How To Get The Luxury Look For A Lot Less?

Leather sofas, granite work stations, limestone kitchen countertops and marble staircases are beautiful to behold, but hard to afford. Fortunately, there are many budget friendly options out there that are just as impressive and most onlookers won’t be able to discern the difference.

Some of the tricks will help you achieve the luxury look for less.

1. Welcome Veneer:

Solid wood is very expensive, especially certain species such as rosewood and mahogany. Veneer is the best because it gives you the look of wood without making you break the bank. Veneer is a thin piece of wood that mimics the wood grain and color of real wood. It is glued onto boards. Some veneers are so good that you cannot make out the difference.

2. Elegantly Engineered Parquet:

Original parquet flooring is a sign of opulence. Each parquet block is laid down individually. Now you can also enjoy the look of parquet for a lot less by choosing engineered parquet. It is much more inexpensive and hardly indistinguishable.

3. Faux Panelling:

Panelling adds a level of richness to a room, also giving it a period feel. However these are fairly expensive. Luckily, many MDF suppliers today provide pre-manufactured panels that only need to be glued onto the wall and then painted.

4. Splash up to the Splashback:

Got a dull kitchen? Change the splashback by adding porcelain tiles with a marble finish. They look similar to the real thing but cost a whole lot less. Add a few contemporary furniture style stools to create a fresh look.

5. Look for Steals at Garage/Yard Sales:

Visit antique fairs, boot sales, yard and garage sales for old modern desks, tables and benches. You can easily revamp these pieces by adding some varnish and polish. A converted bench looks great and works well as a seating arrangement for a dining table. Similarly, an old desk can make a great nightstand.

Modern Office Desk

6. Faux Crown Moulding:

Crown moulding, coving and architraves are beautiful décor elements that elevate the atmosphere of any space. Usually made from plaster, these can be an expensive aesthetic element. Many DIY outlets offer a much more affordable alternative that is made from high-grade polymers. These are easily glued on.

There are some that come ready-primed, only requiring only a coat of paint. No one will ever notice that they’re not made from plaster!

7.  Look for Stylish Furniture:

Having a modern leather sofa is a dream for most people, but considering the hefty price tag it carries, finding an alternative just seems like a better option. There are many modern furniture style sofas that are finished with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, suede and linen, which are all effective at adding richness to your space.

Leather Sofa

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How To Add Mid-Century Modern Furniture Into Your Home?

The mid-century modern furniture style is one that favors clean lines, class and understated looks with minimal embellishments. Functionality is an important aspect of this furniture style as it is believed that function is complemented by form. Unlike Victorian and Edwardian styles, mid-century modern furniture prefers minimal ornamentation. This furniture style probably enjoyed its glory days during your grandparents’ or parents’ time.

Today, mid-century modern furniture is making a comeback, with a strong emphasis on sleek, geometric lines and clutter-free comfort. It can often be seen in homes decorated with contemporary furniture.

mid-century modern furniture

The following tips will teach you how to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into your home:

Start by De-cluttering:

The emphasis of both mid-century modern and contemporary design styles is to keep things simple and avoid clutter. Furniture that offers dual purposes such as storage space and seating should be the main focus. This helps to keep the space tidy and organized. Avoid placing knick knacks and other small decorative items on surfaces.

Opt for Leggy Seating:

Chairs from the mid-century modern period often had tapered legs set at particular angles. The legs were usually rounded and skinny in an effort to occupy minimal space. If your dining table is a contemporary furniture piece, select dining chairs designed in the mid-century style. Both design styles pair perfectly well. It also creates a unique seating arrangement.

Install Bold Lighting:

Mid-century modern interiors feature bold lighting installations that were inspired by space. The Sputnik ceiling light, aptly named after the Soviet satellite is an iconic design of this design period. Unless you can get your hands on a Sputnik ceiling light, you can opt for similar lighting options. This lighting fixture design features multiple metallic arms with light bulbs at the end of each arm.

Modern Bedroom Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

Adding a sunburst mirror or a starburst mirror to complement your contemporary furniture is a good way of incorporating hints of mid-century modern style. You can hang up one or two in your living room to create the illusion of space.

Stay Neutral or add a Splash of Bold:

Nothing will make your mid-century modern furniture and accessories stand out more than neutral walls. Against a plain backdrop, bold colors and graphic prints simply shine. To make your interiors pop even more, choose fabrics in black and white prints. These are reminiscent of mid-century interiors. To create an even bolder interior, apply wallpaper with large prints. However, be sure to apply this to just one room otherwise it can be overpowering.

For more tips on how to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into your contemporary design, contact Creative Furniture Store.

How To Decorate A Small Patio?

Patios are a great place to relax and unwind after a long day and especially during the warm summer months. Unfortunately, modern home designs have reduced the size of balconies and patios in favor of larger drawing and bedrooms. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your precious patio space with a few minor décor tweaks.

The following tips will help you transform your small patio into your favorite place:

Select small tables that Pop:

Choose an accent table that is brightly colored but overwhelm your patio. It should be large enough to accommodate your morning cup of tea and a book. Considering most patios are rectangular in shape, a circular table top would be a great option.

Accent Tables

Grow a Vertical Garden:

On your patio, balcony or porch, you probably have a fence or empty wall space. Jazz up some empty cans and plant various blooms or herbs in them and hang them up. It’s a great way to add greenery into a tiny space.

Add a Multi-purpose Mini Bench:

When not entertaining guests, you can use the bench to place an assortment of plants. During a party, simply tuck them under the bench to allow seating for guests.


Breathe New Life into Existing Furniture:

Got an old work bench kicking around in the garage? Give it a new purpose by using it to display your knick-knacks on the patio. Use the lower shelf to stack firewood or your mini barbecue. When entertaining guests, simply clear the top and use it as an outdoor buffet!

Hang Up Bistro-style Lights:

Not only do they provide great accent lighting but the patterned pennants give the lights an extra style touch. It is a great way to create a cozy ambience in a small space.

Decorate Garden Rocks:

Try this excellent do-it-yourself idea. Take rocks of various sizes, wash them thoroughly and pat dry. Use spray paint to change their color. After drying, place them in around the perimeter of your flower pots or table lamps to add visual appeal.

Install a Window Box:

A window box is a perfect solution if you don’t have any space to grow a garden. You can use an actual metal box and paint it. Plant a variety of herbs and place it just outside your window.

Lay a Natural Rug:

Floor coverings and contemporary rugs help define outdoor living spaces. A sisal or jute floor covering will add a touch of class to your small patio space.

Calligaris Apotema Rug

For more ideas on how to decorate your patio, visit Creative Furniture Store.


Creative Ways To Jazz Up Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are blessed with natural lighting. As a result, you can adorn this space with a multitude of design elements. From gorgeous wrought iron furniture, to stylish glass accents and exotic plants, the sky is literally the limit. The benefit of having a sunroom, you can create an outdoors’ look, indoors.

Whether you want to create a formal room for guests or a cozy space to be in during the evenings, the following creative design tips will show you how to jazz up your sunroom.

Choose Fabulous Furnishings:

You and your family are going to spend a lot of time in the sunroom, so the furniture has to be stylish yet comfortable. Popular furniture materials include rattan, wicker, teak and wrought iron. You can also opt for traditional furniture but keep in mind that a lot of sunlight will be entering this space. This can cause your modern sofa set to fade, so choose fabrics accordingly.

Contemporary Sofas

Install Wonderful Window Treatments:

Windows are the defining characteristic of a sunroom, so you have to dress them up in a fabulous way. The goal is to maximize natural light but be able to obtain privacy when you need it. Roller bamboo blinds are a great option for this space.

They are made from a natural material and therefore won’t fade from sun exposure. Wood or white shutters are another good choice because they can be easily stacked when not in use and allow you to control the amount of light you let in.

If you prefer to use traditional curtains, choose fabrics that are light and not conducive to fading. Linens as cottons are good option.

Select Accentuating Accessories:

The focus in a sunroom is the outdoors, so your selection of accessories are going to be few but striking. You don’t want to clutter this space with too many knick knacks or plants. Instead focus on lighting and flooring. Choose a unique chandelier or pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. These add drama to the atmosphere of the space.

Contemporary Rugs

For the floor in your sunroom, a contemporary rug made of natural materials like jute is an excellent choice.

Other ways to Create a Splendid Sunroom:

• Paint the walls in cheerful colors such as yellows, whites, oranges and turquoise.
• If space permits, add an architectural feature such as a water feature or a stone statue.
• Decorate this space as you would your living or bedroom, with a focal point. In the sunroom, you can make a window the focal point.

A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the outdoors indoors. For more décor tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.


Practical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a small space presents several challenges, especially when you have to figure out where to place all your “things”. In large homes, these things just disappear because there’s so much room to keep things tucked away. You don’t have this freedom with small apartments. In fact, living in a small space forces you to keep what’s absolutely necessary. Taken positively, it encourages you to live a simpler and more meaningful life. Nevertheless, apartment living requires clever storage solutions.

The following tips will help you discover practical storage solutions suitable for apartment living:

Tip #1: Keep what you use and value, toss out the rest!

Before going out on investing in any kind of storage solution, conduct an audit of all your “things”. When there is less stuff to put into storage, only a few storage ideas will be required. Owning fewer possessions makes it easier to organize your apartment. Consider the amount of stuff most of us tend to purchase, we only actually use a very small percentage of it.

After you’ve gathered all the things you’d like to give away, consider what to do with it, i.e. donation, garage sale, tag sale, etc. Apart from finding fewer storage solutions and making organization easier, when there is less stuff, there is less to manage and maintain, making you feel lighter, happier and freer.

Tip #2: Use unconventional storage spaces

Now that you’ve trimmed down on your possessions, you will be looking around your apartment, trying to find a place to store it all. Stop and think for a minute about how cities are organized. Space is limited but demand is high. Instead of building out, cities build up. This enables them to include more homes and businesses.

Storage cabinets

Similarly, instead of purchasing multiple office storage cabinets to store your items, consider using the vertical space in your small apartment. Invest in closet systems and tall modern wardrobes. This will make your space look ultra-efficient. Adding a freestanding room divider will also give you additional “room”.


Tip #3: Invest in multifunctional storage pieces

When shopping for furniture, look for multifunctional pieces. Such items have a primary purpose and serves alterative use as well. For example, a sofa is used for seating but if it has a pull-out drawer, you can store additional items in it. Similarly, a seating bench is used to sit but if has storage drawers within, you can store living room related items such as cushion covers, magazines, books, etc.

In the living room, don’t just opt for a wooden coffee table. Consider buying one with shelves or drawers so that you can place items in it. Multifunctional furniture pieces serve multiple uses without taking up additional floor space.

Wood Coffee Table

If you have a small bedroom, invest in a box bed. These provide lots of space to store extra pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can find practical storage solutions for your small space.

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After the bedroom, your living room is a space where you are likely to spend the most amount of time. It is the first room your guests will notice upon entering your home. Hence, this room needs to strike a balance between cozy comfort and stylish chic. How can you achieve that look? The answer lies in a set of tasteful accents.

The following five accents are guaranteed to add creative pizzazz to your living space:

Accent Chairs:

Chairs like the Pandora Accent Chair or the Madison Swivel Accent Chair have the ability to transform a boring seating area into a unique space. Apart from being creatively designed, accent chairs are also very comfortable. They stand out from your typical living room furniture set. You may choose an accent chair according to the color or style theme of your space.

Pandora Accent Chair


Rugs or area carpets have the ability to unite all the elements of a room. Apart from feeling great under the feet, rugs add warmth to the space they adorn. When choosing a carpet, consider contemporary rugs or modern area rugs in a color that complements your living room.

contemporary rugs

Wall Art:

This accent piece is not only visually appealing but it also has the ability to stimulate interesting discussions amongst your guests. Black and white scenes of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or downtown New York City will help you escape and reminisce. Or you may choose impressionist wall art such as a Monet or Degas.

Room Dividers:

Got a very long living area? Why not create two separate spaces using a room divider? These are stunning accent pieces that not only divide a large space but they can highlight the aesthetics of the area as well. The Muse Room Divider is not only practical but beautiful as well. You can use it to showcase your precious gems collection or Swarovski figurines.

Muse Room Divider


These are functional, practical and versatile. Bookcases such as the FLOAT Wall Unit or Modern Wall Unit are more than just ordinary wooden shelves. They have built-in accent lights or have glass shelves set in a wooden frame. You may use such bookcases to display your most expensive knick-knacks or even a rare book collection.

FLOAT Wall Unit

When choosing accent pieces for your living room, think outside the box. While cushions and lamps are effective at enhancing the look of a space, they are a common solution. Opt for something unique such as a room divider, chair, bookcase, wall art or rug. You will create a living room that boasts cozy elegance.

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How to keep your wood furniture new?

Wood furniture has the ability to add sophistication to space. It exudes character, warmth, and elegance in any room that it is placed in. To maintain its natural look, wood furniture must be cared for in specific ways.

Furniture pieces such as the Memphis Chest in Walnut Canaletto High Gloss by Alf Da Fre or the ET133 Rectangular Dining Table Venjakob will retain their new appearance for years to come if you utilize the following tips:

Tip #1

Mix together mild dish soap and warm water. Use sparing amounts of water. This will not hurt the furniture provided you do not soak it. For hard-to-reach areas, use a soft-bristled, old toothbrush. Use a paper towel to dry off residual moisture.

Rectangular Dining Table

Tip #2

Protecting the finish is integral to maintain the sophistication of your furniture. Apply a thin coat of paste wax as indicated on the manufacturer’s label. After five minutes, use a soft cloth to give the furniture piece a light buff. After 30 to 60 minutes have passed, use a buff or brush and polish with vigour. A beautiful shine will emerge that is guaranteed to last for several months.

Tip #3

Avoid placing your furniture in sunlight. In the summer months, the temperature of sunlight coming through a window can reach above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will “cook” the finish, shrink the wood grain, cause fading and result in cracks.

Tip #4

Do not place wooden furniture near heating units or vents. Dry heat causes wood to shrink and crack. Consider using a humidifier in the dry months to raise the moisture level to 40 or 45 percent level.

Tip #5

With time, wooden furniture may acquire light scratches. The best remedy for this is a quick touch up. On certain furniture pieces like the Dora End Table Walnut use a shoe polish color that is similar to the furniture piece. Use a felt-tip marker of a matching color first to hide the scratch.

Tip #6

To polish metal hardware, remove it from the furniture first. Ensure you use a good quality polish to reveal its shine. This is not required every time.

Tip #7

Coffee cup rings are a common occurrence on coffee tables and side tables. This can destroy the look of your BDI FIN-Coffee Table. The best way to prevent this is use coasters. If a ring should form, use a mild abrasive like a non-gel toothpaste mixed with some cooking oil or baking soda. Use a small spot or a soft cloth to wipe off the ring.

Coffee Table

Another trick is to put a towel over the ring and iron it on medium setting for 20 seconds. Keep the iron moving and check frequently for results.

Wood furniture is a good investment for home. To enhance its appearance for years to come, use the tips mentioned above.