How to buy the Perfect Console Table?

Modern tables trace their origin to the caves, where large stone slabs were placed over logs and boulders to create a flat platform. The platform was used to stash the spoils of the hunting and doubled up as a chatting place for men at night.

With time, tables have taken more refined, smart and sophisticated look. But the purposes they serve remain the same. “Bring everyone together”. From accommodating files and folders to stashing away curios and pennies in the drawers, from holding TV and media sets steady to doubling up as a laundry pad, the tables remain the most justified furniture item in the house till date.

Console TableA house without a table is incomplete. Period! This is why Console tables are the first and most apt buying option for first-time shoppers who don’t have much space to place larger furniture like the dining table. That’s why we bring you 5 smart ways to find and pounce on the favorite table design.

1.  Why buy console—Decorative or functional:

Make up your mind over the utility value of the console table. Do you intend to place the table to fill a rather dull corner wall or do you wish to stack items inside and over it?

The only reason console tables make up for the best buy is its narrowness. It can be placed anywhere you want.

2.  Where do you want to place it?

Typically, a console table has space only to store small items and flat-bottomed units. They are light-weight and extremely delicate. That’s why they are often placed against the wall. Earlier versions of the console table had only two legs, and they were required to be bolted or riveted against the wall for stability.

With time, things and concepts have changed. Now, console tables stand independently and can be moved to any place.

3.  Type of material:

Solid wood console tables with veneer and matte lacquer finish are most preferred options in the console category of tables. Glass and metal console tables have also entered the league, thank to their pretty designs and ease of use.

Console Tables4.  What goes with the console table?

Considering its space configuration, console tables can be used to store key chains, media items, newspapers, and cushions. However, on top of the platform, you may place beautiful lamps, standing wall clock, vase and a neatly arranged fruit basket and candle stands.

5.  Modern console tables:

You may seek to experiment with modern console table designs. Other than the usual square and rectangular platforms, the console table these days are also available in curves, ovals and half-moon shapes. Console tables with three legs and round rim are very popular.

Combining the utility with the console with the charm of the vanity table, most manufacturers offer hybrid sets too. The flip-top mirror neatly opens up whenever required, and leans against the wall. Modern day console tables have strategically placed drawers and adjustable rack shelves to place items underneath the countertop.

vanity tableUse these 5 tips and grab yourself a cute, cheery console table for your home.



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