4 Questions to Ask Before Placing Documents into the File Cabinets

Are you facing the trouble of compiling your documents properly? Do you always find your important documents bursting out of space in the file cabinet? Are your papers damaged by the time you pull them away from the racks?

These are common issues faced by professionals who use file cabinets in the office. While it is obvious that the issue lies with the way files are stacked, it can be resolved by choosing the right sized file cabinets.

Here are 4 questions to ask before putting a document into the file cabinet.

Q:1  Will the file fit into the file cabinet?

This will resolve major trouble when it comes to placing the documents insides the file cabinets. Even if you manage to stack the file inside the cabinet, you may find it hard to pull it out later on. The best way to choose a file cabinet for the particular document is to fit in a dummy cover booklet before stacking the original.

file cabinetsIt is always recommended that you buy a file cabinet that has enough room for the different sized papers and files.

Q:2  How big should be the cabinet?

Asking this question will save you the ordeal of buying too many or too less number of file cabinets. A single file cabinet for office should be capable of holding at least 150 files or more. This can be customized based on the size of the room, the importance of the documents and space available inside the cabinet.  A four-storey and a two-storey file cabinet with parallel drawer systems are best preferred.

Q:3  How often do you intend to use the file cabinets?

The use of file cabinets in recent years has come drastically down due to the extensive use of laptops and computers in the office.  However, important paper documents, legal contracts, and agreements are best kept locked inside the file cabinets. Most offices still prefer to store the hard copy of the important documents and agreements in their file cabinets.

file cabinetsThe choice of file cabinets you buy for the office depends on the frequency of operation. For frequent operations, stainless and iron-clad file cabinets are suitable. Wooden and MDF versions of file cabinets also look delectable, especially in the conference rooms where most sofas, wall arts, display cabinets and the conference tables are made of hardwood materials.

Plastic file cabinets are also popular owing to their ease of operation and easy transportation.

Q:4  How long do you intend to keep the files in the cabinet?

The date-wise arrangement is an important aspect of the file cabinet. Outdated documents must be replaced before filing the new ones. If you intend to keep the files locked year after year, it is best to buy a solid stainless steel or plastic-fiber file cabinet. Wooden cabinets run the risk of attracting moisture and damage the quality of the documents. Yellowing of the pages and blotting of inks are commonly seen in files stored in the wooden cabinets locked for years together.

Depending on these questions, your furniture dealer should be able to land you the best file cabinet in the store.



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