5 Factors To Consider For Selecting A Dining Table

The dining table is a piece of furniture that needs to be both cozy as well as stylish. It not only serves as a place to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also as a gathering place for the family and guests. Be it a birthday party or any other special occasion, the dining table always acts as a centerpiece. Also, the dining table does not come that cheap and hence good planning is required before you finalize one of the designs from a catalog.

Therefore we have put together an exhaustive list of factors and features you should look out for when buying the dining table.

1.  Strength:

Strength is extremely important and should dictate your buying decision more than any other factor. The dining table takes a lot of abuse over the years due to wear and tear such as stains, scratches, dents etc. Plus all kinds of food stuff are kept on the table from hot to cold which test its durability. Strength is, therefore, an extremely crucial factor. Solid hardwood or wood dining tables are the best in this regard due to their time-tested strength and durability although they might be expensive as well. On the other hand, metal tables can also give you very good strength at a marginally lower price. For the budget conscious, plywood or MDF made dining tables are a good option although their strength is not in the same rung as the aforementioned options.

Solid Wood Dining Table2.  Table Top:

The top of the table is what gives it the nice looks and a good or bad choice can make or break it. Options are aplenty from solid wood, glass, marble, stainless steel to plywood, plastic laminates or composites. Each has its own pros and cons. While marble is the most expensive and elegant option and requires utmost care. Wood tabletops are a great option too with glass being the next best choice.

3.  Transportation and Handling:

The weight of a table can be a deciding factor when it comes to transporting your furniture while moving house. Consider the weight if you frequently change houses or plan to do so in the near future as a lower weight aids handling.

4.  Size & Shape:

The size and shape selection depends on the kind of space and the seating options you might want to consider. While square or rectangular dining tables look very elegant, they do take up space and are generally better for spacious homes. If you have a compact home, then a roundtable will suit you best as it has flexible seating capacity which is not possible on a square or rectangular table. The size purely depends on the seating capacity you want to go for.

Rectangular Dining Table5.  Seating Options:

You have a wide array of seating options to select from to pair up with your dining table. However, you need to take into account the comfort factor as well as the compatibility with the chosen design. You can select brightly colored mid-century chairs to make them pop and add vividness to the dining area. Or you can try a sleek modern or industrial design in either metal or wood to go with the contemporary theme.



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