A look at Top 3 Types of Home Bar Units

Every liquor lover fantasizes of a home bar, where one can store their collection of beverages. As the space where we live is shrinking, you cannot afford a lavish bar area. In this case, you need to be satisfied with a built-in bar unit. Or mini bars or concealed bar units which act as tables when they are closed are also good for liquor enthusiasts. These units have castors for easy movement so you can put them in living rooms or terrace as the party demands.

Let’s take a look at top 3 home bar units

1.  Built–in bar units:

The built in bar units consists of a wooden or metal counter with overhead cabinets with the same setup as that of a kitchen. The space below the counter is used for storing bottles. A refrigerator or a chilling bin is also installed below with proper electrical points. The counter top can be of granite or Corian. The overheads are mostly used for keeping glasses and other accessories. The backsplash is finished with glass tiles to make it maintenance free. Some units also boast a basin and fresh water points to make drinks on the counter.

bar table
2.  Stand alone mini bar units:

These stand alone pieces do not occupy much space and can be moved to the place where the party is. This mini bar structure typically made in wood which can be upholstered in rich leather fabric from outside and velvet inside. Some use mirror inside the unit to create glitz. It is provided with compartments for stacking the bottles horizontally as well vertically with separate place for hanging the glasses and other accessories. It also has pull out counter on which you can make and serve drinks to your friends and guests. If handy and compact is your mantra, then this type is for you. In fact, you can even take them along in your car while going on a vacation and enjoy your favourite drink.

Bar Tables
3.  Concealed bar units:

If you do not want to reveal your collection to everyone and want to enjoy it only with your special guests, then this type is for you. These look like a normal chest or a side unit at first glance. The bar attachments are fitted inside which can be swivelled open. The usual finishing material for side table like laminate or veneer will look good for concealed units. Some other concealed options are also available such as a bar unit in a niche of wall which contains your liquor.

Corridor bar Table

You can camouflage these doors by painting it same to the colour of adjacent walls. Or make this sliding pocket door an accent feature by putting some good photo frames on it when not in use. Nobody will ever find out there is a whole new world behind this door. If you like to keep things private, then this type suits you the most.

When you get one of these bar units, don’t forget to get a set of modern bar tables matching the theme. Bar tables complement the bar units and can be used to place drinks and appetizers for your private parties.



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