How to Find Your Right Dining Table Size in Less Than a Minute?

Dining table is probably the second most sought after seating furniture after sofas. Well, if you are planning to serve and eat with your family like a royalty, you ought to have a good quality dining table. With so many designs and versions of the traditional countertop tables, selection becomes easy. You can explore the world of red forest woods and compressed woods. Don’t forget the stainless steel, aluminium and of course reinforced plastics. The first thing you want to experience in a dining table is its comfort level and that is possible only when you have invested in a set that is of the right size and height.

Dining Tables
Here are 6 pointers that will help you find the right sized dining table for your room as well as the lifestyle that you probably have always been looking for.

Measure your room first:

For the contemporary dining room table to fit in, you need to know your room size. The conventional dining tables come in two seating arrangements. They are:


For bigger rooms, you can plan on buying a larger dining table with chairs in multiples of 2.

Dining Room Table
Distance between the chairs and the table:

For you to sit comfortably and serve the food on the dining table to your guests, you need to keep an eye on the distance between the chair and the table edge. If you are standing, you need to have at least 36 inch of space from the edge of the dining table to fit into your seat. If you have a glass or stone countertop, you can keep a higher buffer of 40 inches depending on the waistline of the guests.

If you have a smaller room, you can draw the chairs close to the edge.

Size of table countertop:

The size of the table countertop will actually give you an idea how much you shell out in buying the furniture. Moreover, the countertop will define the spread of the dining table. The ideal table sizes based on the number of people occupying the space and the items you plan to keep over the countertop.

Dining Room Table
Option 1: 72 x 24 square inch rectangular table, seating capacity- 6 people
Option 2: 48 x 24 square inch rectangular table,seating capacity- 4 people
Option 3: Rectangular, square and circular tables with 24 inch diameter, seating capacity- 2 people

The largest size you can probably find comfortably in the market is 120 inch long rectangular dining table, with capacity to comfortable sit 10 adults.

Set the Table Height:

Most dining tables have a standard height of 30 inches. If you are growing fidgety over the standard height, you can also opt for a central beam dining table with adjustment. Your dining table height should be adjusted in such a way that the base of the table countertop should be at least 12 inches from the chair cushion.

With additional storage space beneath the countertop, your height standards might change too.


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