Top 5 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Nightstands

Nightstands are a necessity in bedrooms imparting beauty and loads of functionality. Although very compact, modern nightstands can hold a lot of knick knacks used in daily life and still look great. Nightstands intelligently integrate function and form together in a small package. This handy furniture is mainly for storage purpose with a lot of shelves and drawers while complementing the overall theme of the bedroom. They essentially have a flat top to place your clock, phone or other decorative items and shelves for other odds and ends such as books, medicine etc.

Modern Nightstands

So let’s go through some tips for purchasing a nightstand..

1.  Size:

The right height for a nightstand ideally is a few inches higher than the bed mattress.  The reason for this is that any higher or any lower height will pose ergonomic issues and prove to be inconvenient for the user. Hence, always check your bed height and then select the right stand. The bed size also plays an important role in selecting a nightstand. A large bed will need a wider stand to complement it appropriately while narrower units will be fine for small beds.

2.  Style:

Always pick a style that adds to the design tone of your bedroom. This is because the nightstand is a compact unit which cannot be made the focal point of the room and hence should match the current furniture theme. If you have antique or rustic furniture adorning your bedroom, then either a similar style or a metal stand will look great. If you have a contemporary bedroom décor, then any unit either in wood or metal will complement the overall aesthetics.

Ginger Modern Nightstand

3.  Storage options:

modern Nightstands are primarily storage units, so always go for ones that offer maximum storage options. Beneath the flat top, generally there are two or more rows of drawers or one drawer and a bottom shelf which might be open or closed. If you like your stuff hidden and locked, go for the all drawers type unit. But if you are a frequent book reader or want quick access to your items, then a drawer and an open shelf will suit you more. The flat tops should be used to place your photo-frame, clock, phone and showpieces.

4.  Additional features:

Apart from the plain jane units that just serve storage purpose, certain added functionality is also available these days. Although nightstand units barely require movement as they are supposed to be fixed type furniture, in case you need the extra utility, built in castors are offered as an option. Units with a built in night lamp add loads of utility that you can’t miss and would save you the expense of buying one separately. For the more tech savvy people, a modern and high tech touch can be experienced with units available with state of the art wireless charging feature.

Elios Contemporary Nightstand

5.  Space crunch:

In case you are faced by a lack of space in your bedroom, you can opt for floating or suspended units that take no floor area and yet provide ample utility. These units are wall mounted and reasonably durable.


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