Guide to choosing a contemporary dining table for your home

In most cultures, the dining table is not just a place for sitting together at meal time. It is a place where friends and family gather to chat, have discussions, share meals and even have friendly arguments. Considering the social value that a dining table holds, it is important to make it a focal point in your home.

Dining Room Tables

A contemporary dining table is a substantial purchase so you will want to make a good selection. What criteria can you use to choose the best contemporary dining table for your home?

The following tips will guide you in your quest for a suitable contemporary dining table:

Examine Craftsmanship
Contemporary dining tables are made from a combination of wood, metals, stone and other natural materials. These different elements are usually visible. Closely examine how the table is put together. Is it sturdy? Are you content with how it’s made? Does the surface seem durable or is it prone to scratching?

Online Contemporary Dining Tables

Depending on your family and requirements, a contemporary dining table should accommodate all members living in the home and if possible, an additional one or two people. This means if you have four people altogether, a six-seater dining table would be ideal.

If size is an issue, consider a table that will fold at the ends. You can usually find this feature with round tables. When not in use, it becomes a rectangle, seating just the family. Even if you purchase a round table that accommodates six people, eight people can be adjusted in a pinch. Round tables are ideal in compact areas or square dining rooms.

Rectangular tables are ideal for large, open dining spaces where the provision of multiple chairs will not minimize space.

If your job requires you to be constantly on the move, then a pack-and-go dining table is a good choice. These are usually made from plywood and are durable and lightweight. They can be flat packed and easily transported. Pack-and-go dining tables are contemporary in appearance and are best suited for homes with a modern Asian or Nordic style.

contemporary Dining Tables

Table Tops
Contemporary dining tables are not confined to wooden table tops. Glass-top tables work well in any home and with any decorating style. Since glass is a reflective material, it is an ideal choice for small spaces as it gives a brighter and lighter look. Modern glass tables are tempered, designed for rough and tough use. This means the glass can resist heat and scratches.

When selecting a contemporary dining table for your home, consider the craftsmanship, sizing, your lifestyle and table top.


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