Practical Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a small space presents several challenges, especially when you have to figure out where to place all your “things”. In large homes, these things just disappear because there’s so much room to keep things tucked away. You don’t have this freedom with small apartments. In fact, living in a small space forces you to keep what’s absolutely necessary. Taken positively, it encourages you to live a simpler and more meaningful life. Nevertheless, apartment living requires clever storage solutions.

The following tips will help you discover practical storage solutions suitable for apartment living:

Tip #1: Keep what you use and value, toss out the rest!

Before going out on investing in any kind of storage solution, conduct an audit of all your “things”. When there is less stuff to put into storage, only a few storage ideas will be required. Owning fewer possessions makes it easier to organize your apartment. Consider the amount of stuff most of us tend to purchase, we only actually use a very small percentage of it.

After you’ve gathered all the things you’d like to give away, consider what to do with it, i.e. donation, garage sale, tag sale, etc. Apart from finding fewer storage solutions and making organization easier, when there is less stuff, there is less to manage and maintain, making you feel lighter, happier and freer.

Tip #2: Use unconventional storage spaces

Now that you’ve trimmed down on your possessions, you will be looking around your apartment, trying to find a place to store it all. Stop and think for a minute about how cities are organized. Space is limited but demand is high. Instead of building out, cities build up. This enables them to include more homes and businesses.

Storage cabinets

Similarly, instead of purchasing multiple office storage cabinets to store your items, consider using the vertical space in your small apartment. Invest in closet systems and tall modern wardrobes. This will make your space look ultra-efficient. Adding a freestanding room divider will also give you additional “room”.


Tip #3: Invest in multifunctional storage pieces

When shopping for furniture, look for multifunctional pieces. Such items have a primary purpose and serves alterative use as well. For example, a sofa is used for seating but if it has a pull-out drawer, you can store additional items in it. Similarly, a seating bench is used to sit but if has storage drawers within, you can store living room related items such as cushion covers, magazines, books, etc.

In the living room, don’t just opt for a wooden coffee table. Consider buying one with shelves or drawers so that you can place items in it. Multifunctional furniture pieces serve multiple uses without taking up additional floor space.

Wood Coffee Table

If you have a small bedroom, invest in a box bed. These provide lots of space to store extra pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can find practical storage solutions for your small space.

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