Creative Ways To Jazz Up Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are blessed with natural lighting. As a result, you can adorn this space with a multitude of design elements. From gorgeous wrought iron furniture, to stylish glass accents and exotic plants, the sky is literally the limit. The benefit of having a sunroom, you can create an outdoors’ look, indoors.

Whether you want to create a formal room for guests or a cozy space to be in during the evenings, the following creative design tips will show you how to jazz up your sunroom.

Choose Fabulous Furnishings:

You and your family are going to spend a lot of time in the sunroom, so the furniture has to be stylish yet comfortable. Popular furniture materials include rattan, wicker, teak and wrought iron. You can also opt for traditional furniture but keep in mind that a lot of sunlight will be entering this space. This can cause your modern sofa set to fade, so choose fabrics accordingly.

Contemporary Sofas

Install Wonderful Window Treatments:

Windows are the defining characteristic of a sunroom, so you have to dress them up in a fabulous way. The goal is to maximize natural light but be able to obtain privacy when you need it. Roller bamboo blinds are a great option for this space.

They are made from a natural material and therefore won’t fade from sun exposure. Wood or white shutters are another good choice because they can be easily stacked when not in use and allow you to control the amount of light you let in.

If you prefer to use traditional curtains, choose fabrics that are light and not conducive to fading. Linens as cottons are good option.

Select Accentuating Accessories:

The focus in a sunroom is the outdoors, so your selection of accessories are going to be few but striking. You don’t want to clutter this space with too many knick knacks or plants. Instead focus on lighting and flooring. Choose a unique chandelier or pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. These add drama to the atmosphere of the space.

Contemporary Rugs

For the floor in your sunroom, a contemporary rug made of natural materials like jute is an excellent choice.

Other ways to Create a Splendid Sunroom:

• Paint the walls in cheerful colors such as yellows, whites, oranges and turquoise.
• If space permits, add an architectural feature such as a water feature or a stone statue.
• Decorate this space as you would your living or bedroom, with a focal point. In the sunroom, you can make a window the focal point.

A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the outdoors indoors. For more décor tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.



How To Identify A Genuine Leather Sofa?

Leather sofas are a classic. Like all classics, it never goes out of style! Even though the style and design of leather furniture can vary, leather furniture manages to look timeless throughout the years. You can benefit from the durability and timeless quality of leather furniture, provided you have purchased a genuine product.

Leather Sofa

When shopping for a genuine leather sofa, it helps to know some basics about this subject. The price nor the look determines whether a leather couch is actually leather. There are many elements that will help you determine a true leather piece from a leather look-alike.

The following tips will help you choose a genuine leather sofa:

Check the Size of the Hide:

The average piece of leather hide is 3 feet by 6 feet. Start by examining the back of the sofa. Is it a single, uniform or several stitched pieces stitched together? If it’s the latter, you’re looking at a genuine leather piece. If you notice just one piece of leather on a large sofa, it’s definitely a fake.

Examine the Price AND Label:

Genuine modern leather sofas are usually more expensive than fake ones. But a very costly leather sofa doesn’t mean you have something durable. Checking the label is important too. Look for a detailed description of the leather used. Research the manufacturer. Are they known for producing quality pieces?

Leather Sofa

Feel the Texture and Smell:

Genuine leather has a characteristic smell and texture to it. It should feel warm and soft with a distinct aroma. Faux leather has a chemical smell and feels smooth. In addition, genuine leather has variations in the grain, whereas faux leather is uniform.

Check the Reverse Side:

Look at the bottom side of your sofa. Genuine leather will not have any color, meaning it is unfinished. It also feels rough to the touch.

Leather Sofa Recliner

Learn the differences between leather Varieties:

Generally, there are three types:

Aniline Leather – It has a soft hide that feels warm to the touch. The leather is treated with a clear stain.

Pigmented Leather – This is the most durable type of leather. It is treated with a stain-resistant treatment and feels cold to touch. Keep this type of leather away from the sun as it tends to fade.

Semi-Aniline – A combination of the first two types. It is the most frequently chosen type of leather.

Leather Sofa Recliner

A genuine contemporary leather sofa is a lifelong investment. Use the tips mentioned in this article to pick a true, leather sofa that will last in your family for generations to come.

For tips on how to distinguish leather sofas from faux ones, please visit Creative Furniture Store.

Guide To Purchasing Modern Coffee Table Sets

Modern coffee table sets or cocktail tables are pieces of accent furniture that are usually placed in front of a couch or sofa. Apart from enhancing the look of the contemporary furniture in the room, coffee tables add a functional dimension to space. They are usually sold and purchased in sets of two or three. Coffee tables help to increase the comfort level of a room. For example, imagine watching a movie in your family room without a coffee table. Where would you place the remote control, popcorn, juice or your feet for that matter?

Modern Coffee Table Sets

Modern coffee table sets are designed in a myriad of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. This can make choosing a particular coffee table very difficult.

The following guidelines will help you select the most suitable modern coffee table sets for your home:

Preliminary Decisions:

1. Decide where you plan to place your coffee tables. Take measurements of the space accordingly and jot them down. This will help you in space management.

2. Buy your coffee table with the couch in mind. To create a balanced look, the center coffee table ought to be two-thirds the length of the sofa.

3. Keep a budget in mind.

4. Consider who will be using the coffee table the most? Is it the adults or the children in the house? If you have very small children, a coffee table with rounded edges is the most appropriate.

5. If you are adding the coffee table to a small space, pick a light color. This will make the room seem larger. In addition, a table with a glass top will also create the illusion of space.

Choose a Style:

Furniture today is designed in different styles depending upon the period where the designer took inspiration from.

Modern design favors asymmetry and geometrical shapes. It places an emphasis on function and form. However, there is no ornamentation. Decorative details are next-to-none. Surfaces are polished and sleek. A majority of modern coffee table sets feature glass and or chrome in their construction. Modern coffee table designs are best paired with modern furniture.

Modern Coffee Table

Contemporary design is a reflection of ongoing design trends. Contemporary furniture designs favour form and function as well but they are often complimented by colors and decorative trends of today.

While modern and contemporary are the two most popular coffee table designs, other designs are country, eclectic, French country, Hampton’s, antique, Victorian, Edwardian, etc.

A good rule of thumb to follow is match the coffee table to the style of the couch.

Choose an Appropriate Material:

Modern coffee tables are manufactured from various materials. Wood by far is still the most popular choice because it suits both traditional and modern interiors. You can choose from real wood finishes to veneers. Deep espresso, maple, and oak are the most sought after woods.

Metal tables are often seen in contemporary room designs. They are made from steel aluminum, wrought iron, and other alloys. A majority of coffee tables that have metal also feature glass tops. These are also a popular choice because they are durable and very easy to tidy. If you have small children in the home or boisterous pets, choose a tempered glass top coffee table.

Modern Coffee Table

Stone, slate, marble and other natural materials are another popular choices for coffee tables. These help to add a decorative element to the room.

Leather, although not a common choice, is quickly gaining ground as a coffee table choice. Made from tanned animal hides, leather has the contemporary and chic feel to it. The table top might be contrast stitched or button tufted.

Choose a Type:

Ideally, you should pick modern coffee table sets that suit both your lifestyle and décor. Start by identifying your family room’s primary focus. Are you going to use this space for playing board games, watching movies, reading a book, etc.? A coffee table that adds both functionality and decorative elements is the best one to choose.

Modern Coffee Table

The following are examples of different types of modern coffee table sets:

Tray Top:

If you plan to entertain a lot, then placing a tray top coffee table in the family or living room is the best decision. The top of this type of coffee table has removable trays. It is a versatile style that makes it convenient to transport food and beverages from the kitchen. If you like hosting cocktail parties, a tray top table is a good choice.

Lift Top:

In appearance, a lift top coffee table resembles a regular table. However, there is a mechanism that lifts the top surface of this table, bringing it to the height of a dining room table. If you enjoy watching television while eating your meals, then this type of coffee table is a good choice. You can even use this type of table to play games with your children or work from home. When no longer in use, it easily lowers to the height of a regular coffee table.

Storage Coffee Tables:

If storage space is lacking in your home, or you like to tidy things up at a moment’s notice, then this type of coffee table will suit your lifestyle. A storage coffee table lends organization to a room. There are racks, baskets, cubbies and mini drawers in this type of table that enables you to store everything from newspapers and magazines to kid’s toys and games. For a clutter-free space, this type of table is your best option.

Ottoman Coffee Tables:

This type of coffee table has a round shape, making it an ideal choice for homes with small children. You can easily use an ottoman coffee table as a cocktail or coffee table because of its flat table top like surface. When not in use, you can move it around and use it for extra seating.

Modern Coffee Table

Shopping for modern coffee table sets can be daunting, but by using the principles in this guide, you will be able to make a selection that suits your lifestyle and décor.

For more tips on how to pick modern coffee table sets, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How to Decorate a Bedroom That Promotes Sound Sleep?

Did you know that adults require seven to nine hours of sound sleep every night? Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, high caffeine consumption and personal factors results in most adults sleeping for five to six hours only, or sometimes less. Often times this sleep isn’t sound or ‘deep’. People who don’t get adequate sleep wake up feeling irritable, sluggish and consume large amounts of caffeine just to stay alert. The long term effects of poor sleep habits include obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

One of the best ways to encourage sound sleep is by decorating your bedroom in such a way that it promotes relaxation and calm.

Bedroom Furniture

The following tips on bedroom décor will help you get a good night’s sleep:

Select Calming Colors:

Certain colors like green and blue hues induce a sense of calm and tranquility. Choose these hues for your bedroom. It can actually help lower anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. Interestingly, popular bedroom colors such as brown and purple provide stimulation for the brain and therefore decrease sleep.

Avoid Clutter:

A cluttered bedroom is discouraged in both Feng Shui and Vaastu home organization practices. It is believed that a cluttered bedroom is akin to a cluttered mind. Wherever possible, avoid small decorative items in the bedroom. Keep surfaces such as the tops of modern bedroom dressers and night tables empty.

Modern Dresser

No Tech Allowed:

Avoid placing a television set, sound system or computer in the bedroom. Replace tech with a piece of decorative art, mirror or tapestry.

Add Layered Treatments to Windows:

The addition of multiple window dressings reduces street noise and light and controls temperature. You can opt for designer blinds and flank them with decorative curtains. There are many types of blinds available in the market such as Roman, Venetian, bamboo, etc.

Online Mirror

Create Mood Lighting:

Ditch the bright tube lights and colorful bulbs. Choose low-light lamps and large candles. Scented candles such as those infused with lavender oil work wonder to promote sound sleep.

Add Plants:

Adding a plant to your bedroom does more than beautifying the space. Certain houseplants such as aloe vera, snake, and spider plants are air purifiers. During the day, they absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses and emit oxygen at night. This can boost your ability to sleep.

Choose Lush Carpeting:

A shaggy Designer Contemporary Rugs in warm hues has superb sleep-inducing properties. Choose an oversized piece that extends beyond your bed on all sides.

Contemporary Rugs

Human beings spend one-third of their time in sleep. Create an environment that helps you relax and fall asleep by applying the tips mentioned above.

For more tips on how to create a relaxing bedroom, contact Creative Furniture Store.

How to Create an Optimized Home Office?

By the year 2020, it is predicted that more than 50% of people will choose to work from their home office. This new working style is far from being just a short-lived trend; it’s going to be the way of life for upcoming generations.

Several studies have demonstrated that working from home improves productivity, increases creativity and makes people happier. If you’ve been contemplating working from home, the best way to motivate yourself is to create a home office space according to your own tastes and ideas. This technique will inspire and motivate you to succeed!

Listed below are some ways you can optimize your home office space:

Clear the Clutter:

A clean desk is equivalent to a clean mind! It’s rather difficult to cogitate under a heap of papers. When you notice clutter on your desk, it will compete for your attention. This will result in increased stress and decreased productivity. However, if you have to keep important documents for reference, think of ingenious storage solutions. A paperless office is the best way forward because not only does it improve productivity but also saves the environment.

Clean Regularly:

Always strive to keep your office space dirt and dust free. At the end of each day, wipe down your desk and workspace. Organize loose papers and books in their allotted space such as a storage cupboard or modern bookcase. This will provide you with an inviting space when you return to work the next morning. Don’t forget to empty out the office dustbin too!

modern bookcase

Choose ergonomically designed Furniture:

Workplace ergonomics involves more than the correct positioning of the keyboard and monitor. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that prolonged sitting can lead to serious health concerns such as slipped disc, cervical pain, neck strain and prolonged back pain. Avoid these issues before they start by choosing a comfortable office chair. Ensure the back and arms are fully supported. When selecting your modern office desk, opt for one with an adjustable height. It will help you easily transition from sitting to the standing position.

modern office desk

Hang Up a ‘Vision Board’:

This is a display board which can be made from cork or metal. It will be hung up on the office wall. It will serve as an inspiration. Pin up items that motivate and inspire you such as your goals, images, quotes, etc. Refer to your board every day.

Modern Office Chair

Play Background Music:

Music provides you with the motivation to keep working. It makes repetitive task fun. Listening to music also promotes productivity and creativity. When you listen to music, the human brain releases a neurochemical called dopamine. This is a pleasure chemical, responsible for increasing the feeling of happiness.

Add Plants to your Space:

Plants help to purify the air. In addition, the color green invokes peace and tranquillity to the human eye. Use an array of potted plants to decorate your space. Climbers, grasses and aloe vera are perfect additions as they don’t require much maintenance and are known to clean the air.

Choose an optimal Desk Position:

Try to place your desk near an open window. Ideally, it should face the window. The light should not reflect from behind because it will cause a glare on your computer screen, making it hard for you to view your monitor. Having a window in your workspace enables natural light and enter to circulate throughout, which is far more beneficial than artificial cooling and lighting.

By using the tips mentioned above, you can create an optimized home desk that promotes productivity and success. For more home office ideas, visit Creative Furniture Store.

Practical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a small space presents several challenges, especially when you have to figure out where to place all your “things”. In large homes, these things just disappear because there’s so much room to keep things tucked away. You don’t have this freedom with small apartments. In fact, living in a small space forces you to keep what’s absolutely necessary. Taken positively, it encourages you to live a simpler and more meaningful life. Nevertheless, apartment living requires clever storage solutions.

The following tips will help you discover practical storage solutions suitable for apartment living:

Tip #1: Keep what you use and value, toss out the rest!

Before going out on investing in any kind of storage solution, conduct an audit of all your “things”. When there is less stuff to put into storage, only a few storage ideas will be required. Owning fewer possessions makes it easier to organize your apartment. Consider the amount of stuff most of us tend to purchase, we only actually use a very small percentage of it.

After you’ve gathered all the things you’d like to give away, consider what to do with it, i.e. donation, garage sale, tag sale, etc. Apart from finding fewer storage solutions and making organization easier, when there is less stuff, there is less to manage and maintain, making you feel lighter, happier and freer.

Tip #2: Use unconventional storage spaces

Now that you’ve trimmed down on your possessions, you will be looking around your apartment, trying to find a place to store it all. Stop and think for a minute about how cities are organized. Space is limited but demand is high. Instead of building out, cities build up. This enables them to include more homes and businesses.

Storage cabinets

Similarly, instead of purchasing multiple office storage cabinets to store your items, consider using the vertical space in your small apartment. Invest in closet systems and tall modern wardrobes. This will make your space look ultra-efficient. Adding a freestanding room divider will also give you additional “room”.


Tip #3: Invest in multifunctional storage pieces

When shopping for furniture, look for multifunctional pieces. Such items have a primary purpose and serves alterative use as well. For example, a sofa is used for seating but if it has a pull-out drawer, you can store additional items in it. Similarly, a seating bench is used to sit but if has storage drawers within, you can store living room related items such as cushion covers, magazines, books, etc.

In the living room, don’t just opt for a wooden coffee table. Consider buying one with shelves or drawers so that you can place items in it. Multifunctional furniture pieces serve multiple uses without taking up additional floor space.

Wood Coffee Table

If you have a small bedroom, invest in a box bed. These provide lots of space to store extra pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can find practical storage solutions for your small space.

For more space saving ideas, contact Creative Furniture Store today.


After the bedroom, your living room is a space where you are likely to spend the most amount of time. It is the first room your guests will notice upon entering your home. Hence, this room needs to strike a balance between cozy comfort and stylish chic. How can you achieve that look? The answer lies in a set of tasteful accents.

The following five accents are guaranteed to add creative pizzazz to your living space:

Accent Chairs:

Chairs like the Pandora Accent Chair or the Madison Swivel Accent Chair have the ability to transform a boring seating area into a unique space. Apart from being creatively designed, accent chairs are also very comfortable. They stand out from your typical living room furniture set. You may choose an accent chair according to the color or style theme of your space.

Pandora Accent Chair


Rugs or area carpets have the ability to unite all the elements of a room. Apart from feeling great under the feet, rugs add warmth to the space they adorn. When choosing a carpet, consider contemporary rugs or modern area rugs in a color that complements your living room.

contemporary rugs

Wall Art:

This accent piece is not only visually appealing but it also has the ability to stimulate interesting discussions amongst your guests. Black and white scenes of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or downtown New York City will help you escape and reminisce. Or you may choose impressionist wall art such as a Monet or Degas.

Room Dividers:

Got a very long living area? Why not create two separate spaces using a room divider? These are stunning accent pieces that not only divide a large space but they can highlight the aesthetics of the area as well. The Muse Room Divider is not only practical but beautiful as well. You can use it to showcase your precious gems collection or Swarovski figurines.

Muse Room Divider


These are functional, practical and versatile. Bookcases such as the FLOAT Wall Unit or Modern Wall Unit are more than just ordinary wooden shelves. They have built-in accent lights or have glass shelves set in a wooden frame. You may use such bookcases to display your most expensive knick-knacks or even a rare book collection.

FLOAT Wall Unit

When choosing accent pieces for your living room, think outside the box. While cushions and lamps are effective at enhancing the look of a space, they are a common solution. Opt for something unique such as a room divider, chair, bookcase, wall art or rug. You will create a living room that boasts cozy elegance.

Visit for more unique accent ideas.