Top 5 things to Know before Buying a Sofa

Sofas, the stylish and comfortable furniture are expensive. They are one of the most expensive buys you will make for the home. Here, we are going to tell you top five things to know before you go ahead with the purchase. It will help you to get best quality sofas within your budget.

1.  How to Find a Quality Sofa?

It is the first question that most you will think. Well, the answer is test the sturdiness of the sofa. Good quality modern sofas are heavy and feel solid. To test its sturdiness, pick up the sofa from corners and shake a bit, if you find it to be light or wobbly then leave it. The strength of the sofa lies in its frame. It is a good idea to choose a frame that is made from high quality dried hardwood like birch, oak, maple, alder etc. High quality marine plywood and hardwood also comes up as a reliable option. The 8-way strongly tied springs are hallmark of good furniture.   The S-shaped springs are also durable and offer good comfort. If you are looking for a budget sofa then choose a couch with coil springs.

Modern Sofa
2.  How to check the material of Cushion?

In most sofa cushions, polyurethane foams are used. These forms are heavy and dense, hence easily lasts for a longer period of time. If you want to go for a cheap alternative then you will come across cushions that are just filled with polyurethane foam core. In case, you are looking for a better quality then choose cushion with Dacron batting. The premium cushion have core of springs enclosed by feathers and forms.

3.  How to Check Joints & Frame of Sofa?

The sturdy leather sofas are double doweled. They are fitted with corner blocks. These blocks are first glued using high supreme quality adhesive and bolted with screws tightly at the place.  In good pieces, legs are also part of the frame. They are not simply attached to it. Although, removable legs have its advantage, you can take them out and it become easy to carry through doorways.

Leather Sectional Sofa
4.  How to ensure your sofa blends with the interior of your home?

Simply don’t buy sofa just because of its looks. The most important thing is that you have to make sure the sofa beautifully blends with the interior of your home. If your living room has a traditional look then go for a couch with contoured back, rolled arms and tufted cushions. If contemporary design is what defines your space then go for a sofa with cleaner lines and modest upholstery.

Modern Coffee Table
5.  Consider Room Size:

It doesn’t matter how attractive your sofa is, if it doesn’t fit perfectly in the room then your big investment is going to be a waste. So, first measure the room size. Also, decide if you will be putting other furniture in the space like center table, modern coffee table, chairs etc. Make sure that your room doesn’t look congested. There should be sufficient space to move around freely.  If your living area is small then it would be better to go with sofas with no arms or low arms. It gives an illusion of a bigger space.




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