How to Create an Optimized Home Office?

By the year 2020, it is predicted that more than 50% of people will choose to work from their home office. This new working style is far from being just a short-lived trend; it’s going to be the way of life for upcoming generations.

Several studies have demonstrated that working from home improves productivity, increases creativity and makes people happier. If you’ve been contemplating working from home, the best way to motivate yourself is to create a home office space according to your own tastes and ideas. This technique will inspire and motivate you to succeed!

Listed below are some ways you can optimize your home office space:

Clear the Clutter:

A clean desk is equivalent to a clean mind! It’s rather difficult to cogitate under a heap of papers. When you notice clutter on your desk, it will compete for your attention. This will result in increased stress and decreased productivity. However, if you have to keep important documents for reference, think of ingenious storage solutions. A paperless office is the best way forward because not only does it improve productivity but also saves the environment.

Clean Regularly:

Always strive to keep your office space dirt and dust free. At the end of each day, wipe down your desk and workspace. Organize loose papers and books in their allotted space such as a storage cupboard or modern bookcase. This will provide you with an inviting space when you return to work the next morning. Don’t forget to empty out the office dustbin too!

modern bookcase

Choose ergonomically designed Furniture:

Workplace ergonomics involves more than the correct positioning of the keyboard and monitor. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that prolonged sitting can lead to serious health concerns such as slipped disc, cervical pain, neck strain and prolonged back pain. Avoid these issues before they start by choosing a comfortable office chair. Ensure the back and arms are fully supported. When selecting your modern office desk, opt for one with an adjustable height. It will help you easily transition from sitting to the standing position.

modern office desk

Hang Up a ‘Vision Board’:

This is a display board which can be made from cork or metal. It will be hung up on the office wall. It will serve as an inspiration. Pin up items that motivate and inspire you such as your goals, images, quotes, etc. Refer to your board every day.

Modern Office Chair

Play Background Music:

Music provides you with the motivation to keep working. It makes repetitive task fun. Listening to music also promotes productivity and creativity. When you listen to music, the human brain releases a neurochemical called dopamine. This is a pleasure chemical, responsible for increasing the feeling of happiness.

Add Plants to your Space:

Plants help to purify the air. In addition, the color green invokes peace and tranquillity to the human eye. Use an array of potted plants to decorate your space. Climbers, grasses and aloe vera are perfect additions as they don’t require much maintenance and are known to clean the air.

Choose an optimal Desk Position:

Try to place your desk near an open window. Ideally, it should face the window. The light should not reflect from behind because it will cause a glare on your computer screen, making it hard for you to view your monitor. Having a window in your workspace enables natural light and enter to circulate throughout, which is far more beneficial than artificial cooling and lighting.

By using the tips mentioned above, you can create an optimized home desk that promotes productivity and success. For more home office ideas, visit Creative Furniture Store.


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