3 benefits of Choosing Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

Shopping for furniture for each room in the home has its own challenges. From selecting the best sofa that’s both chic and comfortable to find a suitably sized dining table that’s also attractive to find a decent sized bed that also promotes sound sleep; furniture shopping is time-consuming. Luckily furniture sellers and designers have anticipated the need for contemporary bedroom furniture sets. These are co-ordinated pieces of furniture that facilitate the selection process. But is it really better to purchase an entire collection of furniture?

Consider the following benefits of choosing contemporary bedroom furniture sets:

Benefit #1

A typical bedroom furniture set consists of 2 to 9 pieces. The set includes a bed frame (with the mattress sold separately), night tables and chest of drawers. Larger bedroom sets also include headboards, dressing table, additional drawers and an armoire. When these pieces are purchased individually, the process of handpicking each item takes up a lot of time because you have to coordinate the color, style, and design of each piece. With a complete bedroom set, you can easily furnish your space within an hour or even minutes (when shopping online).

Chest Of Drawers

Benefit #2

By selecting contemporary bedroom furniture sets, you’re settling on a design you love and simply picking the pieces you need. Most homeowners like to have co-ordinated furniture in each space and having a set at the ready makes it very easy to select a particular design. In addition, because you’re shopping from a set you don’t have to purchase everything in the collection. You can omit any pieces you don’t like. Homeowners who prefer to have an eclectic arrangement of furniture have the option of replacing a few furnishings from the set with pieces from different designs. For example, if you’ve opted for a traditional bed and nightstand design, why not a modern club chair as an accent piece? You still attain flexibility in selecting from a variety of pieces!

Bedroom Sets

Benefit #3

In general, bedroom sets offer more savings than pieces that are individually bought. Some retailers offer a higher discount when you purchase more items from a particular set. Keep in mind, you’re only buying what you need, so there’s no pressure to purchase everything in the set. One of the biggest benefits of this is you are creating a bedroom style that you like and taking advantage of huge savings. You can take your savings and put it towards purchasing furniture for another room in the home.

Modern Nightstand

Take advantage of the design, convenience, and savings offered by contemporary bedroom furniture sets today! Visit Creative Furniture Store.


5 Necessities That Must Be In Every Master Bedroom

At the end of a long working day, nothing is more enticing than returning home to a comfortable and luxurious bedroom to unwind in. That much-needed relaxation and sleep is what will empower you to start afresh the next day. How can you create a bedroom that ‘screams’ comfort?

Surprisingly, you don’t need very many items to convert your suite into your very own sleep cave. Consider placing the following five necessities in your master bedroom:

#1 Wardrobe:

This is a key component in every bedroom not to mention in the layout as well. There are many different types of wardrobes, from free-standing to built-in, customized to the designer to modern or contemporary furniture. Wardrobes are typically located against a wall. They are vital for providing storage space. You may hang up your clothing or place folded items on shelves and in drawers. Many wardrobes also incorporate a TV or media unit within its doors. By investing in such an item, you’re freeing up floor space that would be taken up by a dresser and media unit.

#2 Bed:

Perhaps the star attraction of your bedroom, your bed must appear inviting and ooze comfort at first glance. Apart from the mattress being supportive, ensure your bedding consists of crisp and clean fabrics with soft designs and colors. Avoid bright colors and patterns in your sleeping suite. Generally, minty greens, soft blues, and neutrals work very well in a bedroom.

Flavia Contemporary Bed with Storage

In terms of the design of the bed, you can opt for something space-saving such as a Scandinavian or modern furniture design or something elaborate such as Italian design furniture. There are also four-poster beds, box beds, sleigh beds, modern beds with or without headboards and beds with attached joinery. Your decision will be based on the amount of space you have in your bedroom and your own personal tastes.

#3 Accessories:

Furniture adds a functional component to your bedroom, but accessories will lend personality. For example, if you’re a vase collector, consider showcasing a couple of these in your bedroom. Have a knack for painting? Why not feature your favorite sketch on your accent wall? Do you have prized artifact collection? Place a few on the wall space above your headboard. Personalize the look and feel of your bedroom with your own personal choice of accessories.

#4 Chair:

Although it seems unusual to have a chair in the bedroom, you might consider placing one if you enjoy reading or working away at your laptop. It is worth keeping a chair in your bedroom if your windows open up to a beautiful landscape. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sip your morning coffee while sitting on this chair? There are many types of chairs you can place in your space. Some excellent options include a rocking chair, club chair, chaise, modern lounge chair or even a recliner if space permits.

Lounge Chair

#5 Lighting:

Ample lighting is necessary to not only light up your room but to create the illusion of space as well. When installing lighting, consider adding different levels of light. For instance, an overhead light, accent lamps and a spotlight are three levels of lighting that you can add in your bedroom. You can even keep it simple and consider a pair of suspension lamps on either side of the bed and a floor lamp.

Suspension Lamp

Your bedroom is your rejuvenation center. Make it functional, practical and comfortable with the tips mentioned above. For more tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.

4 Must-Have Furniture Items For Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is more than a room to retire to at the end of the day; it can be your escape haven! Modern life is hectic, time-consuming and fast-moving, leaving little time to pay attention to relaxation and self-care. Many professionals look to the weekend to escape to their cottage or resort, but with a family in tow, it’s not always possible. What’s the best solution? Convert your bedroom into a relaxation suite. With some appropriate contemporary furniture elements, you can escape to bliss every night and return the next day feeling refreshed and energized.

Accent Chair

To convert your master bedroom into a relaxation suite, consider having the following four must-have furniture items:

#1 Wardrobe

This is a key component of all master bedroom layouts. These can be freestanding elements in your room that can be easily moved or built-in joinery. Wardrobes are essential because they provide vertical and horizontal storage space. Some wardrobes even incorporate a TV unit which can be hidden during the day. A wardrobe may be used to store anything from clothing, blankets, and accessories, to personal memorabilia. Opting for such a unit eliminates the need for an extra TV unit or stand, freeing up space for other essential furniture items.

#2 Work Space

Many professionals like to work from home. Many such individuals are consequently also night owls. They like to work at night when the entire house is fast asleep. To promote productivity, the right desk and chair are absolutely necessary. Desks with drawers (for storage and filing) are an absolute must. There must also be adequate surface area to place a laptop, desk lamp and stationery items. In addition, what’s a desk without a chair? You can opt for a regular, swivel office chair or an attractive accent chair. The benefit of the latter is that it can perform double duty: accent chair and modern office chair. This will free up valuable space.

Office Chair

Upholstered Chair:

Apart from sleeping and working, you need a place to sit and think or even read. A club chair upholstered in leather is the perfect modern furniture item. Apart from being one of the most comfortable places to sit, it adds sophistication to your bedroom. You can sit in this chair for hours either reading away or chat on the phone. It’s the best place to kick up your heels and just take a breather.

Palliser Viceroy Armchair

Bedside Tables:

Apart from their practical use, bedside tables help to balance out your bed. When one bedside table is placed on either side, the bed area becomes the focal point of your master bedroom. You don’t have to place bulky tables. These can be Scandinavian inspired designs which are visually lighter and space-saving. Bedside tables not only house your lamp but your water too. You may also place your alarm clock, cell phone and even book if you prefer reading before bedtime.

With these four bedrooms must-haves, you can transform your master bedroom, into a relaxation destination. Visit Creative Furniture Store to shop for these items.

How To Make A Tiny Bedroom Look Larger?

Does your bedroom feel like a cave rather than a cozy sanctuary? If a bedroom lacks natural light, a soothing color palette, and ample storage, it can feel uncomfortable, cramped and certainly tiny! However, the correct techniques can transform a small bedroom into a functional and ‘larger looking’ space.

Utilize the following professional tips to convert your sleep cave into a sleeping refuge:

Incorporate Built-In Shelving:

Built-in shelves provide you with ample storage while saving floor space. In addition, they take advantage of all the free vertical space. A perfect example is having vertical shelves running up the wall on either side of your bed. This makes your room’s ceiling look taller. To add further depth and layering, paint the wall between your shelves in a contrasting color. The shelves can also serve bedside tables. Use these shelves to place lamps, books, mementos, etc.

Encourage Natural Light:

Avoid placing heavy drapes, curtains or window treatments on your window, especially if it’s the only one in your bedroom. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds. If you have to place your bed below the window, opt for a see-through frame such as metal. This will encourage more natural light without blocking it.

Opt for Mirrored Wardrobes:

A mirrored wardrobe can double the visual square footage of your room. In a small bedroom, opt for a wardrobe that has mirrors. This effect only works if the floor mirrors run from the floor to the ceiling, and wall-to-wall.

Modern Beds

Consider a Daybed or a Murphy Bed:

A daybed creates the illusion that this room is a sitting area rather than a small bedroom. Modern-day beds have built-in storage compartments which are an additional bonus for a small size room. Murphy beds are a modern furniture installation, designed for small space. These handy modern beds fold up when not in use, saving your floor space.

Modern Mirrors

Paint the Wall and Ceiling:

Use the same hue to paint your walls and ceiling. This erases shadow line which helps define a space. When both the walls and ceilings are in the same color, the human eye cannot determine where the room’s parameters start and finish, therefore giving the room a larger appearance.

Install Pendant Lights:

Avoid taking up precious floor space with bulky lamps and bedside tables. Consider installing pendant lights instead. These serve a dual purpose”: You may hang these from the ceiling to create a focal point and use them as task lighting.

With these handy design and contemporary furniture tips, now you can transform your cave into a sleeping paradise.

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4 Fuss-Free Ways To Create A Luxury Bedroom

Let’s face it, modern life is hectic and time-consuming, leaving little time for rest and relaxation. When we return home at the end of the day, nothing would be more comforting than to be welcomed by a luxurious bedroom, full of comforts!

Bedroom Set

Now you can achieve a lavish bedroom with the following four fuss-free ideas:

Design the Room Layout:

Luxury starts with a proper room layout. Consider your room’s current arrangement. Is there ample room to walk around the room without stubbing your toe? Do you have the right modern furniture pieces for your room, i.e. a wardrobe, bed and dressing table? If you have extra pieces of furniture, try removing them and replacing them with something practical. For example, avoid placing bulky bedside modern drawers near your bed. Install a shadow shelf on either side of the bed and use it to keep your lamp, book, water, etc. Nothing is more stressful than seeing too much furniture or clutter in the bedroom.

Teodora Contemporary Dresser

Opt for Modular Storage:

Everyone owns multiples of everything, i.e. clothing, bags, shoes, purses, etc. But do you have enough storage space to keep it all? If not, consider investing in contemporary furniture style modular wardrobe. These have ample space-saving features, including shelves to stack your shirts, rack space to hang up suits, lower racks for shoes, drawers for jewelry and watches, etc. Modular storage wardrobes store everything wearable. The point is you shouldn’t keep everything in different places, rather in one convenient access location.

Invest in a Good Bed and Quality Bedding:

You need to get restful sleep and this begins when you lie down. Your bed should have the appropriate firmness you desire. When shopping for a new bed, ensure you test various bedroom mattresses for firmness. Remember, you will be sleeping on this bed for the next seven years at least, so it has to be top notch. In addition, consider purchasing a bed that is larger in size than what you require. For instance, if you are single, you are likely to look for single beds but why not a double? It will definitely help you sleep better and having extra sleep space is always a bonus.

Tempur-Flex Elite mattress

Similarly, make your bed inviting by investing in higher thread count sheets, preferably made of cotton. Place extra cushion, a soft throw and a cozy blanket for those in case the nights get chilly.

Avoid Intricacy:

Avoid getting furniture that is too ornate and detailed. These types of furniture have small nooks and crannies that are a haven for dust mites. Do you really have time to dust every day? Instead, opt for modern or contemporary furniture designs.

These feature space-saving designs that are also sleek and practical.

Don’t forget to Personalize:

Furniture adds a functional component to space, but it’s the small details that bring out the room’s personality. Consider placing unusual objet d’art on your dresser. Have a passion for photography? Why not frame some of your favourite pics and place them strategically around the room? Have a crazy hippo collection? Place a few of them in a cluster on your shelf.

These four simple trick can convert your boring bedroom into a luxury oasis. Visit Creative Furniture Store for more tips on how to create a luxurious bedroom.

7 Design Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Seem Expensive

Are you bored with your bedroom’s current look? Do you want to create a stylish and elegant space? Do you like the look of luxury but want to achieve it without spending too much?

The following seven design tricks will add hints of luxury to your bedroom space:

1. Hanging Wallpaper:

Add a designer’s touch to your bedroom by applying wallpaper behind your bedhead. Just paper one wall in a unique pattern. Doing so will not only save you the expense of papering the entire space but you can actually opt for wallpaper that is on the trendier side.

2. Select Contemporary Furniture Style Cabinets:

When it comes to bedroom furniture, the current trend seems to favor sleek luxury. Many Swedish and Scandinavian designs boast this look. Look for bedroom furniture styled in this manner.

Bedroom Furniture

3. Add Cushions:

This is the tried-and-true technique to boost luxury and comfort. Consider an assortment of plush cushions in various shapes but complementary to your bedroom’s color palette. Try placing cushions with various textures to create a more dramatic effect.

4. Invest in New Bed Linens:

The duvet cover is going to be the highlight of your bed, so make it bold, beautiful and interesting. You can opt for a duvet that complements the color or theme of your bedroom. When in doubt, remember neutrals are always the safest choice.

5. Choose an Armoire:

A vintage French-inspired armoire adds refinement to your room. It will complement your modern furniture perfectly.

Contemporary Coloured Wool Rug

6. Hang up Large Pictures:

Artwork can instantly give a designer feel to your bedroom. Select a large print or painting and hang it above your bedhead to create a dramatic look. Choose something that has a subtle, calming mood with colors that complement the décor.

7. Lay an expensive Rug:

Add a splash of luxury by laying beautiful Persian modern rugs. Even a lush, shaggy area rug will do the trick. This is an interior classic that has held its ground over the years. Rugs add comfort, warmth, and elegance to any room where they are placed. For more tips on adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom, visit Creative Furniture Store.

Fun Decor Ideas For Your Teen’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a teenager’s bedroom, a different set of rules apply. Where an adult sees a comfortable and relaxing space, a teenager sees it as a haven for escaping rules, hanging out with friends and engaging in personal interests and hobbies. Therefore it makes perfect sense to design their bedroom through their perspective.

Depending on the age of your teen, there are some basic things that you need to include such as a modern furniture style office desk or study space for completing homework and assignments, a bed to sleep and ample closet space. How you incorporate creative design elements into these basic items will greatly influence your teen’s perception of his or her room.

Office Desk

With that being said, the following fun bedroom décor ideas will surely impress your teen:

1. Bold Walls:

As an adult, you prefer something subtle and calming on your walls, but teens prefer something vibrant and energetic. As a result, the walls need to be painted in bright and bold colors such as yellow and red. You can add further drama to the walls with unique wall decal prints. Add a touch of ‘cool’ by hanging up your teen’s favorite words in marquis signs.

2. Creative Additions:

Most teens like to express who they are in creative ways. This is how they want their bedroom to feel. Therefore include imaginative elements that will put a smile on your teen’s face. Some excellent creative additions include:

• A wall-mounted fish tank
• A chalkboard cut in an odd shape
• A contemporary furniture bed
• A hanging chair
• Beanbags

Chintaly Venice King Bed

3. Add Texture:

A majority of teens love spending most of their time in their bedrooms, so you need to make it comfortable. You can add texture through the following additions:

• A shaggy area rug
• Oversize pillows in different colors and textures
• Boldly colored bed linens
• Hanging curtains that act as space dividers, etc.

4. Lots of Storage:

It’s a rarity to find a teen bedroom that is also organized, so, unfortunately, you can always expect a mess. However, you can curb much of this mess through unique storage options. For example, you can place a stylish ottoman in your teen’s room that also offers a place to hide knick-knacks. Add a cabinet wall around the headboard to showcase (and store) your teen’s achievement. Box beds are excellent places to stack and store off-season clothing. Shadow shelves above the desk are excellent for stacking books and stationery.

When decorating your teen’s bedroom, it’s important to look at things from their perspective. For more teen bedroom design tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.