Your Dining Table Shopping Guide

Dining tables are the best focal point in a space. They serve many functions. From being a gathering spot for the family to a social hub for friends; dining tables are more than a place to sit down and eat a meal. So what makes for a perfect dining table? To start, this modern furniture piece needs to be very sturdy and made from solid materials. Your dining table is going to be a good investment because it will be one of the most used pieces in your space.

With the following dining table buying guide you are guaranteed to have many delightful eating experiences:


This type of dining table can suit any home décor style. Glass-topped tables are the ideal solution to make your space seem brighter and larger. This style of the table features a tempered safety glass, making it durable and usable. There are also frosted design and tinted glass table tops. The frame may be wood, manufactured wood or metal. Due to its versatile nature, glass-topped tables pair perfectly well with modern furniture pieces and eclectic décor styles.

Modern Glass Dining Table

Weathered Wood:

Weathered or distressed wood tables are synonymous with classic, country comfort. The table top features grooves and scrapes on the surface that matures into design details. In fact, this adds to the antique appeal of this table top.

Wooden Dining Table

Weathered wooden dining tables can be manufactured from a range of materials such as walnut, mahogany, oak, and maple. This table top is perfect for families with small children.

Magnificent Marble:

Marble topped tables may be an expensive investment, but they are definite show-stoppers! This type of dining table is often made from imported marble and unique veining that only adds to its opulence and charm. The surface is made of marble and the base or structure features a solid hardwood. Marble tables are heavy and bulky, but they are definitely sturdy and will be a part of your family for generations to come.

Modern Dining Table

Real Wood:

Dining tables made from real wood or hardwood, not only look luxurious but they also withstand the tests of time. They can be ornately carved as in Italian designs or something more simple and minimalistic such as in a contemporary furniture style. Real wood tables are by far the most popular types of dining tables as they are well-suited for many different interior décor styles.

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Guide to choosing a contemporary dining table for your home

In most cultures, the dining table is not just a place for sitting together at meal time. It is a place where friends and family gather to chat, have discussions, share meals and even have friendly arguments. Considering the social value that a dining table holds, it is important to make it a focal point in your home.

Dining Room Tables

A contemporary dining table is a substantial purchase so you will want to make a good selection. What criteria can you use to choose the best contemporary dining table for your home?

The following tips will guide you in your quest for a suitable contemporary dining table:

Examine Craftsmanship
Contemporary dining tables are made from a combination of wood, metals, stone and other natural materials. These different elements are usually visible. Closely examine how the table is put together. Is it sturdy? Are you content with how it’s made? Does the surface seem durable or is it prone to scratching?

Online Contemporary Dining Tables

Depending on your family and requirements, a contemporary dining table should accommodate all members living in the home and if possible, an additional one or two people. This means if you have four people altogether, a six-seater dining table would be ideal.

If size is an issue, consider a table that will fold at the ends. You can usually find this feature with round tables. When not in use, it becomes a rectangle, seating just the family. Even if you purchase a round table that accommodates six people, eight people can be adjusted in a pinch. Round tables are ideal in compact areas or square dining rooms.

Rectangular tables are ideal for large, open dining spaces where the provision of multiple chairs will not minimize space.

If your job requires you to be constantly on the move, then a pack-and-go dining table is a good choice. These are usually made from plywood and are durable and lightweight. They can be flat packed and easily transported. Pack-and-go dining tables are contemporary in appearance and are best suited for homes with a modern Asian or Nordic style.

contemporary Dining Tables

Table Tops
Contemporary dining tables are not confined to wooden table tops. Glass-top tables work well in any home and with any decorating style. Since glass is a reflective material, it is an ideal choice for small spaces as it gives a brighter and lighter look. Modern glass tables are tempered, designed for rough and tough use. This means the glass can resist heat and scratches.

When selecting a contemporary dining table for your home, consider the craftsmanship, sizing, your lifestyle and table top.

5 Factors To Consider For Selecting A Dining Table

The dining table is a piece of furniture that needs to be both cozy as well as stylish. It not only serves as a place to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also as a gathering place for the family and guests. Be it a birthday party or any other special occasion, the dining table always acts as a centerpiece. Also, the dining table does not come that cheap and hence good planning is required before you finalize one of the designs from a catalog.

Therefore we have put together an exhaustive list of factors and features you should look out for when buying the dining table.

1.  Strength:

Strength is extremely important and should dictate your buying decision more than any other factor. The dining table takes a lot of abuse over the years due to wear and tear such as stains, scratches, dents etc. Plus all kinds of food stuff are kept on the table from hot to cold which test its durability. Strength is, therefore, an extremely crucial factor. Solid hardwood or wood dining tables are the best in this regard due to their time-tested strength and durability although they might be expensive as well. On the other hand, metal tables can also give you very good strength at a marginally lower price. For the budget conscious, plywood or MDF made dining tables are a good option although their strength is not in the same rung as the aforementioned options.

Solid Wood Dining Table2.  Table Top:

The top of the table is what gives it the nice looks and a good or bad choice can make or break it. Options are aplenty from solid wood, glass, marble, stainless steel to plywood, plastic laminates or composites. Each has its own pros and cons. While marble is the most expensive and elegant option and requires utmost care. Wood tabletops are a great option too with glass being the next best choice.

3.  Transportation and Handling:

The weight of a table can be a deciding factor when it comes to transporting your furniture while moving house. Consider the weight if you frequently change houses or plan to do so in the near future as a lower weight aids handling.

4.  Size & Shape:

The size and shape selection depends on the kind of space and the seating options you might want to consider. While square or rectangular dining tables look very elegant, they do take up space and are generally better for spacious homes. If you have a compact home, then a roundtable will suit you best as it has flexible seating capacity which is not possible on a square or rectangular table. The size purely depends on the seating capacity you want to go for.

Rectangular Dining Table5.  Seating Options:

You have a wide array of seating options to select from to pair up with your dining table. However, you need to take into account the comfort factor as well as the compatibility with the chosen design. You can select brightly colored mid-century chairs to make them pop and add vividness to the dining area. Or you can try a sleek modern or industrial design in either metal or wood to go with the contemporary theme.


Modern Homeowner’s Guide for Buying Dining Tables

The dining area is one of the most loved places in a home. Here, the dining table acts as a gathering spot for family & friends. It is very important that your dining table should not only be strong but also super comfortable. Here, we are going to reveal some wonderful tips for modern homeowners for buying a perfect dining table for your home.

1. Select Sturdy Material:

Dining table is pretty expensive, so choose a sturdy material for your dining table that lasts for years without any trouble. Hardwoods like teak, oak, walnut, maple and mahogany come up as the top choice. If you want to go for something that is affordable then plywoods made from composite woods comes up a good option.

2. Take a look at Glass:

The wood comes up as the top choice for the dining table but don’t forget to take a look at the glass. The glass dining table looks simply stunning. It beautifully blends with every kind of décor theme. Nowadays, glass dining tables are made using tempered glass, thus are strong. They are also resistant to heat and scratches.

Glass Dining Table

3. Frequently On the move? Select Easy to carry tables:

If you are into a job that requires frequently moving from one place to another then it would be smart move to go for dining tables that are light weight. The small wooden dining table with detachable legs comes up as good choice as it can be easily dismantled and assembled.

Wooden Dining Table

Well, it doesn’t in anyway mean that you should not go for heavy dining table made from metal or natural stone. When going for dining tables made from heavy material make sure how you are going to safely transport them.

4. Decide the shape:

It is one of the most important decisions that you need to make regarding the dining table. Choose the shape of dining table according to the size, shape and theme of your dining area.

The round dining tables are perfect for small space. It gives a contemporary look and feel. Big round dining tables are not much in trend because serving food on them is difficult.

The oval dining tables are ideal if you have somewhat crammed up area. It is perfect for a small gathering. People can easily interact with each other while enjoying the meals. The rectangular dining tables look great in big dining room. The square table comes up a unique choice. It is not very common, so it will instantly attract attention.

5. Color:

Dining tables are now available in almost every hue and color. Some of the colors like brown, coffee and beige come up as an evergreen choice. They compliment every kind of décor.

Modern Dining Table

Red, the color of celebration, is popular with Asians. A dining table in red shade matches with Asian theme even if the home has a traditional or contemporary décor.

The black dining tables help you make a chic style statement. It gives a rich look to the dining area.

How to Find Your Right Dining Table Size in Less Than a Minute?

Dining table is probably the second most sought after seating furniture after sofas. Well, if you are planning to serve and eat with your family like a royalty, you ought to have a good quality dining table. With so many designs and versions of the traditional countertop tables, selection becomes easy. You can explore the world of red forest woods and compressed woods. Don’t forget the stainless steel, aluminium and of course reinforced plastics. The first thing you want to experience in a dining table is its comfort level and that is possible only when you have invested in a set that is of the right size and height.

Dining Tables
Here are 6 pointers that will help you find the right sized dining table for your room as well as the lifestyle that you probably have always been looking for.

Measure your room first:

For the contemporary dining room table to fit in, you need to know your room size. The conventional dining tables come in two seating arrangements. They are:


For bigger rooms, you can plan on buying a larger dining table with chairs in multiples of 2.

Dining Room Table
Distance between the chairs and the table:

For you to sit comfortably and serve the food on the dining table to your guests, you need to keep an eye on the distance between the chair and the table edge. If you are standing, you need to have at least 36 inch of space from the edge of the dining table to fit into your seat. If you have a glass or stone countertop, you can keep a higher buffer of 40 inches depending on the waistline of the guests.

If you have a smaller room, you can draw the chairs close to the edge.

Size of table countertop:

The size of the table countertop will actually give you an idea how much you shell out in buying the furniture. Moreover, the countertop will define the spread of the dining table. The ideal table sizes based on the number of people occupying the space and the items you plan to keep over the countertop.

Dining Room Table
Option 1: 72 x 24 square inch rectangular table, seating capacity- 6 people
Option 2: 48 x 24 square inch rectangular table,seating capacity- 4 people
Option 3: Rectangular, square and circular tables with 24 inch diameter, seating capacity- 2 people

The largest size you can probably find comfortably in the market is 120 inch long rectangular dining table, with capacity to comfortable sit 10 adults.

Set the Table Height:

Most dining tables have a standard height of 30 inches. If you are growing fidgety over the standard height, you can also opt for a central beam dining table with adjustment. Your dining table height should be adjusted in such a way that the base of the table countertop should be at least 12 inches from the chair cushion.

With additional storage space beneath the countertop, your height standards might change too.