Top 4 Tips for Buying Living Room Chairs

Your living room calls for a comfortable and stylish seating options to suit the occasion and the mood. The best piece of furniture to achieve it is a living room chairs. Living room chairs not only provide a great and flexible seating option but also add to the glam quotient of the room while imparting contrast.  Hence a living room chair needs to be cozy, durable, stylish and also able to gel in with the room décor. Selecting a chair that can satisfy all the above parameters is a tough task. And to make things easy for you, we have laid down a nice little guide.

Here are some pointers that can help you choose wisely.

1.  Material:

The leather is amongst the most popular choice because of its association with richness. Leather looks classy and great and gives that much-needed boost to the living room. There are various shades available from dark to lighter ones and can be chosen to either complement or stand out from the current room theme.

If leather is not your taste, then a classy linen or cotton fabric can adore your living room chairs. There is the multitude of patterns and designs available that go well with most themes. However, they need good care and maintenance can be expensive at times.

Living Room ChairsSince the living room space is the most occupied space during the day, you can go in for a more manageable material for your chairs. One great option is microfiber that can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty over time. However, your choice of colors remains limited.

2.  Space:

Before you go for any chair, a quick look round for the kind of space you have will save you from having space crunches later. Take casual measurements of the living room space and also look up the chairs dimensions in the catalog to get an idea of how well they’ll fit in the room. Make sure that there’s enough room left for walking without bumping into them.

3.  Size:

One factor that might dictate the size of the accent chairs is the relative size of your couch or sofa. You need to get the size right such that it can match with your sofa and not feel too big or too small. The best to do it is by taking the measurements from the floor to the seat of the sofa and deciding accordingly. Coffee table measurements can also help you determine the right size.

Accent Chair4.  Style:

You can choose from a number of different styles such as modern, contemporary, rustic, mid-century etc. The point to note here is that whatever style you choose; always keep in mind the comfort factor. Generally, sitting in the living room is for longer periods hence comfort is of utmost importance. Chairs with upholstered seat and back are the preferred types as living room chairs.

modern leather recliner

You can go for a simple design in wood with padded arms for extra comfort or simple ones in steel or metal for that chic look. Generously padded chaise lounge chairs, ottomans or modern leather recliners are even better and look great while also adding contrast.



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