Practical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a small space presents several challenges, especially when you have to figure out where to place all your “things”. In large homes, these things just disappear because there’s so much room to keep things tucked away. You don’t have this freedom with small apartments. In fact, living in a small space forces you to keep what’s absolutely necessary. Taken positively, it encourages you to live a simpler and more meaningful life. Nevertheless, apartment living requires clever storage solutions.

The following tips will help you discover practical storage solutions suitable for apartment living:

Tip #1: Keep what you use and value, toss out the rest!

Before going out on investing in any kind of storage solution, conduct an audit of all your “things”. When there is less stuff to put into storage, only a few storage ideas will be required. Owning fewer possessions makes it easier to organize your apartment. Consider the amount of stuff most of us tend to purchase, we only actually use a very small percentage of it.

After you’ve gathered all the things you’d like to give away, consider what to do with it, i.e. donation, garage sale, tag sale, etc. Apart from finding fewer storage solutions and making organization easier, when there is less stuff, there is less to manage and maintain, making you feel lighter, happier and freer.

Tip #2: Use unconventional storage spaces

Now that you’ve trimmed down on your possessions, you will be looking around your apartment, trying to find a place to store it all. Stop and think for a minute about how cities are organized. Space is limited but demand is high. Instead of building out, cities build up. This enables them to include more homes and businesses.

Storage cabinets

Similarly, instead of purchasing multiple office storage cabinets to store your items, consider using the vertical space in your small apartment. Invest in closet systems and tall modern wardrobes. This will make your space look ultra-efficient. Adding a freestanding room divider will also give you additional “room”.


Tip #3: Invest in multifunctional storage pieces

When shopping for furniture, look for multifunctional pieces. Such items have a primary purpose and serves alterative use as well. For example, a sofa is used for seating but if it has a pull-out drawer, you can store additional items in it. Similarly, a seating bench is used to sit but if has storage drawers within, you can store living room related items such as cushion covers, magazines, books, etc.

In the living room, don’t just opt for a wooden coffee table. Consider buying one with shelves or drawers so that you can place items in it. Multifunctional furniture pieces serve multiple uses without taking up additional floor space.

Wood Coffee Table

If you have a small bedroom, invest in a box bed. These provide lots of space to store extra pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can find practical storage solutions for your small space.

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After the bedroom, your living room is a space where you are likely to spend the most amount of time. It is the first room your guests will notice upon entering your home. Hence, this room needs to strike a balance between cozy comfort and stylish chic. How can you achieve that look? The answer lies in a set of tasteful accents.

The following five accents are guaranteed to add creative pizzazz to your living space:

Accent Chairs:

Chairs like the Pandora Accent Chair or the Madison Swivel Accent Chair have the ability to transform a boring seating area into a unique space. Apart from being creatively designed, accent chairs are also very comfortable. They stand out from your typical living room furniture set. You may choose an accent chair according to the color or style theme of your space.

Pandora Accent Chair


Rugs or area carpets have the ability to unite all the elements of a room. Apart from feeling great under the feet, rugs add warmth to the space they adorn. When choosing a carpet, consider contemporary rugs or modern area rugs in a color that complements your living room.

contemporary rugs

Wall Art:

This accent piece is not only visually appealing but it also has the ability to stimulate interesting discussions amongst your guests. Black and white scenes of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or downtown New York City will help you escape and reminisce. Or you may choose impressionist wall art such as a Monet or Degas.

Room Dividers:

Got a very long living area? Why not create two separate spaces using a room divider? These are stunning accent pieces that not only divide a large space but they can highlight the aesthetics of the area as well. The Muse Room Divider is not only practical but beautiful as well. You can use it to showcase your precious gems collection or Swarovski figurines.

Muse Room Divider


These are functional, practical and versatile. Bookcases such as the FLOAT Wall Unit or Modern Wall Unit are more than just ordinary wooden shelves. They have built-in accent lights or have glass shelves set in a wooden frame. You may use such bookcases to display your most expensive knick-knacks or even a rare book collection.

FLOAT Wall Unit

When choosing accent pieces for your living room, think outside the box. While cushions and lamps are effective at enhancing the look of a space, they are a common solution. Opt for something unique such as a room divider, chair, bookcase, wall art or rug. You will create a living room that boasts cozy elegance.

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How to keep your wood furniture new?

Wood furniture has the ability to add sophistication to space. It exudes character, warmth, and elegance in any room that it is placed in. To maintain its natural look, wood furniture must be cared for in specific ways.

Furniture pieces such as the Memphis Chest in Walnut Canaletto High Gloss by Alf Da Fre or the ET133 Rectangular Dining Table Venjakob will retain their new appearance for years to come if you utilize the following tips:

Tip #1

Mix together mild dish soap and warm water. Use sparing amounts of water. This will not hurt the furniture provided you do not soak it. For hard-to-reach areas, use a soft-bristled, old toothbrush. Use a paper towel to dry off residual moisture.

Rectangular Dining Table

Tip #2

Protecting the finish is integral to maintain the sophistication of your furniture. Apply a thin coat of paste wax as indicated on the manufacturer’s label. After five minutes, use a soft cloth to give the furniture piece a light buff. After 30 to 60 minutes have passed, use a buff or brush and polish with vigour. A beautiful shine will emerge that is guaranteed to last for several months.

Tip #3

Avoid placing your furniture in sunlight. In the summer months, the temperature of sunlight coming through a window can reach above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will “cook” the finish, shrink the wood grain, cause fading and result in cracks.

Tip #4

Do not place wooden furniture near heating units or vents. Dry heat causes wood to shrink and crack. Consider using a humidifier in the dry months to raise the moisture level to 40 or 45 percent level.

Tip #5

With time, wooden furniture may acquire light scratches. The best remedy for this is a quick touch up. On certain furniture pieces like the Dora End Table Walnut use a shoe polish color that is similar to the furniture piece. Use a felt-tip marker of a matching color first to hide the scratch.

Tip #6

To polish metal hardware, remove it from the furniture first. Ensure you use a good quality polish to reveal its shine. This is not required every time.

Tip #7

Coffee cup rings are a common occurrence on coffee tables and side tables. This can destroy the look of your BDI FIN-Coffee Table. The best way to prevent this is use coasters. If a ring should form, use a mild abrasive like a non-gel toothpaste mixed with some cooking oil or baking soda. Use a small spot or a soft cloth to wipe off the ring.

Coffee Table

Another trick is to put a towel over the ring and iron it on medium setting for 20 seconds. Keep the iron moving and check frequently for results.

Wood furniture is a good investment for home. To enhance its appearance for years to come, use the tips mentioned above.

Modern Furniture versus Contemporary Furniture: What’s the difference?

Furniture design is a reflection of the age in which they were invented. While it is logical to refer to today as modern times, the term “modern” does not apply to the furniture style of the present day.

There are distinct differences between modern furniture and contemporary furniture designs. The following article examines these differences in further detail:

Modern Furniture:

Modern furniture design emerged between the 1920s and the 1950s. This furniture style is actually called Mid-Century Modern. One can conclude that this period saw remarkable changes in how furniture was designed and constructed. Prior to the 1920s, furniture was hand crafted and ornately designed. In the Modern era period, designers who adopted a sleek and clean design, focused on function took prominence.

Modern furniture makes use of natural materials like teak, leather, and bamboo. Sometimes molded plywood and plastic can be seen in the design as well. The Modern period ended in the late 1950s.

Modern furniture
Today, homes decorated in this style are clean, open and maximize space. Walls are usually painted white to create the feeling of space. Furniture design is open and off the floor, conveying the feeling of a spacious interior. The polished metal may be used to emphasize clean lines and simplicity.

Contemporary Furniture:

When furniture designers talk about contemporary furniture designs, they are referring to what’s in vogue and what’s growing. Any furniture design that is occurring today and is changing or growing is called contemporary.

Contemporary furniture design takes in what is “in” at the moment. It can include many different furniture designs. For instance, your sofa may be created in a particular design that differs from your dining table. As long as your design choices are popular, changing and growing, your furniture style is called contemporary. People today prefer to have an eclectic look because it enables them to have different pieces of furniture.

Contemporary furniture
Sometimes touches of modern furniture design are reflected in contemporary pieces. For example, the use of natural materials and sleek lines can also be found in contemporary furniture pieces. This augments the natural appearance of the room. The ideas of comfort and function which dominated modern furniture design continue in contemporary furniture design.

The Bottom Line:

Modern furniture design and contemporary furniture design reflect two different design periods. The former refers to a period between the 1920s and 1950s whereas the latter makes reference to what’s in vogue today.

5 Reasons Every Office Should Have File Cabinet

Funny as it might sound, office culture is all about having secrets stashed inside the file cabinets. Since the fall of USSR, red-tape culture has quietly shunted from the bureaucratic tables into office cabinets.

File cabinets are quintessential furniture in the office used exclusively to stack and store important documents, files, reports, financial statements and personal information.  However, with the advent of the digital era, the office culture has lost a huge chunk of its attraction to the disappearance of the file cabinets.

Here are 5 reasons why file cabinets are still the most preferred furniture in the corporate houses.

#Reason1:  It prevents employee theft

Corporate espionage is successfully prevented by locking away important documents inside the file cabinets. These file cabinets have special anti-burglary systems and use state of the art locking systems to prevent data theft in the office.

Most file cabinets have tandem keys for operation. This means the file cabinet can be opened only when two keys are simultaneously inserted and operated.

This means it requires at least two people to open the cabinet. This automatically reduces the chances of theft.

#Reason 2:  100% protection from fire, flood and earthquakes

File cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel and cast iron body. They are also available in other materials like hardwood, softwood, MDF, laminar wood and plastic acrylic. However, top corporate houses prefer to have hard-iron special alloy file cabinets that can’t be easily cut by LASER or traditional gas cutters.

file cabinetsEven in case of fire, flood or earthquake, the important documents will stay safe. These racks and drawers are air-tight, preventing dust, water, moisture and microbes from settling on the files stored inside.

#Reason 3:  Choice of installation

Considering the fact that traditional file cabinets were often carried away or stolen from the offices, contemporary file cabinet come with a special floor rivet and wall bolt installation. Free-standing file cabinets thus provide excellent stability and protection when installing on the wall.

#Reason 4:  They double up as central storage

Bigger file cabinets with strategically placed drawers and modern display cabinets can double up the storage space too. For instance, usual stationery like staple pins, pens, erasers, glue, and badges can be placed at one central location.

Moreover, fully-assembled file cabinets can be used to store medical reports, CDs, Hard Disks and MP3s, pen-drives and X-rays.

Modern Display Cabinets

In short, modern file cabinets can be used to store virtually every office item.

#Reason 5:  Sense of customization

File cabinets exemplify the taste, sophistication and level of accomplishment. Taller file cabinets notoriously symbolize the historic background of the company. The employee files, business agreements and legal tenders are filed inside the safest pockets and corners of the file cabinet.

For offices with space limitation, the file cabinets can be customized into a flat table too. Light-weight durable file cabinets can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall to save ground area. Customization can also occur in terms of color and the material chosen. Glass and glossy cabinets are not preferred for professional reasons.

What makes a wardrobe in the bedroom invincible: 4 Reasons you can’t miss!

Every house owns clothes and accessories worth close to $3400 to $10000 on an average. Experience is enough to say that most people would choose to keep those clothes safe and secured. Wardrobes are the perfect furniture to not just keep the clothes from getting damaged but also ensure that the bedroom remains neat and clutter-free.

However, despite benefits so glaring conspicuous, many households don’t have a wardrobe or have one that may not suffice the requirement. There are 5 things you can check out to verify if your present house needs a wardrobe now or not.

Modern Wardrobe

1.  Are your clothes found scattered in on the bed, over the floor or in the hangers outside?
2.  Do you often fail to find your ideal pair of jeans, trousers that match with the shirt?
3.  Do you have a safe place to keep your valuable accessories and jewelries?
4.  Are your documents safe?
5.  How often do you buy your clothes?

You will find that no house can escape the challenge of stacking clothe properly at one place. And that’s where the wardrobes come so handy.

We bring you 4 reasons that justify the presence of wardrobe in every house.

1.  Wardrobes are perfect hide-away spots:

Yes, but for stuffs, you are most likely to keep away from the eyes of others, including family members. Modern wardrobes come with enticing features and functionalities that allow them to be used as a safe spot to keep valuables. Depending on the design and structure, the wardrobes may have secret drawers and pockets where you can keep your documents, gold coins etc.

Modern Wardrobe

2.  Your house looks organized:

Compare a house without drawers with one that boasts of having a wardrobe. The former will have heaps of clothes lying carelessly unattended in one laundry bag or if the luck is bad, on the bed. Wardrobes with separate racks and partitions offer good space to keep items organized. The house looks more organized when there is a wardrobe in order.

3.  Diverse appeal:

Cabinets and other storage furniture may not be enough to keep everything. For bedrooms, the wardrobe is a must as they offer an eloquent diversity to the room. Single door, multi-door, and collapsible wardrobes are preferred for their range of options. Moreover, they feature hybrid features like vanity mirrors, foldable drawers, and draw-out steps. While the size of the wardrobe matters, there is no denying the fact that even the smallest of wardrobes also serve mighty service in the bedroom.


4.  Save energy bills:

Wooden wardrobes remain the top choice for mist bedrooms. However, high-grade plastic and metal wardrobes also fare very well in the long run depending on the use and number of members in the house. If you are a first-time buyer, you may possibly choose low-cost modular MDF wardrobes as well. Depending on the budget, the wardrobes arrive. Once you figure out the wardrobe material and the size, you will realize that the right sized furniture placed in the right order can save you lot on lighting and AC bills.

Get the right wardrobe and enjoy luxury.

4 Questions to Ask Before Placing Documents into the File Cabinets

Are you facing the trouble of compiling your documents properly? Do you always find your important documents bursting out of space in the file cabinet? Are your papers damaged by the time you pull them away from the racks?

These are common issues faced by professionals who use file cabinets in the office. While it is obvious that the issue lies with the way files are stacked, it can be resolved by choosing the right sized file cabinets.

Here are 4 questions to ask before putting a document into the file cabinet.

Q:1  Will the file fit into the file cabinet?

This will resolve major trouble when it comes to placing the documents insides the file cabinets. Even if you manage to stack the file inside the cabinet, you may find it hard to pull it out later on. The best way to choose a file cabinet for the particular document is to fit in a dummy cover booklet before stacking the original.

file cabinetsIt is always recommended that you buy a file cabinet that has enough room for the different sized papers and files.

Q:2  How big should be the cabinet?

Asking this question will save you the ordeal of buying too many or too less number of file cabinets. A single file cabinet for office should be capable of holding at least 150 files or more. This can be customized based on the size of the room, the importance of the documents and space available inside the cabinet.  A four-storey and a two-storey file cabinet with parallel drawer systems are best preferred.

Q:3  How often do you intend to use the file cabinets?

The use of file cabinets in recent years has come drastically down due to the extensive use of laptops and computers in the office.  However, important paper documents, legal contracts, and agreements are best kept locked inside the file cabinets. Most offices still prefer to store the hard copy of the important documents and agreements in their file cabinets.

file cabinetsThe choice of file cabinets you buy for the office depends on the frequency of operation. For frequent operations, stainless and iron-clad file cabinets are suitable. Wooden and MDF versions of file cabinets also look delectable, especially in the conference rooms where most sofas, wall arts, display cabinets and the conference tables are made of hardwood materials.

Plastic file cabinets are also popular owing to their ease of operation and easy transportation.

Q:4  How long do you intend to keep the files in the cabinet?

The date-wise arrangement is an important aspect of the file cabinet. Outdated documents must be replaced before filing the new ones. If you intend to keep the files locked year after year, it is best to buy a solid stainless steel or plastic-fiber file cabinet. Wooden cabinets run the risk of attracting moisture and damage the quality of the documents. Yellowing of the pages and blotting of inks are commonly seen in files stored in the wooden cabinets locked for years together.

Depending on these questions, your furniture dealer should be able to land you the best file cabinet in the store.