Top 9 Tips for Buying a Stunning Sofa

A beautiful sofa will completely transforms your living area. Selecting a sofa for your home is always a challenging task. The right sofa will completely transform the space and a wrong one may spoil the look. It is a decision that you need to take intelligently.  If you have not hired an interior designer then you need to give your imagination a wing.  Here, we are going to reveal top 9 wonderful tips to help you select a sofa according to your lifestyle.

1.  Color:

Most of the people like to go for neutral colors as they easily blend with every kind of space. Well, it surely makes sense, but if you love colors then don’t stop yourself – go for the one you like.  It will help you make a statement of your own. A classy color makes the sofa look more exciting.

loveseat sofas

2.  Size:

Before you finalize sofa, you need to clearly know the size you want for your living room. The size of your room and the space you want to utilize is going to play a significant role here. The regular sofas may measure anywhere between 6 to 8 feet in length, while the loveseat modern sofas measure 4 to 6 feet.

3.  Shape.

The shape of the sofa is what makes it look attractive. Some of the popular shapes include L-shape, curved and round sofas. All of them have them own plus point. Consider these pointers when deciding on the shape:-

  • Size & Shape of your room.
  • Look you want to give to the living area.
  • The number of persons you are planning the sitting arrangement for.

Loveseat leather Sofa

4.  Comfort:

Don’t just only go with the looks of the sofa. A good Sofa is one that not only looks good but is also super comfortable.

5.  Appearance of Cushion:

Overstuffed cushions are in trend. They are comfortable and render a causal look while the tailored cushions give you the option to get cushion and pillows that blend with the interior of your home. They look super stylish.

Leather Sofa

6.  Frame

A solid frame is a vital characteristic of a good sofa. Sit & move around before you go ahead with the purchase because you will never want it to crumble under you weight.

7.  Fabric:

Take into consideration your lifestyle when deicing on the fabric. Leather sofas and Leatherettes are ideal where you have kids as it is easy to remove stains from it. Velvet and silk are high on maintenance but give a sophisticated look. They are perfect where there are grownups.

Leather Sofa

8.  Legs:

Generally, the sofas legs are not visible but if they are? Then make sure they add to the overall look to the piece. Legs made of ornate wood and steel comes up as a classy choice.

9.  Patterns:

Patterns are very much in vogue. It gives a unique look to your room. Moreover, you can easily find a pattern that blends with wall/wall designs of your interior.


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