7 Table Varieties that Every Home Must Have

Tables, since centuries have been indispensable furniture in the household. With the office culture taking up in the last two centuries, where tables also double up as drawers and platforms, it has been a remarkable journey indeed for the novel furniture. Whether you are buying them for the dining hall, living room or the bedroom, tables discretely fit into every space with apt finesse. However, apart from the material, size and the height of the tables, there are much more things that go into choosing the right table. The most important of which is—the design!

Here are some very popular table types and designs for every house, office and even outdoor space, for that matter. Check them out.

1.  Butler’s tables:

A portable table with 3-4 racks and removable top tray, the Butler’s Table is the most lovable variety in the segment. The table is usually an X-frame structure with a tray that can either be fixed or removable, depending on the requirement. The tray is usually designed in antique fashion, inspired by the Industrial Era, or the Victorian Period.

2.  Over-bed table:

A romantic breakfast is always served on the bed. And the Over-bed table is the most enticing furniture to create that lovable appeal. Made of steel frames with wheel beneath, the over-bed has an adjustable table platform to serve the meal.

3.  Coffee tables:

The hangout place can never be fun and thrill if the modern coffee table is missing. Part of endless conversations and numerous gossips, the coffee table is usually a rectangular wooden table with twin glass rack. It is stationary at most places, but can be attached with wheels too.

Coffee Tables4.  Storage Buffet:

Buffet tables are spectacular yet handsome in their stance. Preferred for the abundant storage space and appeal, the Buffet table is mostly placed against a wall. It has cabinets, secret drawers and one main drawer under the table board.

China Cabinets

Perfect for kitchen and dining space, Buffet tables also make a grand pairing with China Cabinets and Sideboards.

5.  The Oval:

A single, standalone table that features a sturdy stem in the centre, the Oval is heavily inspired from the round stool. Preferred as a snack corner, the large sized oval table can enticingly grace the dining space too.

6.  Candle stand:

As the name suggests, the Candle stands or Country Stands were very popular in the pre-electricity age. They are now more like showcase furniture with small tabletops and tripod leg designs.

New-age designs feature Candle Tables with tilt-tops to add functionality into the furniture. They can hold cards, phones, laptops and even music consoles, and are compared to the Console Tables as an alternative arrangement.

7.  Demilune tables:

A half-arch table that resembles the semi-circular moon, demi-lune is a dainty antique-inspire table from the 17th century. Often pushed to the wall, this table is a rather cuter version of the Console tables, and usually placed near the entry points. They have a small deposit drawer underneath the table top to hold keys, cards, and purses in a conventional manner.



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