6 Indoor Plants That Promote Good Health

Did you know there’s a far better alternative to beating the heat than turning on the air conditioner? Grow more houseplants! Apart from complementing your contemporary furniture, houseplants are natural air conditioners. They work by absorbing the warm air and then releasing cool moisture and oxygen back into the atmosphere via a process called transpiration. In addition, certain houseplants flush out harmful gases from the home’s atmosphere such as methane and carbon dioxide.

So the next time you’re out shopping for a decorative item for your home, consider any of the following indoor plants:

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is highly regarded for medicinal properties. It cures many ailments related to the skin such as burns, insect bites, inflammation, etc. The leaves of the aloe vera have an increased water content. This means when the aloe vera’s leaves are transpiring, they are releasing large amounts of evaporated moisture back into the air.

Indoor Plants

In addition, aloe vera is known for absorbing carbon dioxide and discharging oxygen during the night. Keeping an aloe vera plant in the bedroom is definitely a good idea. Scientists also state that aloe vera is effective in removing benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere.

2. Bamboo Palm:

Bamboo palms are native to Central America and Mexico. They rarely reach more than two meters in height. The large leaves of this plant act as natural humidifiers. Bamboo palms are very effective in removing trichloroethylene and benzene from the air.

3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue / Snake plant:

This plant is highly favoured by NASA. It is considered one of the best plants for removing indoors impurities such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon dioxide. During the night, this plant releases valuable oxygen. In addition, this plant has a sculptural look about it which makes it a great addition to any space.

4. Peace Lily:

This lily has a large leaf area meaning it releases large amounts of moisture and oxygen during transpiration. NASA rates the Peace Lily highly for its uncanny ability to filter toxins in the home’s atmosphere. They also cool the air.

Modern Furniture

5. Boston Ferns:

The Boston fern is a natural humidifier and air purifier. Like its other fern cousins, the Boston fern is known for filtering the air of volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

6. Devil’s Ivy or Money Plant:

This heart-shaped, evergreen vine is a native of French Polynesia. It is one of the best humidifiers. In addition, this tiny wonder filters the air of benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Money plants are one of the most popular indoor plants. They are able to tolerate low light conditions and minimal watering.

Indoor plants are easy to incorporate into your home. They serve many purposes. Apart from complementing your modern furniture, they are good for human health. To shop for beautiful modern furniture items, visit Creative Furniture Store.


6 Ways To Add Mid Century Modern Furniture Into Your Home

The Mid-Century modern furniture style may have been the star highlight in your grandparents’ and parents’ day, but its design brilliance and charm hasn’t diminished. Modern furniture design was inspired by many Danish and Swedish furniture designers who were inspired by the minimalist movement. Instead of heavily carved and ornate furniture, they gave preference to streamlined pieces with sleek lines. Function and form mattered more than aesthetics. In other words, Mid-Century modern furniture offer clutter-free comfort!

If you are drawn to the look of this period furniture and want to incorporate some of its elements, consider the following six ways to add Mid-Century modern furniture into your home:

#1 Look for Leggy Furniture:

Furniture from this period is infamous for showcasing tapered legs set in an angle. This is considered the hallmark of Mid-Century modern design. Rounded legs are designed to lift the furniture piece off of the ground so that it occupies minimal space. The size of the furniture is neither too big nor too small. In fact, it offers versatility and mobility.

#2 Incorporate Fuss-Free Designs:

The ornate decorations of the previous periods are abandoned in this furniture style. Mid-Century modern is all about efficiency and clean lines. The style is simple and the purpose of the furniture piece is evident. Since the focus is on practicality, look for the furniture piece that offers ample storage to help you keep the space neat and organized.

#3 Mirrors:

Sunburst mirrors are the trademark accessory of this period. Inspired by the Sputnik, it was common to see these classic mirrors adorning the walls of most homes. You too can add a splash of the past on your walls by hanging a pair of sunburst modern mirrors. This will brighten up your room and give it the illusion of space.

Bedroom Mirrors

#4 Neutral Setting:

Modern furniture pieces seem happily situated in rooms with neutral colored backdrops; even white walls can do the trick. Since the design of these furniture pieces is very clean and simple, having a neutral wall helps them take center stage. It also helps the prints and pops of color you may have in your accessories, rugs, and cushions stand out.

#5 Mix It Up:

To ensure your home still looks like it is not stuck in the 1970s, incorporate a few pieces of contemporary furniture or modern industrial into the existing decor.

#6 Hang Up Bold Lighting:

The Mid-Century Modern period was heavily inspired by space travels and science-themed inspirations. Add your own atomic twist by suspending a uniquely designed chandelier and or light fixtures.

For more Mid-Century modern inspired furniture designs, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Ways To Have A Dust-Free Home

Dust, dander, pollen and dust mites are some of the leading causes of respiratory and immune system ailments. These miniscule sized evils have an adverse effect on our health.

If you or your family is sensitive to airborne allergens, there are some precautionary steps you can take to minimize dust build up in your home.

These are:

#1. Install a Shoe Cabinet:

It is surprising how many vermin come with outside shoes. Start by getting in the habit of removing your shoes outside the door. If this is not possible, do so near the door itself. Assign a corner of your front entrance or foyer for the modern furniture design shoe storage cabinet. This often has a seat attached to it with ample storage space to stash your footwear.

Storage Cabinets

If you’re in the habit of wearing shoes inside the house, keep a pair for indoor use so that you may switch to them when you return from outside. In addition, place a coarse-fibred doormat at the entrance so that you can trap a majority of dirt and dust from the shoes outside! Don’t forget to clean the doormat at least twice a week.

#2. Maintain a Clutter-free Space:

Minimize the number of places where dust can accumulate. This means avoid stuffing your space with too many ornamental objects, accessories and “things”. Recycle old newspapers and magazines. Keep practical pieces of modern furniture in your space. This provides ample storage for your personal items.

#3. Make Cleaning a Regular Habit:

To have a dust-free home, you need to make dusting a regular routine. If possible, sweep and mop the floors at least once a day. Microfiber cleaning wipes are excellent at trapping dust and wiping wood surfaces. You don’t need to invest in expensive cleaning solutions. If you have a pet, vacuum on a daily basis and ensure they are groomed regularly. Get in the habit of spring cleaning once every three months.

Modern Furniture

#4. Install an Air Purifier:

Pollution is a serious concern, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. To ensure your home has clean air circulating in the atmosphere, install an air purifier. These are very effective at trapping pollutants and dust particles before they settle onto to your sofa, bed or any other surface.

#5. Clean Upholstery and Linens Regularly:

Dust and pet dander in particular love sofa fabrics and bed linens. They accumulate in these areas quite quickly. Get in the habit of changing your bed linens at least once a week, twice would be better. Vacuum your sofa on alternate days and consider deep cleaning services at least once every two months. For very heavy blankets, hang them up on a string in the backyard where they’ll come into direct contact with sunlight. Dry clean your curtains and sofa covers on a regular basis. Don’t forget to flip your mattress once a month!

A dust-free home is a key to a healthy lifestyle. For more tips and inspiration, please visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Create The Hampton’S Look In Your Home?

The Hamptons are a series of villages and hamlets near Long Island, New York. This has been the preferred summer getaway destination for business tycoons and Hollywood big shots since the 1800s. Numerous palatial style homes, resorts, and bungalows dot this region. As a result, the area has inspired an interior décor style of its own, known as the Hampton’s Style.

The Hamptons Style features a relaxed and casual beach living, done in a sophisticated and classic way. This design style incorporates lots of natural light, with breezy window treatments that encourages plenty of fresh air.

In terms of furnishings, the Hamptons Style gives preference to casual, rustic and modern furniture style piece that has a beach vibe. It is common to see paneled walls, timber flooring and plenty of blues and off-whites dotting the space.

To create your very own Hampton’s inspired look, consider implementing the following design tips:

1. Cool Color Palette:

In this décor style, colors inspired by nature are given preference. It is very common to have different hues and shades such as cobalt blue, creamy whites, aqua, warm beige, coral colors and charcoal hues. These colors are often expressed through accessories such as cushion covers, throws, area rugs and wall hangings.

2. Beach-Inspired Furnishings:

To create a coastal look, hang an over-sized egg chair. Rattan and wicker furniture pieces upholstered with linen are also excellent furniture choices.

3. Walls and Floors:

Panelled walls and light colored timber tones exude a relaxed beach lifestyle. Consider placing washed out accessories to create a sun-bleached look such as neutral colored rugs, vases, and trays. You can even consider a bleached, modern bookcase showcasing your book collection.

Modern Furniture Bookcase

4. Window Treatments:

The Hampton’s style prefers light window treatments so that maximum natural light is enabled. Consider hanging sheer curtains in whites or neutral colors. It provides some level of privacy while allowing maximum light.

5. Accessories:

Accessories play a huge role in this décor style. When hanging frames, consider white or weathered ones featuring sea or beach inspired themes such as seascapes, seashells, etc. Place a hurricane lamp on your corner table. Consider placing a large candle in the center with an assortment of seashells surrounding it. Nautical inspired colors and accessories also work in this décor style. Common examples include blue and white stripes, ships and boats, driftwood, fish netting and even a mini anchor go well with the Hampton’s theme.

For more ideas on how you can create a Hampton’s inspired look, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Ways To Get The Lighting Right In Your Home

Unlike many other decorative elements in the home, a lamp is both a functional and ornamental accessory. Its color, shape, and style can complement the décor of your room while providing you with its primary purpose: light!

The quantity of lamps or lighting also matters greatly. How you light up your room will influence its character. It is generally recommended to install multiple sources of light. This enables you to control the mood and ambience of your space.

If you’re new to the world of lighting, perhaps these five tips can help you get the lighting just right in your home:

1. Use a Variety of Lighting Options:

Every room should have a mixture of table and floor lighting. Each type of light adds its own character to space. Overhead lighting illuminates a space while lamps highlight a particular area such as a special chair or special modern furniture piece in the corner of the room.

2. Obtain the Right Scale:

Overhead lighting is necessary to illuminate an entire room and it looks amazing when done correctly. When choosing overhead lighting, consider its purpose and size. For example, a large, over-sized chandelier will probably be unsuitable for a drawing room that is very small. In this case, an attractive ceiling light with a floor lamp and table lamp are more suitable.

table lamp

3. Mix and Match Lamp Colors:

Unlike pillows, cushions, throws, etc. that have to be in the same color palate, lamps don’t follow any particular matching rule. In fact, having lampshades in different colors adds character to space. You can match the design of the lamp to the décor, but it doesn’t have to be in the same color scheme. Stick to the mix bases but match shades rule!

4. Avoid Bulbs and Glares:

An important décor rule to follow with lamps is that ideally, the light bulb socket should not be visible from either the seated or standing position. If it is visible, then your lamp is too tall. It’s rather unpleasant to experience the glare of a light bulb.

5. Use Different Lamp Styles:

There’s nothing more boring than having four lamps in the living room that looks the same. It makes space seem characterless. With table and floor lamps, you have the complete freedom of mixing and matching styles. For instance, if your drawing room is decorated with contemporary furniture, don’t feel restricted to similar types of lighting. Consider placing a traditional table lamp on a side table instead. You may also opt for a chandelier designed to reflect a different time period. The bottom line is, don’t buy matching lamps. Mix up the colors and styles!

Lighting is an important tool in your home décor bag of tricks. You can use to illuminate any space and add character as well. For unique lighting options, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Design An Alluring Guest Room?

Want to be remembered as the best host? Design a guest room that will win the minds and hearts of your invitees! A well-appointed guest room strikes a balance between comfort, chic and an “at home” feel.

Here’s how you can achieve this look:

Choose a Single Style:

When designing your guest bedroom, it can become tempting to try different décor styles or to even do things on the cheap. This will lead to a disastrous look. Instead, pick a theme and stick to it. For example, if you want to create a nautically themed room, choose elements that reflect that theme. Examples include crisp white sheets with blue trim, modern wall art that reflects the ocean, a few seashell knick knacks, a jute area rug, etc.

Modern Wall Arts

Add Homey Details:

What elements do you like having in your bedroom? Chances are your guests like the same. Many people enjoy sipping tea/coffee in the morning while sitting in a cozy chair. Therefore you may want to include a modern armchair in the guest bedroom. Similarly, consider adding a nightstand with a selection of good reads for your guests. They will surely appreciate the gesture.

Arm Chair

Add Entertainment:

You might be early to bed sort of person, but that doesn’t mean your guests are too. Consider adding a television set to your guest bedroom. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You may want to include a few DVD movies if you don’t have a cable connection.

Plush Linens:

When selecting linens for your guest bedroom, steer clear from multi-printed patterns and sharp colors. Stick to neutrals, greys and mint green as these are pleasing and relaxing to the eye and help promote sleep. In addition, ensure the material of your sheets is 100% pure cotton. Coupled with a high thread count, it creates a very soft bedding that your guests will enjoy sleeping on.

Small Details:

You’d be surprised by how much your guests will appreciate small details such as clean, folded towels, numerous pillows, a reading light, a bedside water jug, a fresh flower vase (with actual fresh flowers), a stylish throw placed on the chair, etc. Small details such as these convey to your guests that you’re actually concerned about their comfort.

When designing your guest bedroom, think about what you’d like to see when you stay at someone’s home.

For more ideas about designing your own guest bedroom, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Get The Luxury Look For A Lot Less?

Leather sofas, granite work stations, limestone kitchen countertops and marble staircases are beautiful to behold, but hard to afford. Fortunately, there are many budget friendly options out there that are just as impressive and most onlookers won’t be able to discern the difference.

Some of the tricks will help you achieve the luxury look for less.

1. Welcome Veneer:

Solid wood is very expensive, especially certain species such as rosewood and mahogany. Veneer is the best because it gives you the look of wood without making you break the bank. Veneer is a thin piece of wood that mimics the wood grain and color of real wood. It is glued onto boards. Some veneers are so good that you cannot make out the difference.

2. Elegantly Engineered Parquet:

Original parquet flooring is a sign of opulence. Each parquet block is laid down individually. Now you can also enjoy the look of parquet for a lot less by choosing engineered parquet. It is much more inexpensive and hardly indistinguishable.

3. Faux Panelling:

Panelling adds a level of richness to a room, also giving it a period feel. However these are fairly expensive. Luckily, many MDF suppliers today provide pre-manufactured panels that only need to be glued onto the wall and then painted.

4. Splash up to the Splashback:

Got a dull kitchen? Change the splashback by adding porcelain tiles with a marble finish. They look similar to the real thing but cost a whole lot less. Add a few contemporary furniture style stools to create a fresh look.

5. Look for Steals at Garage/Yard Sales:

Visit antique fairs, boot sales, yard and garage sales for old modern desks, tables and benches. You can easily revamp these pieces by adding some varnish and polish. A converted bench looks great and works well as a seating arrangement for a dining table. Similarly, an old desk can make a great nightstand.

Modern Office Desk

6. Faux Crown Moulding:

Crown moulding, coving and architraves are beautiful décor elements that elevate the atmosphere of any space. Usually made from plaster, these can be an expensive aesthetic element. Many DIY outlets offer a much more affordable alternative that is made from high-grade polymers. These are easily glued on.

There are some that come ready-primed, only requiring only a coat of paint. No one will ever notice that they’re not made from plaster!

7.  Look for Stylish Furniture:

Having a modern leather sofa is a dream for most people, but considering the hefty price tag it carries, finding an alternative just seems like a better option. There are many modern furniture style sofas that are finished with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, suede and linen, which are all effective at adding richness to your space.

Leather Sofa

For more ideas on how to achieve a luxurious look for a lot less, visit Creative Furniture Store.