7 Design Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Seem Expensive

Are you bored with your bedroom’s current look? Do you want to create a stylish and elegant space? Do you like the look of luxury but want to achieve it without spending too much?

The following seven design tricks will add hints of luxury to your bedroom space:

1. Hanging Wallpaper:

Add a designer’s touch to your bedroom by applying wallpaper behind your bedhead. Just paper one wall in a unique pattern. Doing so will not only save you the expense of papering the entire space but you can actually opt for wallpaper that is on the trendier side.

2. Select Contemporary Furniture Style Cabinets:

When it comes to bedroom furniture, the current trend seems to favor sleek luxury. Many Swedish and Scandinavian designs boast this look. Look for bedroom furniture styled in this manner.

Bedroom Furniture

3. Add Cushions:

This is the tried-and-true technique to boost luxury and comfort. Consider an assortment of plush cushions in various shapes but complementary to your bedroom’s color palette. Try placing cushions with various textures to create a more dramatic effect.

4. Invest in New Bed Linens:

The duvet cover is going to be the highlight of your bed, so make it bold, beautiful and interesting. You can opt for a duvet that complements the color or theme of your bedroom. When in doubt, remember neutrals are always the safest choice.

5. Choose an Armoire:

A vintage French-inspired armoire adds refinement to your room. It will complement your modern furniture perfectly.

Contemporary Coloured Wool Rug

6. Hang up Large Pictures:

Artwork can instantly give a designer feel to your bedroom. Select a large print or painting and hang it above your bedhead to create a dramatic look. Choose something that has a subtle, calming mood with colors that complement the décor.

7. Lay an expensive Rug:

Add a splash of luxury by laying beautiful Persian modern rugs. Even a lush, shaggy area rug will do the trick. This is an interior classic that has held its ground over the years. Rugs add comfort, warmth, and elegance to any room where they are placed. For more tips on adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom, visit Creative Furniture Store.


Fun Decor Ideas For Your Teen’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a teenager’s bedroom, a different set of rules apply. Where an adult sees a comfortable and relaxing space, a teenager sees it as a haven for escaping rules, hanging out with friends and engaging in personal interests and hobbies. Therefore it makes perfect sense to design their bedroom through their perspective.

Depending on the age of your teen, there are some basic things that you need to include such as a modern furniture style office desk or study space for completing homework and assignments, a bed to sleep and ample closet space. How you incorporate creative design elements into these basic items will greatly influence your teen’s perception of his or her room.

Office Desk

With that being said, the following fun bedroom décor ideas will surely impress your teen:

1. Bold Walls:

As an adult, you prefer something subtle and calming on your walls, but teens prefer something vibrant and energetic. As a result, the walls need to be painted in bright and bold colors such as yellow and red. You can add further drama to the walls with unique wall decal prints. Add a touch of ‘cool’ by hanging up your teen’s favorite words in marquis signs.

2. Creative Additions:

Most teens like to express who they are in creative ways. This is how they want their bedroom to feel. Therefore include imaginative elements that will put a smile on your teen’s face. Some excellent creative additions include:

• A wall-mounted fish tank
• A chalkboard cut in an odd shape
• A contemporary furniture bed
• A hanging chair
• Beanbags

Chintaly Venice King Bed

3. Add Texture:

A majority of teens love spending most of their time in their bedrooms, so you need to make it comfortable. You can add texture through the following additions:

• A shaggy area rug
• Oversize pillows in different colors and textures
• Boldly colored bed linens
• Hanging curtains that act as space dividers, etc.

4. Lots of Storage:

It’s a rarity to find a teen bedroom that is also organized, so, unfortunately, you can always expect a mess. However, you can curb much of this mess through unique storage options. For example, you can place a stylish ottoman in your teen’s room that also offers a place to hide knick-knacks. Add a cabinet wall around the headboard to showcase (and store) your teen’s achievement. Box beds are excellent places to stack and store off-season clothing. Shadow shelves above the desk are excellent for stacking books and stationery.

When decorating your teen’s bedroom, it’s important to look at things from their perspective. For more teen bedroom design tips, visit Creative Furniture Store.


How To Create The Hampton’S Look In Your Home?

The Hamptons are a series of villages and hamlets near Long Island, New York. This has been the preferred summer getaway destination for business tycoons and Hollywood big shots since the 1800s. Numerous palatial style homes, resorts, and bungalows dot this region. As a result, the area has inspired an interior décor style of its own, known as the Hampton’s Style.

The Hamptons Style features a relaxed and casual beach living, done in a sophisticated and classic way. This design style incorporates lots of natural light, with breezy window treatments that encourages plenty of fresh air.

In terms of furnishings, the Hamptons Style gives preference to casual, rustic and modern furniture style piece that has a beach vibe. It is common to see paneled walls, timber flooring and plenty of blues and off-whites dotting the space.

To create your very own Hampton’s inspired look, consider implementing the following design tips:

1. Cool Color Palette:

In this décor style, colors inspired by nature are given preference. It is very common to have different hues and shades such as cobalt blue, creamy whites, aqua, warm beige, coral colors and charcoal hues. These colors are often expressed through accessories such as cushion covers, throws, area rugs and wall hangings.

2. Beach-Inspired Furnishings:

To create a coastal look, hang an over-sized egg chair. Rattan and wicker furniture pieces upholstered with linen are also excellent furniture choices.

3. Walls and Floors:

Panelled walls and light colored timber tones exude a relaxed beach lifestyle. Consider placing washed out accessories to create a sun-bleached look such as neutral colored rugs, vases, and trays. You can even consider a bleached, modern bookcase showcasing your book collection.

Modern Furniture Bookcase

4. Window Treatments:

The Hampton’s style prefers light window treatments so that maximum natural light is enabled. Consider hanging sheer curtains in whites or neutral colors. It provides some level of privacy while allowing maximum light.

5. Accessories:

Accessories play a huge role in this décor style. When hanging frames, consider white or weathered ones featuring sea or beach inspired themes such as seascapes, seashells, etc. Place a hurricane lamp on your corner table. Consider placing a large candle in the center with an assortment of seashells surrounding it. Nautical inspired colors and accessories also work in this décor style. Common examples include blue and white stripes, ships and boats, driftwood, fish netting and even a mini anchor go well with the Hampton’s theme.

For more ideas on how you can create a Hampton’s inspired look, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Ingenious Dining Table Ideas For Small Spaces

If your home lacks an allocated area to set up a formal dining space, it is time to put on your thinking cap. Take advantage of all the corners and small nooks in your home. You will have to step away from the traditional concept of table and chair, into a modern furniture piece that is multi-functional space-saving.

The following innovative dining table and seating ideas create the illusion of space while providing you an actual space to sit down and enjoy your meals:

1. Folding Table:

This concept comes from Swedish folding and extendable tables which are ideal for extremely small spaces or home with unusual dimensions. This contemporary furniture piece will work beautifully in any home as it can be folded back, requiring minimum storage space. When not being used as a dining table, use it as a modern side table or console.

Glass Side Table

2. Drop-Leaf Table:

This is a classic table style which has leaves or wings which can be bolstered up or folded down as needed. When nestled up against your wall, it hardly requires much space. Drop leaf tables can accommodate up to six people at a time.

3. Kitchen Island:

Many homes today are built with open-concept kitchens that have a large kitchen island. Although this space is often used as a breakfast space, why not add bar stools around it so that you can host dinners. There are a few benefits to hosting a dinner party this way. First, you can make the food easily accessible. Secondly, clean-up is a breeze. Lastly, if you’ve got a stunning kitchen, why not show it off?

4. High-Top Table:

High-Top tables are casual but their design puts them into a contemporary furniture style. Because they’re so high off the ground, there is ample space around the legs. It creates an illusion of space, making your space seem larger. You can easily complement a high-top table with some high chairs.

5. Murphy Style:

You’re probably familiar with the concept of Murphy beds, so why not Murphy dining tables? These smart dining tables act much the same as a bed. The table top can fold down and its legs can be propped up on legs as required. When not in use, your Murphy style dining table can be anything from a shelf, to a bookcase or even a shutter!

Glass Dining Table

Just because you live in a small space, doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. With these 5 ingenious dining table and seating ideas, you can create comfortable and attractive interiors.

To get more ideas about unique dining table styles, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Bed Styles You Need To Know

Are you shopping for a bed? Are you searching for something unique, stylish yet practical? Did you know your bed style can significantly influence the décor and overall look of your bedroom? A bed is no longer just a metal frame with a supportive mattress on top. It can actually set the mood and tone for your entire bedroom.

In terms of style, the current trend appears to favor traditional beds in a contemporary furniture style.

Consider the following five exceptional bed styles to liven up your bedroom:

1. Four Poster Bed:

This style of bed has been in existence since the 16th century. Often considered a traditional type of bed, four-poster beds were often made with oak wood and featured intricate carvings on the poles. The modern version of this type of bed has four poles standing erect around each corner of the bed. Four panels wrap around the poles above the bed, giving it a grand appearance. Being so large in size, the four poster bed has visual appeal making it suitable for large bedrooms.

Add your own style to it hanging sheer white curtains around the posters. Simply tie them when not in use. This will add a ‘Gone with the Wind’ vibe to your bed.

2. Sofa cum Bed:

A modern furniture style bed, the multi-purpose feature of this bed style makes it very popular amongst flat dwellers. As is implied in the name, this modern bed style is a sofa in the day and a bed at night. Use it as is, or reserve it as an extra sleeping space for overnight guests. The structure of the sofa cum bed features a wooden frame with a folding foam mattress. The base slides out and the foam cushion converts into a mattress.

MILAN Bedroom Set

3. Daybed:

Another popular bed style, the daybed can function as both a bed and a sofa. In the daytime, use it as a seating or lounging space. In the night, simply grab a bed sheet and a blanket and you’re ready to sleep! Daybeds make great additions to flats and apartments.

4. Bunk Bed:

A favorite amongst children, bunk beds take advantage of vertical heights. In a bunk bed, there is one bed occupying the floor and another bed occupying space on top. The two beds are attached by a ladder or steps. You can opt for a conventional bunk bed or one that features Scandinavian styling such as a sleek frame with storage components. Some bunk beds have a study space attached as well.

Bedroom Mattress

5. Platform Bed:

Reminiscent of a contemporary furniture style, the platform bed features a single solid panel or several slats affixed to a wooden frame. This bed style is an alternative box-spring bed. The mattress in this bed style doesn’t come into contact with the floor, creating ample ventilation from below for the mattress.

To shop for these bed styles, visit Creative Furniture Store.

5 Ways To Get The Lighting Right In Your Home

Unlike many other decorative elements in the home, a lamp is both a functional and ornamental accessory. Its color, shape, and style can complement the décor of your room while providing you with its primary purpose: light!

The quantity of lamps or lighting also matters greatly. How you light up your room will influence its character. It is generally recommended to install multiple sources of light. This enables you to control the mood and ambience of your space.

If you’re new to the world of lighting, perhaps these five tips can help you get the lighting just right in your home:

1. Use a Variety of Lighting Options:

Every room should have a mixture of table and floor lighting. Each type of light adds its own character to space. Overhead lighting illuminates a space while lamps highlight a particular area such as a special chair or special modern furniture piece in the corner of the room.

2. Obtain the Right Scale:

Overhead lighting is necessary to illuminate an entire room and it looks amazing when done correctly. When choosing overhead lighting, consider its purpose and size. For example, a large, over-sized chandelier will probably be unsuitable for a drawing room that is very small. In this case, an attractive ceiling light with a floor lamp and table lamp are more suitable.

table lamp

3. Mix and Match Lamp Colors:

Unlike pillows, cushions, throws, etc. that have to be in the same color palate, lamps don’t follow any particular matching rule. In fact, having lampshades in different colors adds character to space. You can match the design of the lamp to the décor, but it doesn’t have to be in the same color scheme. Stick to the mix bases but match shades rule!

4. Avoid Bulbs and Glares:

An important décor rule to follow with lamps is that ideally, the light bulb socket should not be visible from either the seated or standing position. If it is visible, then your lamp is too tall. It’s rather unpleasant to experience the glare of a light bulb.

5. Use Different Lamp Styles:

There’s nothing more boring than having four lamps in the living room that looks the same. It makes space seem characterless. With table and floor lamps, you have the complete freedom of mixing and matching styles. For instance, if your drawing room is decorated with contemporary furniture, don’t feel restricted to similar types of lighting. Consider placing a traditional table lamp on a side table instead. You may also opt for a chandelier designed to reflect a different time period. The bottom line is, don’t buy matching lamps. Mix up the colors and styles!

Lighting is an important tool in your home décor bag of tricks. You can use to illuminate any space and add character as well. For unique lighting options, visit Creative Furniture Store.

How To Create A Healthy Bedroom?

Did you know we spend half of our lifetime sleeping on the same bed? Sometimes the same pillow is carried forward for more than a decade. You might not give a second thought to your mattress, pillow or bedroom for that matter, but you should. Why? Deep within, the fibre of your mattress recesses, pillow and other areas of the bedroom resides a large population of microscopic bugs and dust mites. They continue to grow for as long as they receive humidity and warmth (usually from your body and the ambient temperature). After a certain point, you begin to breathe them in, which may cause skin irritation, coughing and other allergic reactions.

Stop these allergens in their path by implementing the following tips:

1. Replace your Mattress:

Everything has a shelf life, even a top-of-the-line mattress. Most mattresses have a lifespan of up to ten years. After this period, they begin to lose their support. They also start to harbour dirt, dust, bacteria and dust mites. Although vacuuming, foam cleaning and sun exposure do minimize these problems, it is only a temporary solution. At the ten year mark, it is better to just replace your bedroom mattress.

Bedroom Mattress

2. Change your Pillows Frequently:

You might be vigilant about changing the pillow covers every week, but this doesn’t get rid of the dust mites that are living in your pillow right now. Like mattresses, pillows begin to droop, sag and get out of shape within a short period of time. This can lead to back, shoulder and neck pains. Although pillows can be washed and or tumble dried, they do have a short lifespan. If you’re waking up night after night with body pains or you just don’t feel rested, it’s time to replace those pillows.

Chest of Drawers

3. Invest in Good Quality Bedroom Furniture:

Did you know your bedroom furniture is a haven for dust mites and termites? If your furniture is made from modified particle board or any other material apart from natural wood or metal, it is worth replacing. Consider investing in a modern furniture style chest of drawers or a modern wardrobe made in a contemporary design. Always invest in furniture made from natural materials as these are easier to maintain and will last for many years to come.

Bedroom Wardrobe

4. Replace the Carpet:

Unless it’s a real Persian, carpets also have a limited lifespan. They are the perfect setting for all kinds of body invaders. Vacuuming on a daily basis is imperative and ideal; they should be professionally cleaned at least twice in a year. Despite all your cleaning and maintenance efforts, if you find your carpet has lost its shape, color, and design, it’s time to replace it!

5. De-Clutter:

Less is always more. When everything is neatly tucked away and cleaned, you will lead a healthier life. The fewer knick-knacks, cushions and “things” that you keep in the bedroom, the less dust accumulation will occur. If you must store certain items in your bedrooms, such as bed sheets, towels, and books, ensure there is a practical, contemporary furniture to place it in.

Your bedroom can be a germ reservoir, but by implementing the tips mentioned above you can breathe cleaner air and have a restful night’s sleep. For more tips on how to create a healthy bedroom environment, visit Creative Furniture Store.