5 Reasons Every Office Should Have File Cabinet

Funny as it might sound, office culture is all about having secrets stashed inside the file cabinets. Since the fall of USSR, red-tape culture has quietly shunted from the bureaucratic tables into office cabinets.

File cabinets are quintessential furniture in the office used exclusively to stack and store important documents, files, reports, financial statements and personal information.  However, with the advent of the digital era, the office culture has lost a huge chunk of its attraction to the disappearance of the file cabinets.

Here are 5 reasons why file cabinets are still the most preferred furniture in the corporate houses.

#Reason1:  It prevents employee theft

Corporate espionage is successfully prevented by locking away important documents inside the file cabinets. These file cabinets have special anti-burglary systems and use state of the art locking systems to prevent data theft in the office.

Most file cabinets have tandem keys for operation. This means the file cabinet can be opened only when two keys are simultaneously inserted and operated.

This means it requires at least two people to open the cabinet. This automatically reduces the chances of theft.

#Reason 2:  100% protection from fire, flood and earthquakes

File cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel and cast iron body. They are also available in other materials like hardwood, softwood, MDF, laminar wood and plastic acrylic. However, top corporate houses prefer to have hard-iron special alloy file cabinets that can’t be easily cut by LASER or traditional gas cutters.

file cabinetsEven in case of fire, flood or earthquake, the important documents will stay safe. These racks and drawers are air-tight, preventing dust, water, moisture and microbes from settling on the files stored inside.

#Reason 3:  Choice of installation

Considering the fact that traditional file cabinets were often carried away or stolen from the offices, contemporary file cabinet come with a special floor rivet and wall bolt installation. Free-standing file cabinets thus provide excellent stability and protection when installing on the wall.

#Reason 4:  They double up as central storage

Bigger file cabinets with strategically placed drawers and modern display cabinets can double up the storage space too. For instance, usual stationery like staple pins, pens, erasers, glue, and badges can be placed at one central location.

Moreover, fully-assembled file cabinets can be used to store medical reports, CDs, Hard Disks and MP3s, pen-drives and X-rays.

Modern Display Cabinets

In short, modern file cabinets can be used to store virtually every office item.

#Reason 5:  Sense of customization

File cabinets exemplify the taste, sophistication and level of accomplishment. Taller file cabinets notoriously symbolize the historic background of the company. The employee files, business agreements and legal tenders are filed inside the safest pockets and corners of the file cabinet.

For offices with space limitation, the file cabinets can be customized into a flat table too. Light-weight durable file cabinets can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall to save ground area. Customization can also occur in terms of color and the material chosen. Glass and glossy cabinets are not preferred for professional reasons.


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