How To Give Your Coffee Table A New Look?

A coffee table is more than a place to rest your coffee. It’s actually the heart of your living room. Whether small or large, a coffee table should be stylish as well as practical. It should bring together the theme of your space.

When designed correctly, your coffee table is actually an artistic canvas. With the right accessories and decorative elements, it can transform into a striking focal point in your living room.

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Before your coffee table becomes “just another coffee table”, consider the following to transform it into a showpiece:

Choose a Theme:

Start by considering the theme of your living room. Is it Bohemian, retro-inspired, minimalist, contemporary or modern? Your table should be a reflection of your interiors. For example, if you’ve got a modern styled living room, Calligaris Furniture: Italian Furniture Sale in NJ & NY might be appropriate for your space. If contemporary design dominates your interiors, consider simple yet sleek objects, monochrome colors and metallic finishes.

Create a Grouping on a Base:

Got a unique collection that you’d like to showcase? Consider placing a collection on a base such as a dish or a tray and then placing it on a coffee table. Examples of collections that suit a coffee table display include figurines, vases, rocks, etc. By using this technique, it provides the illusion of a well-planned table instead of a random assortment of things.

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Add Vertical Height:

When decorating your coffee table, incorporate items of various heights, i.e. small and tall. One height balances out the other and prevents your table from appearing flat. Some excellent ways of adding vertical dimension include placing a decorative vase or bottle or even a tall planter. Glass works very well to create the illusion of height. Its transparency doesn’t make large items seem bulky.

Incorporate Natural Elements:

Greenery adds life to space. It doesn’t have to be a real plant. It can be a bouquet of artificial flowers set in a crystal vase or a real bamboo plant in the wooden base with rocks, etc. Fake and or real fruits work very well too, but don’t forget to place them in a decorative bowl.

Modern Coffee Table

Books and Other Reading Materials:

Perhaps you have a rare book collection or a stack of books from your favourite author. A modern coffee table is the perfect place to put these on display. Include a pair of unusual bookends to add a bit of whimsy. This display can be a topic of many dinner conversations.

Styling a coffee table is an excellent way to give it a new look. It can transform a dull item to a stylish, piece of modern furniture. For more tips on how to revive your dull coffee table, visit Creative Furniture Store.


Guide To Purchasing Modern Coffee Table Sets

Modern coffee table sets or cocktail tables are pieces of accent furniture that are usually placed in front of a couch or sofa. Apart from enhancing the look of the contemporary furniture in the room, coffee tables add a functional dimension to space. They are usually sold and purchased in sets of two or three. Coffee tables help to increase the comfort level of a room. For example, imagine watching a movie in your family room without a coffee table. Where would you place the remote control, popcorn, juice or your feet for that matter?

Modern Coffee Table Sets

Modern coffee table sets are designed in a myriad of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. This can make choosing a particular coffee table very difficult.

The following guidelines will help you select the most suitable modern coffee table sets for your home:

Preliminary Decisions:

1. Decide where you plan to place your coffee tables. Take measurements of the space accordingly and jot them down. This will help you in space management.

2. Buy your coffee table with the couch in mind. To create a balanced look, the center coffee table ought to be two-thirds the length of the sofa.

3. Keep a budget in mind.

4. Consider who will be using the coffee table the most? Is it the adults or the children in the house? If you have very small children, a coffee table with rounded edges is the most appropriate.

5. If you are adding the coffee table to a small space, pick a light color. This will make the room seem larger. In addition, a table with a glass top will also create the illusion of space.

Choose a Style:

Furniture today is designed in different styles depending upon the period where the designer took inspiration from.

Modern design favors asymmetry and geometrical shapes. It places an emphasis on function and form. However, there is no ornamentation. Decorative details are next-to-none. Surfaces are polished and sleek. A majority of modern coffee table sets feature glass and or chrome in their construction. Modern coffee table designs are best paired with modern furniture.

Modern Coffee Table

Contemporary design is a reflection of ongoing design trends. Contemporary furniture designs favour form and function as well but they are often complimented by colors and decorative trends of today.

While modern and contemporary are the two most popular coffee table designs, other designs are country, eclectic, French country, Hampton’s, antique, Victorian, Edwardian, etc.

A good rule of thumb to follow is match the coffee table to the style of the couch.

Choose an Appropriate Material:

Modern coffee tables are manufactured from various materials. Wood by far is still the most popular choice because it suits both traditional and modern interiors. You can choose from real wood finishes to veneers. Deep espresso, maple, and oak are the most sought after woods.

Metal tables are often seen in contemporary room designs. They are made from steel aluminum, wrought iron, and other alloys. A majority of coffee tables that have metal also feature glass tops. These are also a popular choice because they are durable and very easy to tidy. If you have small children in the home or boisterous pets, choose a tempered glass top coffee table.

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Stone, slate, marble and other natural materials are another popular choices for coffee tables. These help to add a decorative element to the room.

Leather, although not a common choice, is quickly gaining ground as a coffee table choice. Made from tanned animal hides, leather has the contemporary and chic feel to it. The table top might be contrast stitched or button tufted.

Choose a Type:

Ideally, you should pick modern coffee table sets that suit both your lifestyle and décor. Start by identifying your family room’s primary focus. Are you going to use this space for playing board games, watching movies, reading a book, etc.? A coffee table that adds both functionality and decorative elements is the best one to choose.

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The following are examples of different types of modern coffee table sets:

Tray Top:

If you plan to entertain a lot, then placing a tray top coffee table in the family or living room is the best decision. The top of this type of coffee table has removable trays. It is a versatile style that makes it convenient to transport food and beverages from the kitchen. If you like hosting cocktail parties, a tray top table is a good choice.

Lift Top:

In appearance, a lift top coffee table resembles a regular table. However, there is a mechanism that lifts the top surface of this table, bringing it to the height of a dining room table. If you enjoy watching television while eating your meals, then this type of coffee table is a good choice. You can even use this type of table to play games with your children or work from home. When no longer in use, it easily lowers to the height of a regular coffee table.

Storage Coffee Tables:

If storage space is lacking in your home, or you like to tidy things up at a moment’s notice, then this type of coffee table will suit your lifestyle. A storage coffee table lends organization to a room. There are racks, baskets, cubbies and mini drawers in this type of table that enables you to store everything from newspapers and magazines to kid’s toys and games. For a clutter-free space, this type of table is your best option.

Ottoman Coffee Tables:

This type of coffee table has a round shape, making it an ideal choice for homes with small children. You can easily use an ottoman coffee table as a cocktail or coffee table because of its flat table top like surface. When not in use, you can move it around and use it for extra seating.

Modern Coffee Table

Shopping for modern coffee table sets can be daunting, but by using the principles in this guide, you will be able to make a selection that suits your lifestyle and décor.

For more tips on how to pick modern coffee table sets, visit Creative Furniture Store.