5 Trends In Modern Office Furniture Layouts

Workspaces today need to offer a diverse range of spaces for employees, which can be achieved through different modern office furniture layouts. This is necessary not to create a functional workplace zone but to also promote movement and create social/conversational zones and meeting areas. Considering the amount of time spent at work, more employers are aware of implementing new placements to essentially create a ‘healthy’ workspace.

Office Chair

Listed below are five trends in modern office furniture layouts:

Trend #1: Hide the Wires

One of the most sought-after solutions is assistance with hiding or eliminating clutter and wires from conference rooms and desktops. A typical office desk features a laptop, mobile phone, docking station, paperwork, personal items, and wires. These items can make a workstation look cluttered and disorganized. Modern office tables that feature an exit route for wires, built-in designated spaces for mobile phones and electronic devices and shelving are ideal in a contemporary workspace.

Office Desk

Trend #2: A Multipurpose Workspace

Workspaces today are no longer about assigned seating. Gone are the days of cubicles and designated workstations. This is rapidly being replaced by benches and non-assigned seating. These are multipurpose areas which can be used for multiple tasks such as multimedia presentations, group check-ins, casual meetings, etc. In addition, oval-shaped office desks and height adjustable tables are replacing conventional rectangular shaped ones in order to accommodate up to 6 people.

Trend #3: Inclusion of Community Tables

Employees are looking for more opportunities for interaction at work. To encourage this feature, community tables are becoming a common occurrence. These are large office tables that can accommodate a dozen or more people and they don’t have shelving. Community tables resemble large dining tables which are often seen at restaurants.

Computer Desk

Trend #4: Designated Lounge Spaces

Modern workspaces are the antithesis of rigid work desks. Thanks to the penetration of powerful wireless technology into the workspace, offices now provide lounging areas which stimulate discussion and collaboration, making work more enjoyable.

Trend #5: Flexible Layouts

Having a flexible modern office furniture layout is a growing trend in current office spaces. This is a way to adapt to a changing workplace environment. As a result, office furniture that is modular and can be stacked, mixed, moved around or laid out in numerable combinations is considered for promoting a collaborative and dynamic workplace.

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How To Incorporate Contemporary Accents Furniture Online?

Contemporary accents furniture online are types of furniture that immensely complement the décor in a given space. Any furniture piece that is worth of being termed as ‘accent’ serves beyond functionality; rather it also serves the decorative value. You may not have the utilitarian or practical use for it, but accent furniture is so unique and well-made that it naturally draws the eye, evokes questions and definitely compliments. Accent furnishings add definition, drama, and color to interior spaces.

If you’re considering investing in an accent piece, there are many ways you can do so. You can visit a regular brick and mortar shop, explore a flea market or order from a catalog, but one of the best and most convenient ways of doing so is by shopping for contemporary accents furniture online. This will help you determine how to implement accent furniture pieces in your home.

The following tips will help you incorporate accent furnishings to into your home:

#1 The Entry Way

This space will set the tone and ambiance for your entire home, so it’s definitely a great place to start. When shopping online, look for unique items such as a bombe chest or a gilded or painted ornate chest, especially one with an outstanding shape or bold color.

Accent Tables

#2 Choose Small Tables

Small tables make for perfect accent items. Anything inlaid, painted or treated makes for a great stand out piece. Your table can be made from an unconventional material or have strong lines and colors. The choices are many! You may place these tables anywhere in the home i.e. the bedroom or living room and even the family room.

#3 Select an Imposing Piece as the Focal Point

If you want to create a real focal point in the room, opt for a large, impressive accent piece. This could be a china cabinet, armoire or even a Japanese painted folding screen. For a busy room, select a plain accent piece but with a bold color that balances the color scheme of your space. On the contrary, if your furniture is simple and muted, then an imposing yet ornate item is the best choice.

Accent Chair

#4 Pick a Chair with Flare

Chairs are the most frequently used accent items. When perusing online, select a chair with outstanding upholstery, bold colors and a strong profile. The best part is, the chair can be in an opposing style from the rest of your furnishings. For example, if your décor is traditional, add a touch of modernity with a club chair.

#5 Pick an Extra Ordinary Dining Table

A dining table makes a natural accent piece. Choose one that stands out in the crowd, either because of its finish, color, material or design. There are a myriad of dining tables to shop from. You can even select chairs to either complement your table or pieces that are unique.

Daisy Dining Table

Shopping for contemporary accents furniture online is an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience. Visit Creative Furniture Store to shop for exciting accent furnishings today.

6 Trends In Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

Contemporary bedroom furniture sets are a particular style that is currently in vogue. This design style boasts clean lines, soft color palettes, use of unique materials and a balance between form and functionality.

Like many bedroom furnishings, you can opt for individual pieces or a complete bedroom ensuite. The latter usually includes a bedframe, armoire, chest of drawers and a nightstand.

Bedroom Sets

If you enjoy staying on top with the latest trends in home décor, then consider the following tips for selecting contemporary bedroom furniture sets:

#1 Color Scheme

When selecting a bedroom ensuite, stick to a neutral color scheme. Neutral doesn’t mean white and black. It also includes shades such as cream, brown, tan and grey. You can always incorporate small touches of yellow, blue and red as accent colors. These can be via pillows, throws, bed sheets, area rugs, etc.

Modern Dresser and Mirror

#2 Materials

The contemporary design embraces furnishings made from natural materials, especially light shade woods such as pine. Metals like steel and aluminium are also commonly used to make bedroom furniture. However, it is not uncommon to see the use of chrome and plastic.

#3 Art

Simplicity is the hallmark of contemporary design. Unnecessary collectibles and fussy knickknacks are not a part of this style. Spotlights on large pieces of impressionist artwork, prints and posters are the way to go.

#4 Design

It’s all about legs in contemporary design, especially wooden dowel, and metal hairpin. It lends an open and airy appearance, making it highly suitable for small rooms.

Comfort Rest Mattress Online

#5 Bright Accents

Even though the color scheme is somewhat muted, contemporary bedroom furniture is best accented with brightly colored and uniquely shaped architectural forms.

#6 Polished Surfaces

Contemporary furnishings have shiny and smooth surfaces. This is further highlighted by polished or lacquered accents such as chrome, metal, and glass.

Vanity Table

Shopping for contemporary bedroom furniture sets can be a fun and memorable experience. To shop for your bedroom, peruse through our collection at Creative Furniture Store.

5 Types Of Modern Living Room Chairs

A home is a space where we like to relax and unwind. Nothing accomplishes this better than a set of modern living room chairs. Having these arranged around your home is the perfect way to add both style and comfort.

When it comes to adding comfortable seating, modern chairs are ideal accent pieces. You may use them to unwind after a long day’s work or as extra seating to accommodate guests. You may also use living room chairs for specific tasks such as reading or knitting.

Living Room Chair

No matter which room you’re shopping for, our list of must-have modern living room chairs gives you plenty of choices to shop from:

#1 Armchair:

An armchair is an excellent way to express your flair for modern décor. This accent chair provides a comfortable outlet to express your creativity. Even though they seat just a single person, they are available in a range of colors and styles from traditional to contemporary and everything in the middle.

#2 Recliner:

This cozy relaxing chair exudes modern luxury, however, it has its roots from Napoleon Bonaparte’s era. Recliners are considered the epitome of comfort. They are available in a variety of upholsteries ranging from fabric to leather. For added comfort, you can also opt for electronic or manual manoeuvred recliners. These chairs are perfect for family and entertainment rooms.

Leather Recliner Sofa
#3 Club Chair:

First invented in France, the club chair is the ultimate embodiment of luxurious comfort. It features a deep and roomy seat, lower back, often upholstered in leather. With its rounded edges and soft corners, this chair has an inviting presence. Club chairs will add an element of exquisiteness to your living room.

Club Chair

#4 The Lawson Chair:

The Lawson Chair is defined by straight lines, square or rounded arms, lowered arms, button tufting and firm cushioning. The Lawson Chair features wooden legs which are a hallmark of the 21st Century retro style. This chair is a perfect mix of the old and the new.

#5 The Barrel Chair:

The Barrel Chair was borne from the shape of a wooden cask. From its humble beginnings, this chair has evolved into a chair that features a semi-circular back made from single, piece of upholstery. With its high back, wing arms and tub chair. With its comfort-hugging curves, this ubiquitous shape is a favorite amongst furniture makers and designers. The Barrel chair is best placed in a formal or family living room.

Cecile Round Armchair

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How To Shop For Luxury Furniture In New York?

Are you searching for luxury furniture in New York? Do you want to invest in furnishings that are one-of-a-kind, exquisite and opulent? Nowadays, finding furniture online is quite simple, but do you distinguish between quality items versus inferior pieces?

Use the following checklist to shop for luxury furniture in New York:

1. Hard Wood Frame:

Read the description of the furniture piece. Ideally, it should be made of hardwood. Avoid items made from manufactured wood. Even terms like ‘real wood’ should be examined with scrutiny. The frame is the internal structure of your furnishing. When made from hardwood, it will last for a lifetime. Reputable shops will provide a lifetime warranty.

Luxury Furniture

2. Superb Suspension:

If purchasing an upholstered item, look for something with a heavy gauge, webbing suspension or sinuous no-snag spring. All these systems provide long-lasting comfort while maintaining their silhouette. This information can be found in the detailed description of the item or you can directly contact the manufacturer.

Luxury Furniture Online

3. Superior Fill:

The quality of fibre that pads the frame is very important. This material provides longevity and comfort for the body. Luxury furniture in New York is usually made-to-order and is also hand-stuffed with cotton padding, high-resiliency foam and heavy fibre fill. An inferior fill material will cause sagging and eventual collapse after prolonged use.

4. Bench Made:

It’s necessary to know whether one upholsterer made the entire piece or a series of upholsterers. In a bench made scenario, one upholsterer creates the entire piece. This will take longer but the item is of high quality. Since the entire item is the upholsterer’s vision, you can expect attention was paid to every fine detail. This is a mark of superior craftsmanship.

Luxury Furniture In New York

5. Domestic Construction:

Domestic construction refers to where the product was made. If it was made here in the US, you can be sure the item was subject to stringent standards in product production and transparency. These products will endure for many years to come.

Shopping for luxury furniture in New York can seem complicated, but with these tips in hand, you can shop like a professional. Visit Creative Furniture Store to shop for luxury furniture.

3 benefits of Choosing Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

Shopping for furniture for each room in the home has its own challenges. From selecting the best sofa that’s both chic and comfortable to find a suitably sized dining table that’s also attractive to find a decent sized bed that also promotes sound sleep; furniture shopping is time-consuming. Luckily furniture sellers and designers have anticipated the need for contemporary bedroom furniture sets. These are co-ordinated pieces of furniture that facilitate the selection process. But is it really better to purchase an entire collection of furniture?

Consider the following benefits of choosing contemporary bedroom furniture sets:

Benefit #1

A typical bedroom furniture set consists of 2 to 9 pieces. The set includes a bed frame (with the mattress sold separately), night tables and chest of drawers. Larger bedroom sets also include headboards, dressing table, additional drawers and an armoire. When these pieces are purchased individually, the process of handpicking each item takes up a lot of time because you have to coordinate the color, style, and design of each piece. With a complete bedroom set, you can easily furnish your space within an hour or even minutes (when shopping online).

Chest Of Drawers

Benefit #2

By selecting contemporary bedroom furniture sets, you’re settling on a design you love and simply picking the pieces you need. Most homeowners like to have co-ordinated furniture in each space and having a set at the ready makes it very easy to select a particular design. In addition, because you’re shopping from a set you don’t have to purchase everything in the collection. You can omit any pieces you don’t like. Homeowners who prefer to have an eclectic arrangement of furniture have the option of replacing a few furnishings from the set with pieces from different designs. For example, if you’ve opted for a traditional bed and nightstand design, why not a modern club chair as an accent piece? You still attain flexibility in selecting from a variety of pieces!

Bedroom Sets

Benefit #3

In general, bedroom sets offer more savings than pieces that are individually bought. Some retailers offer a higher discount when you purchase more items from a particular set. Keep in mind, you’re only buying what you need, so there’s no pressure to purchase everything in the set. One of the biggest benefits of this is you are creating a bedroom style that you like and taking advantage of huge savings. You can take your savings and put it towards purchasing furniture for another room in the home.

Modern Nightstand

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How To Shop For Contemporary Dining Room Furniture?

Are you searching for a new way to liven up your dining space? Consider contemporary dining room furniture! This furnishing style boasts clean lines, sleek designs, ingenious craftsmanship and a focus on form and function. Modern furnishings for your dining space will not only serve their purpose but raise the appeal of the area as well.

The options are numerous when it comes to selecting specific furniture pieces for your dining space. From formal dining tables and chairs to buffet servers, banquets, china cabinets, and curious, the choices in contemporary furnishings are plenty!

Ariana Curio

To help you shop for the best contemporary dining room furniture, we’ve compiled a list of the following tips:

Evaluate Room Size:

Before selecting a modern dining room set, assess the space you have. If you have a large family and space permits, a six-seater table and chair combination works well. For couples and nuclear families, two seaters or four-seaters dining tables are the best options.

Dining Room Set

The shape has a big influence in your space as well. Circularly shaped tables are best suited for apartments and smaller spaces. In this case, opt for one with leaves which prop up and drop down as required (to seat extra guests). Rectangular dining tables are ideal for large families or homes with frequent guests.


Your dining room table is going to be the focal point of your space. Make it as sleek or rustic as you prefer. There are many options in table styles. Your options are wood, engineered wood, metal, marble and glass top. In wood, the range varies even further from mahogany, oak, and cherry to maple, pine, and birch. Whether hard or softwood, each will influence the finish, style, and price of the table.

Ariana Dining Table

Similar variations in marble can also be seen. Your options include limestone, granite, and even tile. Both real wood and stone will lend a formal tone to your space.

Color Palette:

Your contemporary dining room furniture is available in many colors to pair with its settings. Some of the most popular colors include neutrals such as oak, tan and sand and shades such as black and white. You can also opt for merlot, espresso, ebony, and chocolate for a more stunning effect.

If you prefer a more futuristic look to your space, opt for a metallic finish such as chrome.

Price Range:

The cost of furnishing your dining space will depend on the pieces you require and their material and finish. For complete dining sets that include table and chairs made from natural/real wood or stone, you can expect to pay more than engineered wood. However, you will be investing in a quality piece that will last for a long time.

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