How To Create A Romantic Dining Space At Home?

Craving for some one-on-one time with your spouse? Set the scene by creating a romantic dining space for two right in your home!

Whether it’s the ever-shrinking size of homes or a busy modern lifestyle or the fact that most people simply do not have room for a formal dining space, more couples are eating in front of their television sets than ever before. This is not a beneficial scenario in the long run. Believe it or not, sharing a meal together without the television is one of the best ways to enjoy couple time. It encourages conversation, eye contact and most importantly it promotes a sense of togetherness.

If your home space doesn’t allow for a formal dining set up, consider investing in Calligaris Home Furnishing: Italian Design furniture. You can use unique furniture style that can do the following with your space:

Maximizes the use of existing space:

To achieve this feat, you have to select a modern dining table with the right proportion; something that is not too large nor too small. For a small home, extending tables are an excellent solution because they can be opened up for formal meals with friends and families and tucked away for a romantic dinner-for-two! If your dining zone is within your kitchen space, a bistro table will be a more suitable choice.

Glass Dining Table

Adds comfort:

Yes, it’s tempting to want to jump onto the sofa with your dinner plate, especially if there’s a television right in front of it. But you can make your dining seats just as comfy as well. Start by selecting fabric-covered wooden dining chairs or padded seats. You may also attach seating cushions which are removable. Even placing a faux fur rug or a throw on a dining bench works!

Dining Chair

Sets up the scene for romance:

Romance begins with eyes. If your dining table is looking bare, consider dressing it up with beautiful tableware and accessories. A few candle holders, a small vase, beautiful dinnerware and formal cutlery are all excellent ways to set the scene or romance.

Add mood lighting:

Highlight this special space with well-chosen ambient lighting. A floor lamp, pendant light, and small chandelier are all excellent ways to help set the mood. Ambient lighting emits a soft glow which adds warmth to the atmosphere.

Dining Benches

Add a few personal touches:

Make this space your own. Let it reflect the personalities who live in this space. Whether it is memorabilia from your travels, special Calligaris Home Furnishing: Italian Design furniture or even a special photograph, put it on display.

With these few tips, you can easily set up a romantic dining space for two at home. For more tips and ideas, visit Creative Furniture Store.


5 Ways To Dress Up Your Balcony

Most of us don’t notice our balconies except when we have to tidy it up! The balcony is one of the most under-used spaces in the home. It is likely ignored because of its smaller space capacity. But did you know even a small space can be transformed into an oasis? Your balcony holds the potential for becoming your escape haven from the outside world. With a few contemporary furniture and accessory pieces, your balcony can become a special nook for you and your family.

Consider the following five ways to dress up your balcony:

Go Earthy:

Balconies may have limited floor room but they have plenty of vertical space. Use this to your advantage and set up a vertical garden. Consider installing a wooden pallet and setting up a hanging garden. Plants such as creepers and vines thrive well in balconies. You may even hang up small pots and create a mini herb garden. Go even greener with a faux moss rug.

Accent Chair

Cuddle Space:

Bring the comfort of the indoors outdoors with a comfy seating space. Some excellent options include a lounge chair, a bench, and pair of accent chairs or poufs. You can up the comfort level a little more with some large, overstuffed cushions and a plush rug. Imagine sitting here in the morning sipping on a cup of tea or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening under a star-filled sky!

lounge chair

Light It Up:

Add some soft lighting to this cozy space. Paper lanterns, twinkling lights, Moroccan table lights or even scented candles in jars can help create a warm and comfortable space.

Calligaris Parisienne Stackable Chair

Take Inspiration from the Beach:

Hammocks weren’t just made for beaches. You can easily install one in your balcony. If safety is a concern, consider a stationary balcony swing. Unlike a hammock, a balcony swing has a base for support. Typically made from bamboo, against a green backdrop this space will look like a tropical paradise.

Bohemian Inspiration:

Sometimes being closer to the ground helps you distress and relax. In such a case, consider placing a plush rug or runner in your balcony. Strategically place a floor lamp and some potted plants around your runner. A string of lights can also add sparkle to this space.

Calligaris Furniture

Your small balcony can become your personal oasis. With these five creative design strategies, you can transform your small balcony into your very own oasis.

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How To Make A Tiny Bedroom Look Larger?

Does your bedroom feel like a cave rather than a cozy sanctuary? If a bedroom lacks natural light, a soothing color palette, and ample storage, it can feel uncomfortable, cramped and certainly tiny! However, the correct techniques can transform a small bedroom into a functional and ‘larger looking’ space.

Utilize the following professional tips to convert your sleep cave into a sleeping refuge:

Incorporate Built-In Shelving:

Built-in shelves provide you with ample storage while saving floor space. In addition, they take advantage of all the free vertical space. A perfect example is having vertical shelves running up the wall on either side of your bed. This makes your room’s ceiling look taller. To add further depth and layering, paint the wall between your shelves in a contrasting color. The shelves can also serve bedside tables. Use these shelves to place lamps, books, mementos, etc.

Encourage Natural Light:

Avoid placing heavy drapes, curtains or window treatments on your window, especially if it’s the only one in your bedroom. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds. If you have to place your bed below the window, opt for a see-through frame such as metal. This will encourage more natural light without blocking it.

Opt for Mirrored Wardrobes:

A mirrored wardrobe can double the visual square footage of your room. In a small bedroom, opt for a wardrobe that has mirrors. This effect only works if the floor mirrors run from the floor to the ceiling, and wall-to-wall.

Modern Beds

Consider a Daybed or a Murphy Bed:

A daybed creates the illusion that this room is a sitting area rather than a small bedroom. Modern-day beds have built-in storage compartments which are an additional bonus for a small size room. Murphy beds are a modern furniture installation, designed for small space. These handy modern beds fold up when not in use, saving your floor space.

Modern Mirrors

Paint the Wall and Ceiling:

Use the same hue to paint your walls and ceiling. This erases shadow line which helps define a space. When both the walls and ceilings are in the same color, the human eye cannot determine where the room’s parameters start and finish, therefore giving the room a larger appearance.

Install Pendant Lights:

Avoid taking up precious floor space with bulky lamps and bedside tables. Consider installing pendant lights instead. These serve a dual purpose”: You may hang these from the ceiling to create a focal point and use them as task lighting.

With these handy design and contemporary furniture tips, now you can transform your cave into a sleeping paradise.

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4 Fuss-Free Ways To Create A Luxury Bedroom

Let’s face it, modern life is hectic and time-consuming, leaving little time for rest and relaxation. When we return home at the end of the day, nothing would be more comforting than to be welcomed by a luxurious bedroom, full of comforts!

Bedroom Set

Now you can achieve a lavish bedroom with the following four fuss-free ideas:

Design the Room Layout:

Luxury starts with a proper room layout. Consider your room’s current arrangement. Is there ample room to walk around the room without stubbing your toe? Do you have the right modern furniture pieces for your room, i.e. a wardrobe, bed and dressing table? If you have extra pieces of furniture, try removing them and replacing them with something practical. For example, avoid placing bulky bedside modern drawers near your bed. Install a shadow shelf on either side of the bed and use it to keep your lamp, book, water, etc. Nothing is more stressful than seeing too much furniture or clutter in the bedroom.

Teodora Contemporary Dresser

Opt for Modular Storage:

Everyone owns multiples of everything, i.e. clothing, bags, shoes, purses, etc. But do you have enough storage space to keep it all? If not, consider investing in contemporary furniture style modular wardrobe. These have ample space-saving features, including shelves to stack your shirts, rack space to hang up suits, lower racks for shoes, drawers for jewelry and watches, etc. Modular storage wardrobes store everything wearable. The point is you shouldn’t keep everything in different places, rather in one convenient access location.

Invest in a Good Bed and Quality Bedding:

You need to get restful sleep and this begins when you lie down. Your bed should have the appropriate firmness you desire. When shopping for a new bed, ensure you test various bedroom mattresses for firmness. Remember, you will be sleeping on this bed for the next seven years at least, so it has to be top notch. In addition, consider purchasing a bed that is larger in size than what you require. For instance, if you are single, you are likely to look for single beds but why not a double? It will definitely help you sleep better and having extra sleep space is always a bonus.

Tempur-Flex Elite mattress

Similarly, make your bed inviting by investing in higher thread count sheets, preferably made of cotton. Place extra cushion, a soft throw and a cozy blanket for those in case the nights get chilly.

Avoid Intricacy:

Avoid getting furniture that is too ornate and detailed. These types of furniture have small nooks and crannies that are a haven for dust mites. Do you really have time to dust every day? Instead, opt for modern or contemporary furniture designs.

These feature space-saving designs that are also sleek and practical.

Don’t forget to Personalize:

Furniture adds a functional component to space, but it’s the small details that bring out the room’s personality. Consider placing unusual objet d’art on your dresser. Have a passion for photography? Why not frame some of your favourite pics and place them strategically around the room? Have a crazy hippo collection? Place a few of them in a cluster on your shelf.

These four simple trick can convert your boring bedroom into a luxury oasis. Visit Creative Furniture Store for more tips on how to create a luxurious bedroom.

6 Indoor Plants That Promote Good Health

Did you know there’s a far better alternative to beating the heat than turning on the air conditioner? Grow more houseplants! Apart from complementing your contemporary furniture, houseplants are natural air conditioners. They work by absorbing the warm air and then releasing cool moisture and oxygen back into the atmosphere via a process called transpiration. In addition, certain houseplants flush out harmful gases from the home’s atmosphere such as methane and carbon dioxide.

So the next time you’re out shopping for a decorative item for your home, consider any of the following indoor plants:

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is highly regarded for medicinal properties. It cures many ailments related to the skin such as burns, insect bites, inflammation, etc. The leaves of the aloe vera have an increased water content. This means when the aloe vera’s leaves are transpiring, they are releasing large amounts of evaporated moisture back into the air.

Indoor Plants

In addition, aloe vera is known for absorbing carbon dioxide and discharging oxygen during the night. Keeping an aloe vera plant in the bedroom is definitely a good idea. Scientists also state that aloe vera is effective in removing benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere.

2. Bamboo Palm:

Bamboo palms are native to Central America and Mexico. They rarely reach more than two meters in height. The large leaves of this plant act as natural humidifiers. Bamboo palms are very effective in removing trichloroethylene and benzene from the air.

3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue / Snake plant:

This plant is highly favoured by NASA. It is considered one of the best plants for removing indoors impurities such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon dioxide. During the night, this plant releases valuable oxygen. In addition, this plant has a sculptural look about it which makes it a great addition to any space.

4. Peace Lily:

This lily has a large leaf area meaning it releases large amounts of moisture and oxygen during transpiration. NASA rates the Peace Lily highly for its uncanny ability to filter toxins in the home’s atmosphere. They also cool the air.

Modern Furniture

5. Boston Ferns:

The Boston fern is a natural humidifier and air purifier. Like its other fern cousins, the Boston fern is known for filtering the air of volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

6. Devil’s Ivy or Money Plant:

This heart-shaped, evergreen vine is a native of French Polynesia. It is one of the best humidifiers. In addition, this tiny wonder filters the air of benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Money plants are one of the most popular indoor plants. They are able to tolerate low light conditions and minimal watering.

Indoor plants are easy to incorporate into your home. They serve many purposes. Apart from complementing your modern furniture, they are good for human health. To shop for beautiful modern furniture items, visit Creative Furniture Store.

6 Ways To Add Mid Century Modern Furniture Into Your Home

The Mid-Century modern furniture style may have been the star highlight in your grandparents’ and parents’ day, but its design brilliance and charm hasn’t diminished. Modern furniture design was inspired by many Danish and Swedish furniture designers who were inspired by the minimalist movement. Instead of heavily carved and ornate furniture, they gave preference to streamlined pieces with sleek lines. Function and form mattered more than aesthetics. In other words, Mid-Century modern furniture offer clutter-free comfort!

If you are drawn to the look of this period furniture and want to incorporate some of its elements, consider the following six ways to add Mid-Century modern furniture into your home:

#1 Look for Leggy Furniture:

Furniture from this period is infamous for showcasing tapered legs set in an angle. This is considered the hallmark of Mid-Century modern design. Rounded legs are designed to lift the furniture piece off of the ground so that it occupies minimal space. The size of the furniture is neither too big nor too small. In fact, it offers versatility and mobility.

#2 Incorporate Fuss-Free Designs:

The ornate decorations of the previous periods are abandoned in this furniture style. Mid-Century modern is all about efficiency and clean lines. The style is simple and the purpose of the furniture piece is evident. Since the focus is on practicality, look for the furniture piece that offers ample storage to help you keep the space neat and organized.

#3 Mirrors:

Sunburst mirrors are the trademark accessory of this period. Inspired by the Sputnik, it was common to see these classic mirrors adorning the walls of most homes. You too can add a splash of the past on your walls by hanging a pair of sunburst modern mirrors. This will brighten up your room and give it the illusion of space.

Bedroom Mirrors

#4 Neutral Setting:

Modern furniture pieces seem happily situated in rooms with neutral colored backdrops; even white walls can do the trick. Since the design of these furniture pieces is very clean and simple, having a neutral wall helps them take center stage. It also helps the prints and pops of color you may have in your accessories, rugs, and cushions stand out.

#5 Mix It Up:

To ensure your home still looks like it is not stuck in the 1970s, incorporate a few pieces of contemporary furniture or modern industrial into the existing decor.

#6 Hang Up Bold Lighting:

The Mid-Century Modern period was heavily inspired by space travels and science-themed inspirations. Add your own atomic twist by suspending a uniquely designed chandelier and or light fixtures.

For more Mid-Century modern inspired furniture designs, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Creative Ways To Style Up Living Room Corners

Corners are a tricky area to decorate. In our quest to make the best use out of every inch of space, it can become very tricky in determining how to fill up a corner. This is especially the case in smaller living spaces such as apartments. You want to avoid wasting this space and making it look dreadful at the same time.

To make the best use of this awkward space, consider the following five ways to style up your living room corners:

#1. Place a Sectional Sofa:

Sectional sofas are made for tricky corners. They are a simple yet practical solution to fill up corners. The corner space one of the most comfortable and most coveted for sleeping, lounging and kicking up your feet. If you have a small living room, don’t shy away from nestling in a sectional into your corner. Up the style factor a little more by adding a reading lamp into the wall above. This will save floor space taken up by floor lamps. Complement your sectional with a pair of modern end tables furniture.

Sectional Sofas

#2. Add plant life:

Most people residing in cities have to make do with living on higher floor elevations. This can put you further away from Mother Nature. Take advantage of the high columns in your corners by placing tall plants. This will add large pops of greenery and shape to your living room décor.

end tables

#3. Create a spot for Reading:

Sometimes when you return from a long day work, you’re just itching to sit quietly in a corner with a good book and a cup of tea. A reading nook can serve this purpose. Simply place a modern furniture inspired lounging chair, side table, reading lamp and small modern area rugs in this corner and voila you’ve got your very own reading nook.

#4. Create an intimate Conversation Zone:

Perhaps you like having your friends over for a good chat. How about placing two chairs opposite one another with a pedestal table in the centre? If you have the luxury of a large space, how about placing a large banquette with a table in this corner? You may use this space to play board games with your children or engage in a hobby.

Area Rugs

#5. Add Valuable Storage Space:

Storage space is a luxury in a small space. How about placing a corner bookshelf that can be used to display your books, collections, and knick-knacks?

For more clever ways to style up your living room corner, visit Creative Furniture Store.