Modern Bar Furniture: The Ideal Solutions For Any Space

If you’ve always dreamt of dedicating a space in your home to a mini bar, then modern bar furniture is the best option. The range of furniture options in this category is ample, starting with an actual mini bar and bar stools to bar cabinets, sideboards, bar carts and wine racks.

Apart from placing it in a bar area, you can easily incorporate modern bar furniture into many different spaces within your home, such as:

Unused Corners:

Every home has a space that is relatively unused. This is typically located in the dining room, main hall or alcove. Transform this dead space immediately with a bar cabinet and lamp and voila, your mini bar is ready to go.

Bar Stools

Wine Tasting:

Have a penchant for fine wines and liquors? Do you frequently participate in wine tastings and have a collection of rare wines and vintage liqueurs? Then why not plan a wine tasting in your home? Invest in bar furniture that is suitable for entertaining and wine tasting such as a wine curio cabinet, a mini bar and a modern bar stool. You might also want to showcase your fine quality, crystal stem ware.

Outdoor Entertaining:

If you hold frequent parties outdoors, then patio bar furniture is your best option. Enjoy the scenic outdoors while sipping on your brandy. This type of furniture is excellent for last minute entertaining especially during the summer.

Counter Table

Multi Purposeful:

A mini bar doesn’t have to be just for liquors and wines. You may also use it as a dining table. In addition, you can store your glasses and cutlery within the bar cabinet.

Additional Seating:

Looking for additional seating options? Why not consider modern bar furniture? This is the most economical way of implementing extra seating. You can opt for a comfortable bar stool made from upholstered materials with a backrest or something more contemporary such as a chrome finish backless bar stool.

Bar Table

Modern bar furniture is both versatile and stunning. You can easily incorporate it into your home to suit your lifestyle. To shop for elegant modern bar furniture, visit Creative Furniture Store today.


How To Select Luxury Bedroom Furniture?

You spend one-third of your time sleeping. Naturally, your sleep environment will play a huge role in the quality and quantity of your slumber period. So why not make your sleeping quarter an ultimate relaxation haven with luxury bedroom furniture?

Lavish furniture for the bedroom might seem like an excess expense, but considering how much time and effort you expend, doesn’t it seem like a sound investment? Many studies have demonstrated that quality bedroom furniture has a significant impact on human health. From improving mental health, lifting depression, promoting relaxation and inducing sound sleep, having luxury bedroom furniture is the key to good health.

Luxury Bed

So how do you select the best luxury bedroom furnishings? Consider the following tips:

Determine Dimensions, Occupants, Shapes, and Sizes:

Clearly, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Therefore this is the natural starting point for your shopping. Start by examining the dimensions of your room. The bed size should be just enough to enable you to walk around the room without stubbing your toes. In addition, the bed should comfortably accommodate two adults (and 1 to 2 children if required). Next, consider the shape of the bed. Luxurious bedroom furniture doesn’t necessarily have ornate detailing and carving. It can be a bed frame and post with simple details but made from high-quality wood and finish. Some luxury beds feature metal frames while others have space-saving qualities.

Luxury Bedroom

Keep in mind, your bed has to be a statement piece. Select one that appeals to your tastes and preferences.

Select Suitable Accompaniments:

After selecting your bed, proceed to pair it with supportive furniture. In the luxury bedroom arena, this can include a wide assortment of items such as armoires, side tables, chest of drawers, bed stand, pouffes, ottomans, bookcases, etc. To help keep you focused, consider all the activities you might be doing in this space apart from sleeping. Do you plan to use your bedroom for reading, sewing, working, knitting, lounging, etc.? Select accompanying furniture to support these activities.

chest of drawers

You may select items to match your bed or you may prefer to adopt an eclectic approach. The bottom line is it’s your bedroom, so dress it up to suit your preferences!

Discover Luxury Brands:

When it comes to luxury bedroom furniture, there are many brand names out there. Research the Internet and learn about these brands. You will quickly realize that you prefer designs and styles of some brands more than others. After you’ve narrowed your choice of brand names, search for online/brick and mortar retailers who offer furniture pieces made by your preferred brands.

Shopping for luxury bedroom furniture can be a delightful experience. To discover some of the leading names and designs in high-end bedroom furnishings, please visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Sofa Styles That Add Panache To Any Space

When asked, “what kind of sofa are you getting, most of us are baffled! We know the size, color, shape, and some general descriptors, but when asked to name the style, we are at a loss for words.

Have you heard of terms like “Chesterfield”, “Chaise Longue” or “Lawson”? These are a few names of some of the most popular sofa styles.

Interested in learning more? Listed below are five sofa styles that will add panache to any space:

#1 Chesterfield:

This English sofa style is one of the easiest to spot. It features deep button tufting with rolled arms. The classic Chesterfield is often upholstered in dark brown but more modern versions of this classic sofa style include velvet and even linen. In their heyday, Chesterfields often adorned formal sitting areas such as in palatial homes and luxury hotels. Add a touch of lavish comfort to your space with a Chesterfield.

#2 Lawson:

The Lawson style is a very versatile sofa. It can be upholstered in an array of fabrics. Lawson style sofas have a modern furniture look about them. They are easy to spot because of their boxy look and lower arm height compared to the back. The original design included three attached pillows in the back across three seats. This style sofa is perfect for a family or drawing room.

Modern Recliner

#3 Loveseat:

Loveseat style sofas provide seating for two people. This is a cushioned sofa that provides an intimate conversation setting. Loveseats are small in size and feature a straight back, enabling them to be fitted into any space or corner. They are more comfortable to sit in than a single chair. The benefit of investing in a loveseat is that they can be placed in a master bedroom, drawing room, home office, family room or basement space. In addition, they can be upholstered in any fabric or color.

#4 Sectional:

Leather Sectional sofas are ideal for large living or drawing rooms. They are a form of contemporary furniture that is often shaped in a ‘U’ or ‘L’. Some sectionals are curved like a ‘C’ or ‘S’. Due to their design, sectional sofas can be placed in any corner of the living room. Their placement forms a natural nook, conducive to socializing. A sectional comprise of multiple sofa pieces that can be separated. Sectional sofas pair well with ottomans and are the ultimate in providing rest and relaxation.

Luciano Sectional Sofa

#5 Chaise Longue:

This French style sofa translates to “long chair” and is exactly what the name implies. A chaise may have no arms or just one or two. Chaises are meant to be used as modern recliners. This style features a lengthened seat with outstretched legs and sometimes an adjustable back. Chaise longue is the perfect place to sit back and put up your feet. They are the perfect sofa style for a formal living room or master bedroom.

To shop for these beautiful sofa styles, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Make A Rented Apartment Feel Like Your Own?

A large percentage of today’s urban residents reside in rented spaces. As a result, many of these spaces remain characterless and bare even months after living in them. Most renters are reluctant to make changes that may ‘beautify’ their rented spaces. They’re likely adhering to the ‘no alterations’ clause in their rental agreement. Still, there’s a part of us that wants to make this space ‘our own’.

The good news with a few décor tricks and tips, you can transform your rented apartment into your own oasis.

Here’s how:

#1 Choose the right Sofa:

When you return home from a long day’s work, the last thing you want is to sit on the floor while watching television and relaxing. Even if you are living on a tight budget, there are many modern furniture living room seating options you can invest in. Some popular ideas include a modern leather loveseats, sleeper sofa, or even a recliner chair! These furniture items are easy to maintain and transport when you move into a house of your very own!

Modern Loveseats

#2 Light it in Layers:

Just because your apartment is rented, doesn’t mean you have to make do with the CFL lights that are in the overhead lights. Remove these boring light fixtures (temporarily) and replace them with stylish lamp fixtures. Create layers of lighting using multiple light sources. For example, consider a floor lamp, an overhead light and perhaps a task light such as a bedside lamp.

#3 Dress your Walls:

Most renters are scared of touching their walls, again due to the “no alterations” clause in the rental agreement. While you may not be able to change the paint, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with stark white walls. Consider applying attractive wall decals. There are a variety of options out there from vintage prints, to animals and floral motifs to even whimsical patterns. These can be easily peeled away when you’re ready to move. In addition, you can also hang up actual framed works of art. Just be sure to check with your landlord if it’s okay to drill a hole or two.

Accent Chair

#4 Add Bold Colors:

Since repainting the walls is not an option, consider investing in a variety of soft furnishing to add color. Some wonderful ways to add brightness to your space are cushion covers, curtains, table runners, throws, table mats, bed sheets and pillow covers.

#5 Anchor the Floor:

In an all-white apartment, the focal point can easily get lost. Avoid this by placing a beautiful area rug or carpet in a soothing print and or color. You may place one in your living room as well as in your bedroom. In addition to augmenting the aesthetics of your apartment, it adds comfort too! Just make sure to take appropriate measurements before heading out.

Meal Cart

#6 Invest in Unique Furniture Accents:

This is another stand-out way of adding your own personal touch to your rented space. There are a wide range of unique contemporary furniture accents out there and this will depend on your personal taste. Some great accent ideas include an ottoman, meal carts, accent chairs and tables as well as bookcases.

For more fun ways to transform your rented flat into your own, visit Creative Furniture Store.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are corner sofas. Their contemporary furniture design features a characteristic ‘L shape’. Sectionals are a sophisticated version of three-piece sofa sets. This sofa design is a popular trend amongst urban dwellers who are looking for seating arrangements that can be easily adjusted and moved around.

Sectional sofas are great for all sorts of living and drawing rooms, particularly those that have unusable corners. Although all sectionals have an ‘L shape’, they often have slight variations in seating.

Listed below are types of modern leather sectional sofas proceeded by factors to consider when purchasing a sectional:

Sectional with a Chaise Longue:

This is a three seater sofa joined at a right angle to a French style chair called a chaise longue. This portion is supported by a backrest and a long seat that can support outstretched legs.

Leather Sectional Sofa

Sectional with an Ottoman:

With this modern furniture style of sectional, there is a moveable ottoman. It is large enough to use as an extra seat. Sometimes it is used as a modern class coffee table and even a side table or footrest. Some accompanying ottomans have a lift-up storage component to add more utility to space.

Coffee Table

Sectional with a Side Table:

In some sectionals, the corner seat is replaced by a table that can accommodate a media unit, phone stand or be used as a side table.

U-Shaped and S-Shaped Sectionals:

Both of these types of sectionals feature seating all around. They are usually larger in size and are typically seen in hotel lobbies and large, stately homes.

Modern Ottoman

The sectional styles mentioned above (except for U and S-shaped sectionals) have a particular orientation. These are:

Left-arm facing- When you’re standing in front of your sectional, the long arm is on your left side.

Right-arm facing- When standing in front of your sectional, the long arm is placed on your right side.

Symmetrical- When there is an equal number of the seat on either side.

Reversible- The arms are movable.

Factors to Consider when purchasing a Sectional Sofa:

  • Understand the design of the sectional you’re considering before purchasing it. Chose the correct kind based on the design of your space.


  • How many people would you like to accommodate on your sectional? Do you have frequent guests? Opt for a sectional that can comfortably seat up to 6 people.


  • Take measurements of your space before purchasing your sectional. Avoid making guesses.


  • Select the color and material of your sofa according to the color palette and theme of your living room. Keep in mind this will likely be the focal point, so choose wisely.


Sectional sofas are comfortable to sit and offer a unique style component to the space they’re placed in. To shop for your sectional today, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Ways To Style A Dead Corner

What is a corner? It is a point where two edges or sides meet, creating a somewhat remote or secluded space. This area is easy to spot in most homes. It is the “undecorated” or ignored corner that often sticks out like a sore thumb. But did you know this corner can be very helpful for home décor?

With the following inspirational tips, you can skilfully style your dead corner into a purposeful and refreshed space that adds functionality to your room:

#1 Add a Statement Chair:

Many corners can squeeze in a chair and in the case of a living room, an extra seat is always useful. You can choose a modern furniture piece such as a recliner or club chair or something more classic like a rocking chair or armchair. Other excellent seating options include a chaise longue, rattan chair or an elegant pouf. To truly stylize this area, select a chair in a bold color or add contrasting colored cushions.

Club Chair

#2 Dress your Wall:

Nothing draws the eye faster than a contemporary art piece. Choose the size of your artwork according to the proportions of your space. After you hang it up, step back and consider other embellishments that might pair well with your cozy art nook. Some excellent ideas include a bench, a glass console table or even an accent table.

Console Table

#3 Fill it up with a Sofa:

Sometimes the best way to use a dead corner is by filing it up with a modular or L-shaped sofa. This is an excellent way to make use of an awkward corner. Modular sofas come in many different orientations and layouts. This style of sofa pairs perfectly well with a room dressed in contemporary furniture. Many apartment dwellers prefer L-shaped Sectional sofas because of their practicality. Apart from making good use of space, they provide ample seating and sleep space for overnight guests. They can be split into sections as required.

L-Shaped Sectional Sofas

#4 Create a green space:

Nothing adds freshness to a space better than some tall, green plants. Select a few indoor plants such as snake grass, aloe vera, English ivy and Golden Pothos and plant them in attractive planters. Use your corner to showcase these green elements. You can hang up the ivy and Golden Pothos. Place the snake grass and aloe vera on the floor. These plants need minimal sunlight and water to thrive and are very effective in filtering the air as well.

#5 Add Practicality:

You can use your corner to showcase your book collection or hobby. Simply install a shelving unit, bookcase or floating shelves in this corner and you’re good to go. For a dramatic effect, consider installing a suspension lamp in this space to showcase your prized collection. If space permits, add a small club chair and transform this corner into a reading nook.

Got an empty corner in your living room or bedroom? Consider the tips mentioned above to make good use of this space. Visit Creative Furniture Store for more helpful tips.

5 Necessities That Must Be In Every Master Bedroom

At the end of a long working day, nothing is more enticing than returning home to a comfortable and luxurious bedroom to unwind in. That much-needed relaxation and sleep is what will empower you to start afresh the next day. How can you create a bedroom that ‘screams’ comfort?

Surprisingly, you don’t need very many items to convert your suite into your very own sleep cave. Consider placing the following five necessities in your master bedroom:

#1 Wardrobe:

This is a key component in every bedroom not to mention in the layout as well. There are many different types of wardrobes, from free-standing to built-in, customized to the designer to modern or contemporary furniture. Wardrobes are typically located against a wall. They are vital for providing storage space. You may hang up your clothing or place folded items on shelves and in drawers. Many wardrobes also incorporate a TV or media unit within its doors. By investing in such an item, you’re freeing up floor space that would be taken up by a dresser and media unit.

#2 Bed:

Perhaps the star attraction of your bedroom, your bed must appear inviting and ooze comfort at first glance. Apart from the mattress being supportive, ensure your bedding consists of crisp and clean fabrics with soft designs and colors. Avoid bright colors and patterns in your sleeping suite. Generally, minty greens, soft blues, and neutrals work very well in a bedroom.

Flavia Contemporary Bed with Storage

In terms of the design of the bed, you can opt for something space-saving such as a Scandinavian or modern furniture design or something elaborate such as Italian design furniture. There are also four-poster beds, box beds, sleigh beds, modern beds with or without headboards and beds with attached joinery. Your decision will be based on the amount of space you have in your bedroom and your own personal tastes.

#3 Accessories:

Furniture adds a functional component to your bedroom, but accessories will lend personality. For example, if you’re a vase collector, consider showcasing a couple of these in your bedroom. Have a knack for painting? Why not feature your favorite sketch on your accent wall? Do you have prized artifact collection? Place a few on the wall space above your headboard. Personalize the look and feel of your bedroom with your own personal choice of accessories.

#4 Chair:

Although it seems unusual to have a chair in the bedroom, you might consider placing one if you enjoy reading or working away at your laptop. It is worth keeping a chair in your bedroom if your windows open up to a beautiful landscape. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sip your morning coffee while sitting on this chair? There are many types of chairs you can place in your space. Some excellent options include a rocking chair, club chair, chaise, modern lounge chair or even a recliner if space permits.

Lounge Chair

#5 Lighting:

Ample lighting is necessary to not only light up your room but to create the illusion of space as well. When installing lighting, consider adding different levels of light. For instance, an overhead light, accent lamps and a spotlight are three levels of lighting that you can add in your bedroom. You can even keep it simple and consider a pair of suspension lamps on either side of the bed and a floor lamp.

Suspension Lamp

Your bedroom is your rejuvenation center. Make it functional, practical and comfortable with the tips mentioned above. For more tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.