider your budget before selecting a particular recliner. The more features it has the higher the price you might need to pay.

– Consider the decor of your living room and see which type of recliner will fit into the existing theme of your room.

Buy a recliner for your living room and enjoy timeless comfort and luxury.

The basics of decorating your home in a contemporary style

Whether you’re looking for a simple décor update or starting from scratch, you have to find the best design for your home that defines your taste, lifestyle, and home.

If you’re eyeing a contemporary home design for your home, you have to know the basics – what is a contemporary home design? What makes it stand out from others? So on and so forth.

We can help you get started by answering the above questions related to a contemporary home setting.

What is a contemporary home design?

The Oxford dictionary defines contemporary as ‘of the moment’. It is a classic home decoration design yet thoroughly inspired by the moment. Simplicity, textures, clean lines, and drama are a prerequisite to creating a contemporary style home décor.

Contemporary Furniture

Sometimes, people confuse modern home décor with contemporary style. Though closely related, these two terms are slightly different from each other. Unlike contemporary, modern décor style is cold, overtly minimal, and limiting. The contemporary style is serene and focuses on architectural elements, bold scales, decorative details, and a concise color palette.

Why is contemporary in?

  • It is the ideal home decorating style for those who love minimalism. The simple yet thorough synchronization between varying elements with a focus on architectural elements binds the entire home décor together in a contemporary style.
  • The high-shine pieces of contemporary furniture in the living room are great conversation starters due to their abstract style and color.
  • It is a timeless approach of designing home through luxurious simplicity for the minimalists out there. It never goes out of style and is easier to update.

How to create a contemporary style?

The contemporary style home is often defined by a clean silhouette with a neutral atmosphere, colors, and open spaces along with materials and elements inspired by nature.

Contemporary Furniture

When creating a contemporary look in your home, focus on simplicity, deliberate use of textures, subtle sophistication, clean lines. The interior should showcase ‘space’ rather than ‘elements’. You can do that by the right combination of color, shape, space, and modern furniture.

  • The most common element in this style of décor is the – line. Strong visible lines are a must-have in this décor – whether straight, vertical, curved, or horizontal. Geometric shapes in sculpture and wall arts. Use up the bare space in walls, between furniture pieces, etc.
  • The main colors in this décor are – black, neutrals, and white. You can also use bold colors to play against the neutrals. With neutral-painted walls, you have the freedom to use bright colored accessories.
  • Another important element is the contemporary-style furniture. The furniture pieces should be simple yet bold without curves or any decoration. If using upholstered furniture, go for black, white, and other neutral tones in natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, jute, etc. Remember, less is more when it comes to contemporary design.
  • Pay special attention to flooring – it should be bare and smooth using vinyl, tile, or wood. Go for commercial grade carpet with plain or patterned rugs.
  • Go for lighting arrangement that is simple yet effectively showcases the architectural elements and pieces of home décor. Use spotlights and task lights to focus light on a painting or wall poster.
  • Use of metal, opaque, stone or clear glass works well in this décor. Steer clear of fussy, colorful prints or a mix-up of eras.

Now, when you know the basics of contemporary design in home decor, go ahead and design your dream home now.

How to arrange bedroom furniture according to the room size?

Bedrooms are highly personal. Thus, planning a bedroom furniture arrangement does not come so naturally to everyone. Just like not everyone is blessed with a good sense of direction, arranging the different elements of your bedroom requires sharp intuitiveness and creativity. As we said, it is a personal room and the choice narrows down – how you want to use the different elements of the bedroom. But still, there are some ground rules you need to follow when arranging the modern bedroom furniture.

The blog discusses some key rules to follow when arranging your bedroom. Remember, the idea is to maximize space and function in the bedroom without compromising with the style and design.

Modern beds:

Let’s start with the important element of a bedroom i.e. the bed. Typically, it is also the largest piece of furniture you’ll have in the bedroom. Hence, it should be placed first when considering your bedroom layout. It is the focal point of the room and all things must be kept around it, not vice-versa.

Modern Bed

In larger bedroom designs, you can place the bed in the corner for a cozy and romantic look. For smaller bedrooms, place the bed adjacent to the wall opposite the door, with headboard touching the wall.

The nightstand:

The nightstand is the second most important modern furniture in your bedroom, closely followed by the wardrobe.

Modern Nightstand

The main purpose of a nightstand is to hold your essential items and drinks while you are comfortably resting on the bed. So, the ideal place to arrange the nightstand is on either side of your bed. You can also keep two nightstands if the bed is used by partners. Ensure that the nightstand is neither too high nor low from the bed’s height, it should just be in the reachable limit.

Wardrobe & dresser:

The wardrobe is essential to organize your clothes and other valuables like jewelry, accessories, etc. The modern wardrobe designs are contemporary in every sense. You can also go for a wardrobe with a built-in dresser or invest in one separately.

Modern Wardrobe

The wardrobe should ideally be placed near the washroom to allow you to change quickly. You can also place a room divider to separate the wardrobe from the rest of the room if you want it to be highly private.

Balance the look:

To give the bedroom a unique look you can try placing a chaise lounge or even a long dresser just opposite your bed. This style is perfect for larger bedrooms.

Modern Dresser

For the smaller ones, keep the wall opposite the bed completely free of any furniture item. Ensure that you have enough walking space in the bedroom, and if anything is blocking the space, you should get rid of that furniture piece.

Think about the function:

When designing the layout of your bedroom, think about function. For example, if you like watching TV before hitting the bed, you can install an LED TV on the wall opposite your bed. In this case, you have to place the bed wisely to ensure that the view is not blocked by anything else.

Let comfort rule:

In the end, the most important feature in a bedroom is comfort. Ensure that you place furniture in a way that optimizes the function and comfort of the room. People tend to go overboard by placing the bed near the window as the noise and cold winds from the window will disturb your sleep.

Selecting the right mattress according to your sleeping posture

Choosing the right mattress is not an easy task. The quality of your mattress affects your sleep and your posture. A poor mattress can lead to insomnia and backaches or other types of body pains.

Whether you’re buying a mattress for your new bed or just replacing the old one, you must invest a good amount of time in deciding which mattress is perfect for you.

Most people replace their old mattress every 8-9 years – that is the general lifespan of a mattress.

Replacing the old mattress is exhausting as you have to navigate multiple stores, websites, and manufacturers. You also have to choose between multiple types of mattresses, foams, and materials.

mattress online

To help you with the decision, we are sharing a few tips on buying the right mattress for you:

1. Budget:

The first thing to consider is budget. There are tons of mattresses available online in different materials, quality, and types. The price depends upon the quality and the mechanisms used in the mattress. The higher the quality, the more you will have to pay.

2. Lifespan:

The average lifespan of a mattress will depend upon its material. For example, air bed mattresses can last up to 7-8 years; hybrid mattresses up to 10 years; memory foam mattress up to 10 or more years, etc.

3. Ideal type and material:

This is where you should go with personal preference. If you think latex works for you – you can go with that. Just be sure to research a bit about different types of modern mattresses before you make a purchase. For example, innerspring (coil) mattresses tend to last for decades and offer ultimate comfort.

Smart Mattress Collection

4. Your sleep posture:

This is the most important consideration – your sleep posture. We all have a unique way of sleeping – on the side, stomach, or back. Some people also have the habit of switching sides throughout the night. So, determine your sleeping position and then select a mattress.

  • Back sleepers – You should get a mattress that is firm and supportive. Memory foam mattresses provide the highest level of support and comfort for people who love sleeping on their backs.
  • Side sleepers – People who tend to sleep on their sides mostly complain of pain in shoulders and hip points. It is because of the uneven bedding. Hence, go for a softer bedding option as they provide equal distribution of body weight.
  • Stomach sleepers – If you sleep on your stomach, you should know that it is the worst sleeping position. Still, if you are habitual of sleeping in this position you should go for soft foam mattresses.

5. Sleeper’s weight:

You might think – what does body weight has to do with selecting a mattress.

Your body affects the heat and cooling of your body temperature. If you are less than 150 lbs, you can go with a mattress with firmness less than or equal to 4 – i.e. a medium-firm bed. Heavier persons (more than 200 pounds) should opt for firmer mattresses.

Modern Mattress

You can shop for smart mattresses collection online if you hate shopping for mattresses at a local furniture store. You’ll get more options and can even compare prices between different furniture websites.

Keep these tips while shopping for mattresses online and enjoy a great sleep.

How to decorate your modern leather sofas?

Leather sofas are one ageless piece of furniture that has been a part of modern home décor for an eternity. The luxury and class of a leather sofa is inimitable. The rich hues and soft feel of the leather can add depth and character to your living room and become its center of attraction.

When you add a modern leather sofa in your living room, you necessarily don’t need to worry about other elements such as floor or wall art, as the leather sofa is enough to accentuate the decor.

But still, you can do a lot to further amp up the look of your leather sofa by playing with individual décor items like rugs, blankets, throw pillows, and curtains.

Modern Leather Sofa

This blog covers some simple and quick ways to decorate your leather sofas and give it a new look.

Tips to decorate your modern leather sofas

1. Pillows, pillows:

One of the simplest ways to decorate any leather furniture like your sofa is to pick up some colorful and decorative throw pillows. As leather does not have any pattern of its own, you can match the throw pillows with the décor of your living room, like your curtains.

Choose bold patterns for a stunning combination. You can also mix and match solid color pillows for enhancing the appearance of the room.

2. Throw blankets:

Leather is a very rich material and hence you won’t see anyone covering it with any additional covers, unlike conventional sofas. But you can add a throw blanket on the leather sofas for occasional cuddling and fun.

Leather sofas

Ensure that you don’t spread the blanket; simply make it rest on the back of the sofa or the armrest. You can spread it when you feel like taking a quick noon-time nap.

3. Complementing wall paints:

Leather sofas come in different colors but the most common of them are black-brown, and navy. There is no point in going for lighter shades like white for home, especially when you have kids.

To offset the dark color of the sofa, you can paint the wall in a lighter shade like white or gray. This rule also applies when adding pillows or blankets to your sofa.

4. Add patterns:

Leather sofas come in solid colors and hence sometimes the room may look monotonous.

To complement the sofa, you can add patterns in the room. Like some beautiful wall art or a patterned rug. Adding a mirror in the living room is also a good way to brighten up the decor.

Modern Sofa

One of the best parts of leather furniture is that they pair up beautifully with all types of colors. You just need to maintain contrast.

Having a leather sofa in your living room is already a big advantage. They are long-lasting and do not need high-maintenance. They can easily absorb minor scratches and cuts caused by kids or your pets. You can decorate the sofa to enhance the overall decor and charm of the living room.

We hope you liked our tips. Do follow them when you want to decorate your leather furniture and sofas.

Add a wow factor to your home with these clever tips

Homes are more than just a place where you inhabit. They let you escape from the clutches of tight work schedules and never-ending commitments. They must look like a worry-free and peaceful piece of paradise where you would like to end-up after a long and tiring day. Thus, you have to create a home space that can inspire, uplift, and surprise you as well as your guests

You can do that by adding a ‘wow’ factor to your home. How? Well, this blog explains just that. But before we know how to add a wow factor to any of your rooms you need to understand what counts as a wow factor.

A wow factor is an element of surprise – something that looks unique and immediately catches attention. It can be an item, a design, or a theme that leaves your guest speechless as soon as they enter your home.

Let’s look at our top tips to add a wow factor to your home:

Simple yet clever ways to add a wow factor to your home

1. A strikingly beautiful mirror:

A mirror should be a part of your home design for more than one reason. A big bold mirror on a side wall will not only visually double your room’s size but enhance its depth and make it look brighter.

chest of drawers

The key is to add them in a place where they are least expected like behind a sideboard. Consider buying large-sized mirrors only if you truly want to create an effect.

2. An art it is:

A big piece of wall art or a mural can certainly be an eye-catcher. A nice piece of art can take the room décor to just another level. The larger the room, the bigger the art piece you can go with.

Wall Arts Online

Murals are also a great way to add awesomeness to your space. Just ensure that when you add a mural design on a wall you should leave the rest of the walls as it is.

3. The love for green:

Plants add both beauty and functionality to your home design. You can pile a room up with some beautiful greenery for an unmatched design.

Modern Dining Table

You can include them in your home design in plenty of ways – directly place them in corners, modern sideboards, dining tables, chest of drawers, etc. or hang them from ceilings.

4. Charming prints and textures:

Adding color and texture is yet another way to spice up your home decor. With the use of simple color combinations and movements, you can add a wow factor to your home.

You can go for bright and bold color shades or create a pattern or texture on the walls. Textured wallpapers can serve the purpose.

5. Bulky piece of contemporary furniture:

A bulky, larger than life piece of contemporary furniture can immediately draw anyone’s attention.

Sideboards & Buffets

Consider adding a large cabinet in an unexpected spot or a large bookcase that offers functionality as well as adds a character to any room. The latest trend is to use a contrasting piece of furniture for different purposes like storage and display.

The above ways are the simplest yet clever ideas to add a wow factor to your home. Go ahead and plan your dream home design right now.