How To Create The Most Comfy Bed?

Nothing beats the feeling of crawling into an inviting modern furniture bed but tempting beds don’t just magically appear. In fact, to create a welcoming atmosphere, you need to understand how to transform an ordinary bed into a sleepy paradise.

The following tips will help you create the most comfortable sleeping environment:

Select a Comfortable Mattress:

The mattress is the first place where sleep begins. If you’re waking up with aches and pains in your body, your mattress is likely to blame. Choosing a comfortable mattress depends on personal experiences. When shopping for a mattress, test it thoroughly. Lay on it as you would at home. If possible, try the entire range of firmness from soft to very hard. The budget will also determine how much you can spend, but keep in mind how important sleep is for your well-being. You are going to be spending six to eight hours every day on your bed for at least ten years. Do you really want to cut corners?

Tempur Mattress

After selecting your bedroom mattress, you can consider add-ons such as adjustable bases, frames, and mattress pads.

Hard or Soft? How do you like your Pillows?

Selecting the right firmness for your pillow is also a matter of personal preference. You want to select a pillow that supports your head and neck muscles. It should provide support to the curvature of your neck. Generally, if you sleep on your tummy, a soft pillow is ideal for you. For a back sleeper, a contoured pillow is best. For side sleepers, a firm pillow is ideal.

Layer your Bed:

Apart from decorating your bed, bed sheets add additional softness. Most beds require a fitted sheet, flat and a set of pillow covers. The type of bedding you choose will depend on the climate, but if you prefer something natural, cotton sheets with a high thread count always work best. You can also place a throw blanket on top of the nights get a bit chilly. Avoid placing sheets or bedding made from synthetic materials. Always opt for breathable materials.

Lyon Modern Beds

Add Finishing Touches:

The top layer of the bed is your chance to make a style statement. If you want to create a homey feeling, add a quilt. If you want to add something that is both practical (easy to tidy) and elegant, consider duvets or duvet covers. In the cooler months, comforters are also an excellent way to cover the bed.

For additional pizzazz, add throw pillows in coordinating designs, colors, and patterns. They will add a hotel feel to your bed.

Some Final Touches:

An inviting modern beds doesn’t end on the bed, don’t forget its surroundings. Finish off your cozy bed look with a soft area rug placed at the foot or side of the bed. Select a contemporary furniture night table to go with your bed and place a tasteful night lamp on it. This creates the perfect atmosphere for reading before falling asleep. Lastly, you can adorn your main wall with a painting of a serene landscape or an impressionist painting. Just be sure the colors are in soft hues and not bold or vibrant.

Modern Beds

Creating a calm sleeping environment starts with the most important feature: the bed.

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How to Decorate a Bedroom That Promotes Sound Sleep?

Did you know that adults require seven to nine hours of sound sleep every night? Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, high caffeine consumption and personal factors results in most adults sleeping for five to six hours only, or sometimes less. Often times this sleep isn’t sound or ‘deep’. People who don’t get adequate sleep wake up feeling irritable, sluggish and consume large amounts of caffeine just to stay alert. The long term effects of poor sleep habits include obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

One of the best ways to encourage sound sleep is by decorating your bedroom in such a way that it promotes relaxation and calm.

Bedroom Furniture

The following tips on bedroom décor will help you get a good night’s sleep:

Select Calming Colors:

Certain colors like green and blue hues induce a sense of calm and tranquility. Choose these hues for your bedroom. It can actually help lower anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. Interestingly, popular bedroom colors such as brown and purple provide stimulation for the brain and therefore decrease sleep.

Avoid Clutter:

A cluttered bedroom is discouraged in both Feng Shui and Vaastu home organization practices. It is believed that a cluttered bedroom is akin to a cluttered mind. Wherever possible, avoid small decorative items in the bedroom. Keep surfaces such as the tops of modern bedroom dressers and night tables empty.

Modern Dresser

No Tech Allowed:

Avoid placing a television set, sound system or computer in the bedroom. Replace tech with a piece of decorative art, mirror or tapestry.

Add Layered Treatments to Windows:

The addition of multiple window dressings reduces street noise and light and controls temperature. You can opt for designer blinds and flank them with decorative curtains. There are many types of blinds available in the market such as Roman, Venetian, bamboo, etc.

Online Mirror

Create Mood Lighting:

Ditch the bright tube lights and colorful bulbs. Choose low-light lamps and large candles. Scented candles such as those infused with lavender oil work wonder to promote sound sleep.

Add Plants:

Adding a plant to your bedroom does more than beautifying the space. Certain houseplants such as aloe vera, snake, and spider plants are air purifiers. During the day, they absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses and emit oxygen at night. This can boost your ability to sleep.

Choose Lush Carpeting:

A shaggy Designer Contemporary Rugs in warm hues has superb sleep-inducing properties. Choose an oversized piece that extends beyond your bed on all sides.

Contemporary Rugs

Human beings spend one-third of their time in sleep. Create an environment that helps you relax and fall asleep by applying the tips mentioned above.

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