How To Design An Alluring Guest Room?

Want to be remembered as the best host? Design a guest room that will win the minds and hearts of your invitees! A well-appointed guest room strikes a balance between comfort, chic and an “at home” feel.

Here’s how you can achieve this look:

Choose a Single Style:

When designing your guest bedroom, it can become tempting to try different décor styles or to even do things on the cheap. This will lead to a disastrous look. Instead, pick a theme and stick to it. For example, if you want to create a nautically themed room, choose elements that reflect that theme. Examples include crisp white sheets with blue trim, modern wall art that reflects the ocean, a few seashell knick knacks, a jute area rug, etc.

Modern Wall Arts

Add Homey Details:

What elements do you like having in your bedroom? Chances are your guests like the same. Many people enjoy sipping tea/coffee in the morning while sitting in a cozy chair. Therefore you may want to include a modern armchair in the guest bedroom. Similarly, consider adding a nightstand with a selection of good reads for your guests. They will surely appreciate the gesture.

Arm Chair

Add Entertainment:

You might be early to bed sort of person, but that doesn’t mean your guests are too. Consider adding a television set to your guest bedroom. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You may want to include a few DVD movies if you don’t have a cable connection.

Plush Linens:

When selecting linens for your guest bedroom, steer clear from multi-printed patterns and sharp colors. Stick to neutrals, greys and mint green as these are pleasing and relaxing to the eye and help promote sleep. In addition, ensure the material of your sheets is 100% pure cotton. Coupled with a high thread count, it creates a very soft bedding that your guests will enjoy sleeping on.

Small Details:

You’d be surprised by how much your guests will appreciate small details such as clean, folded towels, numerous pillows, a reading light, a bedside water jug, a fresh flower vase (with actual fresh flowers), a stylish throw placed on the chair, etc. Small details such as these convey to your guests that you’re actually concerned about their comfort.

When designing your guest bedroom, think about what you’d like to see when you stay at someone’s home.

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How To Get The Luxury Look For A Lot Less?

Leather sofas, granite work stations, limestone kitchen countertops and marble staircases are beautiful to behold, but hard to afford. Fortunately, there are many budget friendly options out there that are just as impressive and most onlookers won’t be able to discern the difference.

Some of the tricks will help you achieve the luxury look for less.

1. Welcome Veneer:

Solid wood is very expensive, especially certain species such as rosewood and mahogany. Veneer is the best because it gives you the look of wood without making you break the bank. Veneer is a thin piece of wood that mimics the wood grain and color of real wood. It is glued onto boards. Some veneers are so good that you cannot make out the difference.

2. Elegantly Engineered Parquet:

Original parquet flooring is a sign of opulence. Each parquet block is laid down individually. Now you can also enjoy the look of parquet for a lot less by choosing engineered parquet. It is much more inexpensive and hardly indistinguishable.

3. Faux Panelling:

Panelling adds a level of richness to a room, also giving it a period feel. However these are fairly expensive. Luckily, many MDF suppliers today provide pre-manufactured panels that only need to be glued onto the wall and then painted.

4. Splash up to the Splashback:

Got a dull kitchen? Change the splashback by adding porcelain tiles with a marble finish. They look similar to the real thing but cost a whole lot less. Add a few contemporary furniture style stools to create a fresh look.

5. Look for Steals at Garage/Yard Sales:

Visit antique fairs, boot sales, yard and garage sales for old modern desks, tables and benches. You can easily revamp these pieces by adding some varnish and polish. A converted bench looks great and works well as a seating arrangement for a dining table. Similarly, an old desk can make a great nightstand.

Modern Office Desk

6. Faux Crown Moulding:

Crown moulding, coving and architraves are beautiful décor elements that elevate the atmosphere of any space. Usually made from plaster, these can be an expensive aesthetic element. Many DIY outlets offer a much more affordable alternative that is made from high-grade polymers. These are easily glued on.

There are some that come ready-primed, only requiring only a coat of paint. No one will ever notice that they’re not made from plaster!

7.  Look for Stylish Furniture:

Having a modern leather sofa is a dream for most people, but considering the hefty price tag it carries, finding an alternative just seems like a better option. There are many modern furniture style sofas that are finished with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, suede and linen, which are all effective at adding richness to your space.

Leather Sofa

For more ideas on how to achieve a luxurious look for a lot less, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Create The Most Comfy Bed?

Nothing beats the feeling of crawling into an inviting modern furniture bed but tempting beds don’t just magically appear. In fact, to create a welcoming atmosphere, you need to understand how to transform an ordinary bed into a sleepy paradise.

The following tips will help you create the most comfortable sleeping environment:

Select a Comfortable Mattress:

The mattress is the first place where sleep begins. If you’re waking up with aches and pains in your body, your mattress is likely to blame. Choosing a comfortable mattress depends on personal experiences. When shopping for a mattress, test it thoroughly. Lay on it as you would at home. If possible, try the entire range of firmness from soft to very hard. The budget will also determine how much you can spend, but keep in mind how important sleep is for your well-being. You are going to be spending six to eight hours every day on your bed for at least ten years. Do you really want to cut corners?

Tempur Mattress

After selecting your bedroom mattress, you can consider add-ons such as adjustable bases, frames, and mattress pads.

Hard or Soft? How do you like your Pillows?

Selecting the right firmness for your pillow is also a matter of personal preference. You want to select a pillow that supports your head and neck muscles. It should provide support to the curvature of your neck. Generally, if you sleep on your tummy, a soft pillow is ideal for you. For a back sleeper, a contoured pillow is best. For side sleepers, a firm pillow is ideal.

Layer your Bed:

Apart from decorating your bed, bed sheets add additional softness. Most beds require a fitted sheet, flat and a set of pillow covers. The type of bedding you choose will depend on the climate, but if you prefer something natural, cotton sheets with a high thread count always work best. You can also place a throw blanket on top of the nights get a bit chilly. Avoid placing sheets or bedding made from synthetic materials. Always opt for breathable materials.

Lyon Modern Beds

Add Finishing Touches:

The top layer of the bed is your chance to make a style statement. If you want to create a homey feeling, add a quilt. If you want to add something that is both practical (easy to tidy) and elegant, consider duvets or duvet covers. In the cooler months, comforters are also an excellent way to cover the bed.

For additional pizzazz, add throw pillows in coordinating designs, colors, and patterns. They will add a hotel feel to your bed.

Some Final Touches:

An inviting modern beds doesn’t end on the bed, don’t forget its surroundings. Finish off your cozy bed look with a soft area rug placed at the foot or side of the bed. Select a contemporary furniture night table to go with your bed and place a tasteful night lamp on it. This creates the perfect atmosphere for reading before falling asleep. Lastly, you can adorn your main wall with a painting of a serene landscape or an impressionist painting. Just be sure the colors are in soft hues and not bold or vibrant.

Modern Beds

Creating a calm sleeping environment starts with the most important feature: the bed.

For more ideas on how to create a comfy bed, visit Creative Furniture Store.

10 Ways To Liven Up Your Dining Room Style

Apart from the family room, the dining room is another social area of the home. It’s a place to share delicious meals, daily gossip and hold drawn-out debates. Unfortunately, dining room design rarely gets this much excitement and vibrancy.

With a myriad of design options to choose from, it can get difficult to discover your own personal style. The goal is to create a dining room that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and encourages conversation. How can you achieve this feat?

The following tips will demonstrate how you can liven up your dining room style:

1. Add Contrasting Colors:

Create drama and interest in your dining space by applying contrasting colors. The pairing of light and dark elements can be a show stopper. For example, you can mix contemporary furniture wood tones for a striking contrast. If you have dark modern furniture then apply white paint to the walls to offset the darkness of the dining room set. You can attempt the reverse as well with dark walls and light colored furniture.

2. Mix and Match Styles:

There is no rule that states dining room tables and chairs need to be the same. One of the hottest trends in dining room design is mixing colors and styles. Apply this trend by pairing a modern furniture style dining table with chairs in eclectic designs. Just ensure the height of all the chairs is the same, otherwise, it will look disorderly.

Dining Room Tables

3. Opt for Different types of Seating:

To continue with the mix-and-match theme, you can replace two or three dining room chairs with stylish dining table bench. Dining benches are a type of farmhouse furniture and pair easily with dining tables that are in modern furniture styles. In addition, placing a bench in a dining room lowers the seriousness level in this space.

4. Combine Designs from Different Periods:

Placing a mélange of accessories and furniture from different periods will develop into a style that is uniquely yours. This means you can pair a Queen Anne dining table with shaker style chairs. You can easily complement your art deco dining table set with graphic wall prints from the 1970s. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to mixing elements from different eras.

5. Add Layers of Lighting:

Lighting is an integral component of a dining room. If your dining room is too dark, consider installing a chandelier just above the center of the dining table. It will create a nice glow. You can add a dimmer switch so that the intensity of the light can be adjusted. Install accent lights strategically, with some mounted on a wall and a few placed above your buffet. Accent lighting highlights a special section of your space, so avoid installing them everywhere.

Dining Room Tables

6. Apply Wallpaper for some Pizazz:

When you apply wallpaper, it adds color, drama, and texture to your space. Consider applying wallpaper that complements the theme and style of your furniture. For instance, if your dining room has contemporary furniture, wallpaper in subtle floral patterns will create some drama without going overboard.
You can even accent a particular corner of your room by putting wallpaper on just that one particular wall, i.e. behind a buffet or crockery cabinet.

7. Try Creative Painting:

It’s easy to apply a coat of paint but doing it creatively makes a memorable design statement. For instance, you can paint a mural that depicts a scene from a particular period. Choose your subject to complement your furniture style. For example, if you have a modern furniture style dining table, consider a mural depicting scenes from the Victorian period.

8. Showcase your Collection:

The dining room is the perfect place to display your cherished collections especially if they include items such as glassware, dishes, pottery, and vases. Consider placing these in a contemporary furniture style curio cabinet.

Modern curio cabinets

9. Add a Stylish Area Rug:

Area rugs are excellent at anchoring a large dining room. The size has to be large enough that it covers the surface area of the dining table. In terms of rug design, if you have contemporary furniture then contrast it with a rug in bold colors and patterns. This is a good way to center the dining table and show off your style.

10. Add Elements of Nature:

Plants add warmth and life to every space. In a large dining room, consider placing tall bamboo stalks or plants with large foliage. In a smaller sized space, table-top succulents are a great option.

The dining room helps to bring family members and friends together. It is a place where food is shared and memories are created. Create a space that encourages many pleasant memories by using the design tips mentioned in this article.

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How To Add Mid-Century Modern Furniture Into Your Home?

The mid-century modern furniture style is one that favors clean lines, class and understated looks with minimal embellishments. Functionality is an important aspect of this furniture style as it is believed that function is complemented by form. Unlike Victorian and Edwardian styles, mid-century modern furniture prefers minimal ornamentation. This furniture style probably enjoyed its glory days during your grandparents’ or parents’ time.

Today, mid-century modern furniture is making a comeback, with a strong emphasis on sleek, geometric lines and clutter-free comfort. It can often be seen in homes decorated with contemporary furniture.

mid-century modern furniture

The following tips will teach you how to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into your home:

Start by De-cluttering:

The emphasis of both mid-century modern and contemporary design styles is to keep things simple and avoid clutter. Furniture that offers dual purposes such as storage space and seating should be the main focus. This helps to keep the space tidy and organized. Avoid placing knick knacks and other small decorative items on surfaces.

Opt for Leggy Seating:

Chairs from the mid-century modern period often had tapered legs set at particular angles. The legs were usually rounded and skinny in an effort to occupy minimal space. If your dining table is a contemporary furniture piece, select dining chairs designed in the mid-century style. Both design styles pair perfectly well. It also creates a unique seating arrangement.

Install Bold Lighting:

Mid-century modern interiors feature bold lighting installations that were inspired by space. The Sputnik ceiling light, aptly named after the Soviet satellite is an iconic design of this design period. Unless you can get your hands on a Sputnik ceiling light, you can opt for similar lighting options. This lighting fixture design features multiple metallic arms with light bulbs at the end of each arm.

Modern Bedroom Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

Adding a sunburst mirror or a starburst mirror to complement your contemporary furniture is a good way of incorporating hints of mid-century modern style. You can hang up one or two in your living room to create the illusion of space.

Stay Neutral or add a Splash of Bold:

Nothing will make your mid-century modern furniture and accessories stand out more than neutral walls. Against a plain backdrop, bold colors and graphic prints simply shine. To make your interiors pop even more, choose fabrics in black and white prints. These are reminiscent of mid-century interiors. To create an even bolder interior, apply wallpaper with large prints. However, be sure to apply this to just one room otherwise it can be overpowering.

For more tips on how to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into your contemporary design, contact Creative Furniture Store.

How To Select The Best Fabric For Your Modern Living Room Furniture Sofa?

The type of fabric you choose for your modern living room furniture sofa essentially depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if you have very small children and pets in your household, your priority should be durability that can be found in microfiber. If you are planning to place your modern furniture sofa in the formal drawing room, then you can opt for a linen fabric.

To correctly pinpoint your needs, ask yourself how often your modern living room furniture will be used and by whom. Take into consideration the number of people who will be using the furniture and where the contemporary furniture will be located.

The following guide will help you select the best fabric for your sofa:


Being a natural fiber, it is highly resistant to fading, but not so to fire, wrinkling or soiling. The durability of your cotton fabric will depend greatly on the thread or weave count. Tighter weaves offer more strength and durability. Damask and canvas weaves are beautiful to look at but have a tendency to wear down quickly. In addition, they’re difficult to clean.


This is by far one of the most popular choices, especially for modern leather recliners. There are many grades of leather to choose from. Genuine leather of course is the highest quality and also the most expensive. It is however an excellent investment. Leather is a durable material and very easy to tidy. As leather ages, it develops character. With leather, you must take care not to place it in direct sunlight or in a household with pets that like to claw at furniture.

Modern Leather Recliners

Faux Leather:

This is a synthetic material that offers the look and durability of leather but at a fraction of the cost. Faux leather is more resistant to damage and fading than real leather.


This is the fabric of choice for formal areas and in particular for homes without pets or children. Linen is a soft fabric that can wrinkle and soil quite quickly. If soiling occurs, it is best to get it professionally upholstered so as to avoid shrinking. However, linen is very resistant to fading.

Wooden & Leather Sofa


If you have pets, this is the best fabric for your modern living room furniture sofa. Microfiber is made from fine grade polyester and is a durable and soft material. It is quite easy to clean. The weave on this fabric is very tight, thereby making it resistant to lint, dust and pet hair. Keeping this material clean is quite easy.


This is one of the most popular fabrics to adorn contemporary furniture sofas. Not only is it affordable, but it is also durable, simple to clean and wrinkle resistant. This material is a great choice for homes with pets and small children.


Chenille fabric sofas are durable and very elegant. The material consists of tufted threads that can be made from synthetic or natural fibers. These tufts give this fabric a fuzzy and soft texture. Although this sofa fabric is great for heavy use, it requires a lot of maintenance. Chenille fabric attracts dust and pet hairs quite easily. Therefore it must be vacuumed on a regular basis. Since the fabric is tufted, it can easily be snagged by clawing dogs and cats.

Wooden & Leather Sofa

When selecting a fabric for your modern living room furniture sofa, it is important to determine who will use the sofa, the number of people, where it will be placed and the frequency of use.

For assistance in choosing the best fabric for your needs, contact Creative Furniture Store.

Bedroom Decor: Your Guide To Choosing A Bed Style

When it comes to bedroom decor, the style of your bed can set the theme and atmosphere of the space. Beds with heavy accents and ornamentation such as Italian style beds, lend formality to a space. On the other hand, a contemporary furniture style bed will have clean and sleek lines with no ornamentation whatsoever, making it both comfortable and elegant. The style of your bed will be further enhanced by the accessories and frame.

To determine which type of bed style would suit you best, consider the following:

Contemporary Bed Style:

Contemporary furniture style beds are very modern in appearance. They have a clear cut design and shape with some other unique aspect that might catch your notice. Accessories in neutral tones and greys suit this bed style. This style of bed may be made from wood or metal.

Contemporary Bed Style

Traditional Bed Style:

When most people think about a traditional style bed, decoration and use of heavy fabrics comes to mind. This style of bed is made from a heavy wood with a headboard and possibly a footboard. Some type of design or swirl may be evident in the headboard and or footboard. Traditional style beds are suitable in rooms with antique and period furniture.

Modern Bed Style:

Modern style beds are considered to be very Spartan. They do not have any decorative elements other than a basic metal frame that is flat and thin. This style of bed is suitable if you’re trying to create a minimalist look.

Modern Bed Style

Mission Bed Style:

This bed style is quite basic. They are made from wood panels or slats that are fitted together to form a pattern. You will also notice poles running through the footboard or headboard. Mission style beds are usually made from wood and are often stained to emphasize the wood grain.

Country Bed Style:

The country bed style has a rustic design. They are made using wood logs or wood panels that are fitted together. Sometimes accents or posts may be present. There are no carvings or paintings of any kind with this bed style.

Vintage Bed Style:

This bed style is often intentionally designed to look like it’s from a specific period, even though it may not actually be. If you want your bed to look fashionable from a certain period, then you can have it custom made. Vintage style beds are hard to find but they are a great option for your bedroom.

Vintage Bed Style

French Bed Style:

French bed styles are elegant as well as romantic. These beds are upholstered with some accents such as buttons or tassels which add to the charm of this bed style.

Choose a bed style to set the décor theme of your bedroom. To learn more about other bed styles, contact Creative Furniture.